The Power of Diamond

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Diamond is one of the most popular stones today. But regardless of that fact, many are not familiar with the power it holds. Did you know that diamond is known for its power of accord? If yes, then that’s good, but if you’re not then check out this article to learn more about the diamond.

But before that let’s first take a look at the meaning of this stone.

Diamond comes from the Greek word “Adamas” which means invincible. Take note, it is a reference to the durability as well as the hardness of the diamond crystals. Traditionally, a diamond crystal has been associated with purity, honor, and courage. What’s more, during the ancient period it is utilized to combat poison.

The Power of Diamond: Accord

  • Chakra Correspondence

One great thing about the diamond is that it will resonate with high-frequency energies that will align and open all the chakras. In fact, this is especially effective when it comes to opening the crown chakra, which is located at the top of your head.

In case you didn’t know, the crown chakra is the etheric gateway to the vibrational energy of the wider universe. This will then control how people think about and respond to the world.

The Etheric Chakra, on the other hand, is the center of energy that’s merely above the head. Also, it’s aligned with the high-frequency spiritual energies.

  • Physiological Correspondence

Diamonds can improve the function of the brain. It will also balance the brain’s hemispheres, improving communication between them. Enhancing the working neurons to fight the neurological effects of aging is another benefit of diamonds.

On the other hand, this stone can effectively cleanse your body from allergies. One more thing it is beneficial for metabolism.

  • Vibration

Diamonds, like any other stone, have high and at the same time earthy vibration. Though the vibrational energy of this stone doesn’t directly work on emotions in a transformative sense, it is working to amplify or magnify emotional conditions instead.

Legendary Power of Diamond

Legendary Power of Diamond

Diamond, the toughest substance presently known, has long been considered the symbol of strength, what Pliny calls the “unbeatable force”. The bright faceted form of diamond is moderately recent.

In India, the stone was thought to be a residue of a pair of cosmic dragons who are engaging in magical sky battles. Actually, the central elements of the Diamond weren’t made on Earth but in outer space instead, revealing the cosmic roots. Through the natural processes, over the ages, the molecules gathered in one crystal. Also, the ancients evidently had an association with this extraterrestrial source.

Traditionally, the black diamond symbolizes the void out of which everything formed. Furthermore, it conveyed the capability to perceive to unknown.

However, Pliny thought that the diamond was made in rock crystal or gold. Apollonius, the early Greek paradoxographer marveled that Diamonds didn’t grow hot when put on fire.

Kids in South Africa, in 1867 picked up a diamond that weight 22.5 karats, and the great diamond rush was on. Moreover, the diamond formed part of the equipment of a power of various countries.

The 195 karats Orloff Diamond that beat the Russian imperial wand, was believed to have been taken in Mysore from the eye of an Indian shrine statue.

One more thing, Diamond symbolizes eternity and purity and it’s the gemstone for the Archangel Metatron. It will also improve the power and energy of other stones.

Healing Power of Diamond

Pliny thought that Diamond succeeded over poisons, scattered attacks of wild distractions, and drove baseless fears from your mind.

From the ancient period and through the middle ages, water that is infused with Diamond was drunk to cure fever, gallstones, jaundice, and apoplexy.

As of the moment, the stone act at the mental level in order to stimulate imagination and induce clarity.

Transformational Power of Diamond


Until polished and faceted, diamonds are dull. In fact, the brilliance and beauty of this stone must be slowly revealed with care and patience. Keep in mind that the cut is essential for finished gem’s perfection.

Diamond, on the other hand, symbolizes magical survival through elemental changes, since it is not affected by the coolness of water and heat of the fire.

When you wear a diamond, it will give you protection and helps in soul evolution and assimilation of expanded consciousness. Just as the stone has to be worked, the soul is polished until the inner being’s refracted light will make its own cosmic fire.

Diamond also throw clarity to everything that needs to be transformed and transmuted. Particularly, it is beneficial for bringing accord and harmony to the owner and overcoming pride.

How to Harness the Powers of Diamond

If you want to ensure harmony and accord between your lover, you should wear an engagement ring that is made from diamond.

Also, if you wish to empower the thoughts of other people and attract positive reactions, you can hold a piece of diamond while holding positive thoughts.

You can even meditate with this stone to harness its powers. For example, you can place it on the heart chakra or third eye chakra.


Without a doubt, a diamond is a very powerful stone that possesses a beautiful appearance. Hopefully, this article has helped you a lot in making the most out of your diamond.

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