The Healing Crystals for Hoarseness

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Today we are going to talk about hoarseness, its symptoms, causes, and the best crystals for healing hoarseness.

Hoarseness is the partial loss or coarsening of the voice. It can be described as abnormal changes in your voice. When hoarse, your voice can sound raspy, breathy, strained, or changes in pitch or volume.

It is caused either by an infection of the upper respiratory tract or overuse of your voice. Other causes of hoarseness are:

  • Vocal cord paralysis
  • Benign vocal cord nodules, polyps, or cysts
  • Allergies
  • Gastroesophageal reflux or GERD
  • Smoking
  • Inhalation of respiratory tract irritants
  • Thyroid problems
  • Neurological conditions such as strokes or Parkinson’s disease
  • Trauma to the vocal cords or larynx
  • Cancer of the larynx or throat

Hoarseness can also have emotional causes. These include:

  • Last-minute nerves
  • Stage fright
  • Excitement
  • Suppressed anger
  • Difficulties in uncomfortable situations
  • Emotional pain and grief

Treatment for hoarseness depends on the cause. For instance, hoarseness caused by an infection in the upper respiratory tract usually improves on its own and can be supplemented by drinking lots of fluids. Meanwhile, for an overused voice, enough rest is recommended to prevent further injury or irritation to the vocal cords.

For the more severe causes such as cancer of the larynx, GERD, or injuries or benign polyps or nodules in the vocal cords, professional medical attention should be required.

The less worrisome causes can also be healed by using crystal therapy. Here are some of the best crystals for healing hoarseness.

Crystals For Healing Hoarseness


crystals for healing hoarseness

Amazonite is a potent stone with hoarseness caused by emotional voice strain of any form. It is mainly helpful when you experience that lump in your throat or when you can’t express distress, grief, or unhappiness.

Like the brave women it embodies, amazonite gives you the courage to bare your soul and unload all your troubles. As a result, this can help ease the tensions of the jaws and straining in your voice.



Aquamarine with its calming light blue crystalline structure evokes the soothing sky and relaxing sea. This crystal is the premier stone of the throat chakra and helps with all throat problems such as hoarseness.

This lovely gemstone is particularly effective when hoarseness happens in connection with allergic reactions, nerves, excitement, or in connection with periods of stress. Stimulating the throat chakra, aquamarine helps you assert yourself verbally and be heard.

Blue Chalcedony

crystals for healing hoarseness

Another stone of the throat chakra with its gentle blue hues, the blue chalcedony is mainly used in cases of hoarseness caused by respiratory infections. It has a powerful detoxifying and cleansing effect that helps rid the body of toxins and waste to improve the functioning of the immune system.

Not only that, but blue chalcedony also helps hoarseness caused by great stress. It can help you in expressing yourself. As a matter of fact, blue chalcedony has the nickname “stone of the speaker” for centuries now.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli with its bright blue color is another excellent crystal of the throat chakra. It is a great choice when hoarseness happens as a result of suppressed anger or the difficulties in speaking about unpleasant matters.

Furthermore, it helps in physically raising your voice and emotionally speaking your mind, thus preventing voice strain and result in healing hoarseness.


crystals for healing hoarseness

Although a stone for the crown chakra, sodalite with its darker hues of blue is also a suitable crystal for healing problems of the throat. In particular, it helps with the long-term hoarseness when something unspoken gets stuck in your throat.

Not only that, but sodalite also treats hoarseness caused by nerve disturbances, shocking problems or experiences, or pent-up anger. Not only that, but the stone also encourages the conscious and immediate statements at the appropriate time. It helps raise the consciousness and awareness of the moment something needs to be said immediately and prevents further blockages and strain of the voice.

Final Thoughts

These are just some of the best crystals for healing hoarseness. You can affix or place directly these crystals on your throat to facilitate healing. Or you can simply wear your chosen crystal as a pendant, or necklace with close contact to the throat.

In addition, you can also take 3 – 7 drops of gem essence for 3 times a day or drink a prepared 200 – 300 ml gem water throughout the day.

Other than utilizing crystals, it is also necessary that you take enough voice rest, drink lots of liquid, and release the emotional baggage that may have been causing a hoarse voice.

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