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The people born under the Aquarius sign are sometimes viewed as secretive while others simply don’t get them. However, in order to better understand these people and this sign, you only need to take a closer look at the kind of attributes and qualities of the Aquarius personality. In addition, the Aquarius birthstone should give you a better sense of what this sign is all about. 

Read on to find out more about the Aquarius Birthstone.

What is the Aquarius Birthstone?


The main Aquarius birthstone is the Garnet— a symbol of purity, truth, confidence, triumph, companionship, and protection. This powerful stone brings strong, joyful and lasting friendships and offers a stronger sense of duty, awareness, recovery, and understanding.

Its powerful energies help counter negative energies, dark powers and even black magic. The healing stone is also believed to bring bad fortune to those who are involved in theft and deceit while bringing good fortune to those who do well.

This Aquarius birthstone also helps you become dedicated, honest, dependable and genuine, providing peace and harmony in your life. Not only that, but this birthstone is also a powerful healing crystal believed to help the lungs, heart, and blood as well as enhancing your erotic sexuality and nature.

Furthermore, this stone has a healing ability to cleanse your spiritual energies, expelling toxins and help rejuvenate the soul, mind, and body as a whole.

And excellent protective gemstone, Garnet helps hide you from evil eyes as well as shielding you from night terrors and nightmares. It helps strengthen your spiritual healing while also increasing strength and tenacity.


Aquarius birthstone

Other than Garnet, Aquarius can also be paired with the powerful energies of Amethyst. A great calming stone, Amethyst is a natural sedative that alleviates anxiety, and irritability, dispelling outrage, nervousness, dread and anger and balancing your mood swings. It also helps release misery and all traces of negativity and pessimism.

Amethyst is not only known for its calming effects but also in promoting spiritual awareness, strengthening your clairvoyant capacities and enhancing intuitions. Furthermore, it helps stimulate your mind to make you more engaged and boosting your motivation.

Like Garnet, Amethyst also helps in your sleep. It does not help prevent nightmares but it does help you recall and understand your dreams. Plus, it helps prevent sleep deprivation while encouraging sound sleep.


It is a high energy stone that will stimulate the brain of Aquarius people. It also gives off a powerful mind-heart connection, making deep connections to the higher Spirit and higher worlds.

Cryolite has a heart-based energy that will resonate quite strongly that may give off powerful spiritual development and aid to make a more loving relationship.

This stone is also beneficial for Aquarius people who have speech problems. Nevertheless, it an excellent meditation stone that helps in solving problems through your intuition.


Another great birthstone for Aquarius is Magnetite. Typically, it is utilized to balance the whole aura since it makes an energy flow which is pretty powerful in its action.

Magnetite can also bring positive energies of manifestation. What’s more, it is believed to attract circumstances to your life.

The birthstone is used to cure different diseases such as asthma, liver problems, and circulation problems. It also helps in lessening mood swings, calming emotions, and even with PMS.

Rainforest Jasper

This Aquarius birthstone can offer you an improved understanding of what you really are. Rainforest Jasper is believed to help when it comes to personal healing. It will even assist you to move forward in the correct path in your life.

With this stone, people under the Aquarius birthstone will be able to make a connection with animals, plants, nature, and tress.

The moment you’ve made the said connection, it will help you to become more aware of the powerful necessity for change in this world/

Aquarius Birthstone Key Traits

Like the Sagittarius zodiac sign, Aquarius also likes to be independent. If you ever attempt to hold and Aquarius down or even restrict them from what they want to do, they will flee instantly. They are known to be thinkers, arriving at their own conclusions rather than just depending on other people. They do not like being judged and have an open mind in meeting new people or experiencing new situations.

Being the zodiac sign of vision, eccentricity, and intellectuality, Aquarius likes to do something useful in their lives always and mixing this with their amazing way with people. Aquarius is the enlightened thinkers of the zodiac and quite good in developing new theories and philosophies. They like to search for wisdom and highly observant individuals.

Not only that, people born under the Aquarius sign features a unique and creative way of thinking and tackling any tasks which allow them to come up with new solutions and ideas. They are the thought leaders, leading others to creative and innovative ways and defying what’s impossible. Aquarius people have this desire to go out and make something big without relying on someone.

Being a dreamer, Aquarius people like to dream big. But, they also have the skills to turn their big dreams into reality. They have the talent, imagination, creativity, and intelligence to come up with a plan and the tenacity and endurance to see their dreams through until its completion.

People born under the Aquarius sign loves to make people laugh as well as cheering others up. This is because it makes them feel really good when they know that they are the reason why someone else smiles. In addition, they don’t even expect anything in return.

Other Key Traits of Aquarius Birthstone

Furthermore, Aquarius people are always above their emotions. And when they speak their opinion, they only speak the truth. They are known to express their opinion freely and openly and have progressive ideas and will do everything they can to reach their goals.

To Aquarius people, life is better with music. Whether it immersing themselves in their headphones or playing an instrument, an Aquarius has a strong connection to music and can’t go a day without one.

Known to be extremes, Aquarius people often have erratic behaviors, undecidedness, egocentric and some odd characters. Due to these, they tend to make their own misfortunes.

However, we all know that nobody is perfect. And while an Aquarius is prone to making rash and odd mistakes, unlike other zodiac signs, they are the ones who will not allow this to happen all over again.

In addition, a sense of unpredictability is common. Aquarius people tend to get bored with repetitive things and absolutely hate the idea of doing the same thing all over again, every single day.

Thus, they prefer to live in extremes and always have an adventure. This spontaneity makes them quite fun to be around.

Aquarius people don’t like to be isolated. It is highly dangerous for them to be alone and can lead to the weakening of their health. However, when faced with misunderstandings and challenges in life, an Aquarius may isolate himself from society.

And although Aquarius signifies the cool water and skies, they tend to lose their cool every now and then. And if you manage to do so, you might regret it. They have this habit of taking things up until they hit the boiling point and explode in anger and frustration.

Additional Facts

Not only that, people born under the Aquarius sign are brutally sarcastic It comes so naturally to them, that they do not even realize they are doing it. And people who don’t even know them can easily get offended. However, their friends and family simply understand this unusual sense of humor.

Aquarius people also have this tendency to overthink things. They usually find themselves overanalyzing even the smallest thing, making them overly stressed and anxious. Not only that, they can quite emotional but don’t let their feelings show. They tend to distance themselves and deal with things on their own.

In terms of friendship, Aquarius have high standards. They don’t just allow anyone into their inner circle and prefer the quality over quantity. Thus, they only have a handful of loyal and solid friends who they know have their backs through ups and downs.

In addition, they hate to see their friend sad. Thus, they always make themselves available and are great listeners. Not only that, but they are also full of useful advice and wisdom, making them the best friends you can ever hope for.

Furthermore, Aquarius people are also the forgiving type. When a friend or a family member screws up, they are always willing to forgive them and offer a second chance instead of holding out to negative energies or grudge.

However, they have these unconventional ways of showing that they actually care. Sometimes, they seem to not care at all, but they just do things quite differently.

And although they are great listeners, they are also not afraid to voice out their opinions. They are courageous enough to defend their notions and ideas and will stand up for what they think is right.

Aquarius Birthstone Color and Its Meanings

The bright color blue encourages the brilliance of Aquarius to show while also balancing their powerful and positive energies. Just like the crystal clear waters and bright skies that the Aquarius sign resonates with, this calming color promotes peacefulness and calmness as well as creating an easy and smooth flow of ideas, experimentation, and communication.

However, blue is not the only color of Aquarius birthstones. With Garnet being blue, the Amethyst is bluish purple which attracts plenty of luck and good fortune. And while the color blue represents freedom and calmness, the other color shows the richer and deeper side of the Aquarius personality.

 And the color purple represents the natural curiosity if Aquarius individuals as well as turning on the third eye chakra and the psychic realm. Meanwhile, the rich red Garnet speaks passion for making humanity and the world we live in much better.

Aquarius Birthstone in Rings, Necklaces, and Jewelry

Being the Water Bearer, Aquarius is symbolized by the water pitcher. Thus, you will want Aquarius birthstone embedded in a water-pitcher shaped jewelry.

More popular options are earrings and pendants that hold the Aquarius birthstone as well as rings and necklaces. In addition, you can go with a leather constellation bracelet if you wish to have an earthier style but still have the vibration of the Aquarius sign.


Humanitarians to the core, Aquarius are highly progressive, creative and independent individuals. They are highly affectionate to nature and are real truth-seeker. They can be tense, sensitive and unwelcoming at times, making other people have difficulty in understanding them.

Nevertheless, with the Aquarius birthstone on hand, you can work out these negative traits and help you strengthen your relationships with others as well as all your positive traits.

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