The Healing Crystals for Cataracts

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Cataract is the blurring of the eye’s lens. It may be caused by the gradual deposition of the waste substance of the body (a form usually referred to as age-determined), prenatal infections, metabolic diseases such as diabetes, or the consequences of radiation, injuries, heat blinding, poisoning, and other eye diseases. Without support from the best crystals for healing cataracts, it can actually worsen.

This leads to decreased ability to focus sharply. Also, an increased deterioration of vision which can progress all the way to total blindness. Cataracts are usually treated by an operation in which the lens of the eye is totally or partially removed and replaced by the lens-implant, cataract eyeglasses, or contact lens.

However, for an alternative and holistic approach, the application of healing crystals also plays a part that can bring a halt to the typically progressive continuation of blurring or can at least help reduce the speed of deteriorating.

Here are some of the best crystals for healing cataracts.

Crystals For Healing Cataracts

Rock Crystals

For centuries, rock crystals have been applied in cases of cataracts. These crystals particularly help during the early stages of the diseases, where the lens begins to become blurred. Rock crystals can help in slowing down the deterioration process and heal the eyes.

You can just place a small, tumbled rock crystal directly on the affected eye.


Crystals For Healing Cataracts

Dubbed as the King of Gems, diamond is the most precious crystals of all. Although it is a gem of winter with the color of ice, Diamond is, in fact, a crystal of light with its high-frequency energy dispersed into flashing prisms of brilliant fire that mimics the sun.

The diamond is a master healer and a great supporter of the eyes. It is particularly helpful to heal the later stages of cataracts. Their best effect can be obtained when the disease is caused by the deposition of waste body substances.

In order to use diamond for healing cataracts, you can just take 3 – 7 drops of diamond essence for 3 – 5 times a day. Or you take small sips of 200 – 300 ml of diamond water throughout the day. In addition, you can also place a flat diamond directly on your eyes or between your eyebrows on the 3rd eye. Actually, it’s a powerful stone for stimulating and opening your third eye chakra, facilitating healing.


Crystals For Healing Cataracts

When talking about obsidian, most people would think about the jet-black shiny stone. And it is one of the most powerful stones for protection, healing, and support. Loved for its ability to heal injuries, obsidian is particularly helpful for cataracts caused by injuries when it should be applied as quickly as possible.

Depending on the kind of injury, you can just place a flat obsidian crystal directly on your eyes. Or simply use a segment of the obsidian over your eye. Be careful not to give it direct contact.

In addition, the surprisingly relaxing and calming vibrational energies of a mirror-like polished section of obsidian can offer a curative effect. For this, you can just wear it as pieces of jewelry, preferably as a necklace or pendant, keeping it close to your auric field for longer periods.



Next, we have the beautiful green, precious crystal emerald. This beautiful stone helps with cataracts because of a metabolic problem. In the broadest sense, previous infections and poisoning also belong to this category.

Its vibrational energy can help in slowing down the accelerated course of the illness while also preventing any further complications. You can just place an emerald crystal on your eyes and on your liver to help with detoxification. Do this simultaneously.

In addition, you can also wear an emerald necklace or pendant, keeping its vibrational energy close to your auric field and benefit from its healing properties. Or you can also try taking 5 – 9 drops of emerald essence for up to 3 – 5 times daily.

Or take small sips of 200 – 300mll of emerald water throughout the day. This will help in cleansing your body of metabolic waste that can worsen your cataracts.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it! While cataracts are best dealt with a medical procedure, if you want to try a more holistic approach first, crystal therapy can be a great thing to try.

Other than using the crystals mentioned above, metabolic regulation, detoxification as well as the treatment of the causal injuries or diseases are your priority in order to help slow down the disease.

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