Purple Crystals Stone – Meanings, Properties & Benefits

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The color spectrum of purple crystals looks exotic and passionate, representing various meanings at different circumstances.

For one, purple crystals represent mystery, magic, good judgment, and royalty. They define the feeling of energy and calmness. Purple crystals also have the energies to get rid of challenges and restoring balance into your life.

If you want to know more about the purple crystals and their power, read on.

Why Use Purple Crystals

Purple stones are quite popular in the healing crystals community not only because of their elegance and beauty but also thanks of their metaphysical properties.

The vibrational energies of the purple crystals have the ability to lift your moods and spirits turning a negative thought and mood with just a look or touch of these powerful crystals.

This is because purple crystals can help calm your nerves and your mind whenever you are going through uncertain and challenging times. They stop you from thinking negative thoughts and overthinking. Furthermore, these crystals can help prevent distraction and help you concentrate on the tasks at hand.

But perhaps the strongest thing about purple crystals is that they offer you a sense of spirituality. You don’t have to be religious people. The strong energies of these crystals should make you feel and aware of the more powerful and mightier force at work in your life.  

With their strong connection to the higher chakras, purple crystals are also used to stimulate the third eye and crown chakra. They help sharpen your consciousness and improving your mental capabilities and powers. Thus, enhancing your spirituality and psychic capabilities, making them the best color crystals when searching for spiritual enlightenment.

In addition, purple crystals also represent creativity and transformation. They help encourage imagination. This will allow you to unleash your own creative self. Most importantly, be continuously inspired to come up with innovative and wonderful ideas.

With their calming energies, purple crystals are also recommended for those dealing with a lot of stress, especially the workaholics. These crystals can help slow them down and take it easy reminding these people that they also need to care about their well-being and deserve a quality break.

One of the best things about purple crystals is that they can also be used for those suffering from depression, anxiety, or insomnia. They shall help in removing the melancholy feeling as well as the sense of abandonment and isolation.

Since they are good cleansers, purple crystals can help get rid of negative energies. And even unhealthy emotions, allowing you to regain your balance and bringing harmony and peace into your life. This way you can feel confident and strong once again,  brightening your outlook in life.

Purple Crystals For Healing and Health Benefits

The purple stones are believed to be highly useful in transcending from chemical dependence. Their vibrational energies work to offer inner fortitude and mental strength in terms of battling dependency.

These crystals mainly target the pineal gland and the pituitary gland. This will offer relief from headaches, anxiety, concussions, depressions, and other mental problems. They help in healing the body on a cellular level.

Since they target the pituitary and pineal glands, purple crystals are also known to regulate hormone secretion. In addition, they even help in reducing stress and treating some blood disorders. You can also use them in cleansing the blood and normalizing your blood pressure.

Purple crystals are also great for the heart, calming the nerves, soothing bruising and swelling. They can even help with some hearing disorders. Moving down, purple crystals are also helpful in your digestive system while also used in deep cleansing your skin and pores and even stimulate hair growth.

Purple Crystals For Wealth Benefits

There are some purple crystals that be quite helpful in terms of dealing with lawsuits or anything that involves a lawyer. They ensure that you’re protected from mental stress.

Most kinds of purple crystals have the power to the mind and mental acuity. So, if you are one of the people suffering from lethargy or having no motivation during the workday, then purple crystals can really spark up your mind and energizing your body.

Since they also represent creativity, these crystals can also help you formulate innovative and creative money-making ideas. Then, they can help turn these ideas into reality, which can ultimately bring success to your business.

Working with the energies of purple crystals, you also get to improve on your decision making. Thus, you can finally make financially-sound decisions that can bring success in the long run.

Purple Crystals For Love and Relationships Benefits

Purple crystals are highly spiritual stones. They carry no negative side effects since they don’t have any trace of violence and anger. Like the blue crystals, purple crystals are stones of peace, calming your fears, and increasing your hope.

They can help lift your spirits and removing and traces of guilt. These crystals shall remind you that nothing good happens out of your self-deception and lies, teaching you how to be truly loved. Not only that, but these stones also help curb your overindulgence and providing you with good judgment while also calming your emotional storms.

Purple crystals are believed to be the crystals of pure, true, and emotional love. Thus, they are usually exchanged between two people who love each other in order to strengthen their commitment and bond.

Furthermore, these crystals also resonate with sincerity and truth, surrounding you with happy energy and heightening your sense of compassion for others. They can help you to stop worrying too much as well as reducing obsessive tendencies that can cause and emotional imbalance.

Purple crystals can help you feel more centered. They encourage you to communicate and think honestly. This way, you should have no problems in speaking your mind but always with respect, love, and compassion.

Whenever you’re overwhelmed by negative energies in your relationships, purple crystals can help you. They can boost your self-confidence and self-worth, allowing you to be appreciative of the people and things in your life. These crystals even have a positive effect during the challenging and tough times by allowing you to focus on the goods instead of the bads.

Finally, the purple crystals can bring your peace and joy in your relationship. You get to enjoy a wholesome love and unconditional trust. Ultimately creating a stable and balanced relationship that will last for a lifetime.

5 Best Purple Crystals That You Can Use

1. Amethyst

Purple Crystals

Amethyst is the favorite go-to stone for every spiritual healer. Dubbed as the Stone of spirituality, its beautiful purple hues can calm your mind and awakening your conscious mind and soul. It connects you with the Divine real and stimulating your psychic abilities so you can move towards the next level of your spirituality.

Amethyst helps bring balance and harmony to overacting higher chakras, promoting clarity of the mind. Furthermore, it is a great stone for healing issues of addiction, brain disorders as well as balancing out hormones.

With its calming vibrational energies, amethyst can help relax your mind while calming your stresses and frustrations. This way, you have a more mindful meditation as well as astral travel. In terms of sleep and dreams, amethyst may help protect you against night terrors and insomnia while also allowing you to understand your dreams better.

2. Lepidolite

Purple Crystals

With its violet crystalline structures, the Lepidolite offers a gentle vibration that works your subconscious. It resonates deeply with your crown chakra an allowing you to open up your self to the heavenly realm.

Dubbed as the Stone of Transformation, the lepidolite exudes soothing and calming energies that can help you deal with stress in your life. It provides you harmony and peace and encourages you to stay centered, so you can open the gateway to the divine realm and bring about cosmic awareness.

Lepidolite is also one of the best protective stones out there, clearing away electromagnetic pollution. Thus, it is a great crystal that you can use when working on computers and other electronic devices. Plus, it also helps banish negativity and providing you with a powerful protective shield so that you won’t have to deal with negative influences from your environment.

3. Sugilite


With bright purple color, sugilite is one of the most spiritual crystals that offer you a connection between the spiritual and the physical world. Since ancient times, the sugilite has been used by spiritual healers and shamans to enhance spiritual practice such as lucid dreaming and astral projection.

Sugilite is a tool for your intuition and spirit guides to communicate. Thus, strengthening your intuition and allowing you to send and receive messages on your spiritual journey. It represents spiritual love and wisdom, activating your higher chakras.

Not only that, but the purple crystal also teaches you matters of forgiveness and guiding your spiritual quests.

4. Charoite


The charoite stone features a deep and vibrant purple color. It is a general-purpose stone that can heal and stimulate the higher chakras. Dubbed as the Stone of Power and transformation, the stone has the capability to transform negative emotions into something positive.

Sleeping with this purple stone can clear all negative energies that you encountered during the day so that you wake up with positivity and fresh thinking. Also called the Stone of Inspiration, charoite also brings creativity so you can see new possibilities and think about innovative ideas.

It also allows you to understand acceptance as well as releasing old energy patterns. Then, it exudes higher vibrational energies into your auric field that promotes spiritual awareness and boosting your psychic mindfulness and work.

5. Alexandrite

Purple Crystals

Alexandrite is a beautiful purple stone that brings joy into your life. It facilitates the awareness of the beauty and your power to choose and make the most out of your life. Not only that, but it also helps inspire your imagination and encourage you to listen to your emotions and attune your inner voice.

The alexandrite helps you achieve an emotional maturity as well as strengthening your willpower. Furthermore, it enhances your creativity, giving you calming and motivational energies whenever you feel unloved or losing interest in your career.

Working at the center of your mind, this purple crystal can help boost your self-confidence. With its ability to show two colors, the alexandrite allows you to see both sides of an issue, linking your mind and heart so that they provide you with a better perspective, encompassing the intuitive and rational viewpoints.

Using Purple Crystals For Best Results

You can place purple crystals under your pillow or near your bed to ease insomnia and preventing night terrors and nightmares. Thus, they offer you peaceful sleep with meaningful and prophetic dreams.

Meanwhile, carrying or wearing these crystals can help warn off negativities in your daily life. Being highly protective stones, purple crystals can also protect you against danger, bad people, injuries, and sickness during traveling.

However, you can also use these during meditations. Since they resonate deeply with the higher chakras, purple crystals during meditation can boost your spiritual practice and opening up psychic capabilities.

Final Thoughts

The soothing and calming vibrations of the purple crystals can provide you with ease of spiritual awakening. They gently open a pathway between your mind and heart, allowing you to see and know certain truths.

Not only that, but purple stones also helps you become more compassionate and kinder. They are a great source for positive radiance and exuding brilliant aura that can brighten up your day and allowing you to move forward challenging situations.

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