The Power of Selenite

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The Power of Selenite

Selenite isn’t only attractive, in fact, it is also one of the versatile and most powerful stones that you can work with. The name of this stone comes from Selene, the Goddess of the moon. Known as Gypsum, Selenite can be found in different places across the world. Furthermore, it is said that Selenite will directly connect you to divine light, understanding, and wisdom for transformation. Read on to learn more about the power of Selenite.

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The Power of Selenite: Divine Light

Chakra Correspondence

Selenite is mainly connected to the crown chakra. Undeniably, Selene likes to use a crown of the crescent moon on her head. By connecting this stone to do the work you do around your crown chakra, you will be able to let go of all impurities of your mind. These will include mental blockages, negative thoughts, and negative emotions.

But aside from the crown, Selenite is also associated with the stellar gateway and soul star chakras and beyond.

Physiological Correspondence

Selenite is good for the joints, nerves, breasts, and spinal column. It also helps with menopause and puberty. For Selenite, deeper healing usually takes place at an energetic level instead of a physical level.


Selenite is a powerful high vibration healing crystal that you can use. Its high vibration works to help you in bringing light down from the higher worlds into physical bodies in order to make a personal transformation.

Legendary Power of Selenite

Selenite is a stone that stands on the verge between matter and spirit. According to a Kabbalistic creation legend, before the universe existed, God was all over the place, however, he needed to inhale to make space for the world.

Grasping he wasn’t existing in the creatine, he fashioned the containers of divine light to settle the universe, but they crushed. Carrying the light, the job of Selenite is to unite again the shards of the divine with their sources.

Traditionally, this stone was utilized for scrying. According to an 11th-century lapidary, Selenite develops with the polishing moon and weakens with the waning one.

Moreover, the Alfonso lapidary tells that if Selenite is hung on trees, the fruits will grow and at the same time ripen more rapidly.

Healing Power of Selenite


During the ancient Mesopotamia, the stone kept the sickrooms free from the evil spirit. The ritual for curing a sick man says that the Selenite as well as the bitumen that the priests apply on the door of the sick man, the stone is Ninurta. Keep in mind that the bitumen is Asakku. Ninurta will then pursue Asakku. Ninurta is Saturn a good man, whereas Asakku is an evil deity.

The spell, on the other hand, tells that Asakku was caught in a net that is made ritually, much as modern crystal healers utilize selenite grids to constrain destructive entities.

According to the lapidary of Alfonso, you can also utilize Selenite to cure epilepsy. As a matter of fact, wearing it can prevent attacks.

As of the moment, crystal healers use Selenite stones to lessen the detrimental effects of dental combination and free radicals.

On the other hand, Green Selenite may possibly delay the aging of the skin and skeleton. Whereas the Fishtail Selenite will support neural pathways and nerves. The peach variety of Selenite will assist menopause and puberty. However, if you want to open your third eye and silence mental charter, simply place Blue Selenite on your third eye chakra. Also, the pure white Selenite is a great healer as well as an auric cleanser.

But nevertheless, all varieties of Selenite serve as an emotional stabilizer that can help in calming mood swings.

Transformational Power of Selenite

Transformational Power of Selenite

Selenite can access angelic awareness and bring divine light into everything it will touch. Either Golden or White Selenite can form a bridge for the lightbody, helping the integration of the divine as well as the expansion of awareness.

A potent transmutor for emotional energies, this stone can let go of core feelings that are behind emotional blockages and psychosomatic diseases.

Associated with the Greek Queen of the Underworld, Persephone, Peach Selenite will offer light into a dark place so that you will be able to understand your inner process. Also, it will help in integrating shadow qualities.

Selenite may also help with the woman rites of passages like menopause and puberty. This will then encourage reconnection to the wise feminine divine power.

How to Harness the Powers of Selenite

One way to harness the powers of this stone is to hold a piece of Selenite above the head. Make sure to feel it radiate divine light through your entire being, enlightening your inner temple as well as connecting you to All That Is.


Without a doubt, Selenite is one of the most potent healing and clearing stones in the world. It is a powerful crystal that effectively cleanses the aura and gets rid of all the negative and bad energies that surround you.

If you are looking for clarity of mind, you should know that Selenite can activate the crown chakra. If you have this stone, you will be able to understand your connection to the Universe. Selenite is an excellent tool for enlightenment with regards to your spirit, life, and other people and things that you interact in this world.

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