The Healing Crystals for Cellulite

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Cellulite is the physical evidence of the structural change of your subcutaneous tissue where the fat deposits are formed that results in irregularities on the skin surface which the best crystals for healing cellulite can easily heal and repair.

Such skin changes have nothing to do and should not be confused with the true medical condition known as cellulitis which is the inflammation of the skin cell tissue. Cellulite the cause of which is usually incorrectly referred to as being age-related is caused by the accumulation of lymph and waste deposits. The breakdown of such toxins and waste deposits can be supported by most crystals.

Here are some of the best crystals for cellulite.

Crystals For Healing Cellulite

Brown Tourmaline

Crystals For Healing Cellulite

Also known as Dravite, the brown tourmaline is one of the most powerful stones you can use for detoxifying and clearing away cellulite. Thanks to its rich magnesium contents, brown tourmaline can help in cleansing and detoxifying your connective tissue up to the deeper layers of your skin for their structural regeneration.

The fat deposits of the cellulite are dissolved and the small bumps and dents on the surface of your skin will eventually disappear.

So, how do you use it?

You can apply Brown tourmaline for cellulite in 2 ways. You can just take it orally, drinking 3 – 5 drops of brown tourmaline essence for 3 times a day, or try drinking 200 – 300 ml of brown tourmaline water throughout the day. This helps in cleansing your tissue and skin from the inside.

Or you can use a brown tourmaline tumbled stones or crystals placed on the affected areas of your body for long periods of time. This can help focus the vibrational energies of the stone on those specific areas.

Ocean Jasper

Ocean Jasper

As its name suggests, ocean jasper draws its powerful vibrational energy from the elemental water. It is the crystal for strength, renewal, and regeneration. Ocean Jasper with its powerful detoxifying properties can help in cleansing the body from toxins and help with cellulite problems.

However, this beautiful stone dotted with tiny circles helps mainly in stimulating regeneration and the reorganization of the tissues after an intensive detoxifying cure. Thus, you can use it as a preparatory treatment before using the dravite or brown tourmaline, if the latter doesn’t seem to have an immediate effect.

You can just take 200 – 300ml of ocean jasper water throughout the course of the day.


Crystals For Healing Cellulite

Citrine is the premier stone of imagination, manifestation, and personal will, carries the power of the sun. Its vibrational energies make it comforting, warm, and life-giving. Thanks to its sunny attributes, citrine is a powerful cleanser of the body, helping remove cellulite.

By drinking a citrine elixir, you can stimulate deeper detoxification to the body and eventually help erase cellulite marks in your body. Furthermore, with its bright and sunny vibrational energies, citrine can help you accept yourself, boosting your self-esteem and self-confidence as you go through the cleansing process.

You can use citrine as a pendant or bracelet or just place a stone directly to the affected part. Alternatively, you can drink a citrine elixir to facilitate internal cleansing.

Yellow Apatite

Yellow Apatite

Like citrine, the yellow apatite shares a sunny and optimistic vibrational energy that can help you feel and think positively even with these ugly changes in your life. It is a powerful stone of manifestation, promoting and helping you push yourself to accept yourself as well as disciplining yourself to detoxify the body completely.

It awakens your inner self, boosting self-confidence, and provides you with a lively and invigorating attitude which definitely helps in faster detoxification.

For physical healing of cellulite, yellow apatite targets the stubborn cellulite and helps cellulite fats which helps improve your skin’s appearance in the long term. It also has the ability to clear your body of unwanted toxins and waste substances.

You can wear yellow apatite as a necklace or pendant to benefit from its cleansing vibrational energies. Or you can just place it directly to the affected part to target that spot specifically. Also, to help with internal cleansing and detoxifying, you can try drinking a yellow apatite elixir or essence throughout the day.

Final Thoughts

Cellulite can be quite embarrassing. However, with the best crystals for cellulite, you can help support natural healing and make them go away faster. That and proper nutrition, exercising, massaging the skin as well as showering with alternating cold and hot water can help in alleviating this embarrassing condition.

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