The Power of Septarian

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The Power of Septarian (1)

Septarian is a great stone to carry with you most especially if you want to calm your nerves and eliminate all the traces of nervousness from the body. For instance, when you’re about to speak in front of a big audience or crowd. Septarian makes you speak eloquently and naturally. What’s more, you will also get the attention of everyone in the room with each word the leaves your mouth. But did you know that Septarian has a lot more to offer? Well, read on to know more facts about the power of Septarian.

The Power of Septarian: Speech

Chakra Correspondence

Septarian will help in synthesizing the throat, heart, and third eye chakras. Moreover, when you are working with this stone, you will be able to activate your base chakra. One more thing, Septarian is also associated with the earth star chakra.

Physiological Correspondence

Septarian can improve metabolism and help with skin, kidney, and blood disorders. It is also beneficial to the intestines, heart, mineral absorption, and cellular memory.


With an attractive look, Septarian possesses an earthy vibration. This vibration can accumulate, regulate, and release the energy of the body of the wearer.

Legendary Power of Septarian

Volcanic activities under the sea 70 million years ago slaughtered marine life. As the stone fell to the seabed and rotten afterward, mud balls molded filled with Calcite’s concretions, the yellow part of Septarian.

On the other hand, the balls cracked in a typical construction of seven gaps glowing out from the middle. The resulting stone looks rather like a turtle shell. The nodule was called Septarian after septum that means saeptum or seven in Latin. In fact, the combination is very powerful.

The devic energy of Aragonite is a great Earth healer and the nurturing Calcite will support planetary and personal development. Furthermore, Septarian will encourage caring for everything on the planet including the environment.

If you are speaking in public, you can use Septarian in order to capture the attention of the audience and allow every person to feel spoken individually. The process will become effortless communication at the deepest level.

The stone will make you aware of the power of speech along with its effects. As a matter of fact, this is not only beneficial for the listeners but within your personal body as well. Take note, what the mind sees, the body considers.

Altering the way how you speak, the language where you put your idea across can change your world ‘dramatically. Septarian helps you speak in the positive present tense since it will take away your attention from the negativity in the past. One more thing, this stone is also beneficial when it comes to sound healing.

Healing Power of Septarian


When you meditate with Septarian, you will be able to illuminate all the underlying causes of illnesses. The stone will focus on the self-healing capability of the body dissolving and at the same time detecting energy blockages. It will energetically rebalance the metabolism and reprogram cellular memory.

Septarian, on the other hand, is effective against SAD or seasonal affective disorder. It can also support organs and structures in the body and reduce swelling. The stone assists a drug user during detox and preserves the strength of purpose afterward.

When your grid Septarian around the bed of your child you can prevent nightmares. It will also amend night spasms in adults. In children, Septarian can stimulate physical development whereas, in adults, it will keep joints flexible. It will calm the nervous system as well as the intestines.

The stone also supports an NLP session and is beneficial for the tapping points in EFT as well as other techniques that are based on the meridian. It will repattern the beliefs and behaviors into cellular memory and neurotransmitters.

Transformational Power of Septarian

One of the best things about Septarian is it will concretize your ideas. As a matter of fact, it is the best stone of improving creativity since it supports endeavors of any kind and grounds your intention to day-to-day reality.

How to Harness the Powers of Septarian

When speaking in public, consider keeping a piece of this stone with you. Doing so will help you speak charismatically with power and confidence.

You can also wear Septarian so that you will be able to articulate your ideas. If you are negotiating a tricky problem you can benefit from wearing this stone as well.

Septarian is also an excellent tool for meditation. When meditating, you need to focus on the situation that you want to manifest while clutching the stone in your hand.

One more thing, you can place it in the affected chakras to open them and let the flow of energies.


Septarian is indeed a protective stone that can ground you and at the same time shield your spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional body.

It offers calming effects most especially during toxic days and more importantly, it gives you better understandings of things on more emotional levels.

Septarian will stimulate your emotions and improve your well-being. It’ll also boost good energies and remove bad energies.

Moreover, it is worth mentioning that Septarian can bring in more sincerity, love, and kindness in your life. Last but not least, Septarian will improve your communication on many different levels

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