Facts About Purple Amethyst: Meanings, Properties, and Benefits

By Felicia Eisnnicher •  4 min read

For its legendary potentials to soothe and stimulate the emotions and mind and striking beauty, purple amethyst has been highly esteemed throughout history. 

In today’s classification, it is a semi-precious stone, but before particularly to the ancients, purple amethyst was a “Gem of Fire and has the same value as diamonds.

In this article, we will discuss more facts about purple amethyst including some of its benefits. Keep on reading to learn more. 

Meanings and Properties of Purple Amethyst

Purple amethyst is a quartz variety that consists of iron as well as other traces of minerals in its structure. 

It is a calming and meditative stone that works in the physical, emotional, and spiritual planes in order to promote peace, calm, and balance. In fact, it is also utilized to get rid of impatience. 

Purple amethyst can be found across the world. However, some of the most precious deposits found in the vicinity of the North of America, Uruguay, Brazil, the Middle East, Italy, and Greece. 

Reasons Why You Should Use Purple Amethyst

Along with Amazonite, purple amethyst is one of the few stones that have a certain purpose of enhancing cerebral and intellectual thoughts.

While higher education is great, the stone can actually help you in applying your intellectual powers to every situation you may face. It can aid you to think critically and seriously about the situations you are facing that lead you to greater success. 

If you usually see yourself in a situation in which you are uncertain how to take action due to your emotions, it is also a great stone to have.

Purple amethyst can help you in building the skills to analyze emotions critically and appreciate their worth and weight. 

Purple Amethyst Benefits That You Need to Know 

Here are the essential benefits of purple amethyst that you might not know yet.

Facts About Purple Amethyst For Health and Healing

Purple amethyst is a great stone to improve physical liveliness after pharmaceutical treatments, chemotherapy, or radiation. 

It is also an energizing shaman on physical levels since it can fortify the heart, adrenal glands, and reproductive organs. 

The stone can help in the treatment of diseases that affect the spleen, lungs, and pancreas. It will stimulate fertility as well. 

Similar to other stones, it also strengthens the immune system and speeds up the recovery period from a serious disease. 

For Wealth

If you are serious about sharing your richness with persons you love, building personal wealth, or growing your business, purple amethyst is the perfect stone to have.

This will foster dedicated work, creative output, and intelligent ideas. It is the perfect gemstone that you can place on your office desk or work table to increase your productivity.

Keep in mind that this variety of amethyst has a connotation of prestige, wealth, and status. 

The stone, on the other hand, may promote clear thoughts. As a result, it can help you to contemplate if the big move you’re considering has long-term potentials. 

Facts About Purple Amethyst For Relationship and Love

The energies of purple amethyst can help you in understanding your wants, desires, as well as needs in your relationship. You’ll find out what makes you happy and how you want to be taken care of or be loved. 

With this stone, you will become more confident to share how and what you feel. Most importantly, you’ll be looking forward to the forthcoming more.

Final Thoughts

Indeed, purple amethyst remains one of the popularly known stones. It possesses powers that few stones do. What’s more, it is a beneficial stone if you live or work in any kind of circumstance where you’re faced with situations in which tensions are high.  

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