The Power of Bronzite

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The power of being, Bronzite will work its high energies on you so that you will be able to keep your light as well as positivity. It also has the strength and courage to fight the challenges of life. Bronzite has a constant frequency that will powerfully dispel and get rid of negativity, curses, psychic attacks, and hexes. If you’re interested in this stone and want to learn more about the power of Bronzite then read on!

The Power of Bronzite: Being

  • Chakra Correspondence

Known to be effective for sacral and base chakra, Bronzite is an excellent crystal in yielding high energies that are crucial for people in today’s fast strode life. But aside from that, it will synthesize and activate all the chakra.

  • Physiological Correspondence

Bronzite is beneficial for the cell and blood. It even helps with the biochemical processes like the assimilation of alkaline acid and iron balance. And similar to other stones, it is associated with the circulatory and nervous systems.

  • Vibration

Bronzite has an earthy vibration. In fact, its vibrations will remind you that even though you have the freedom to utilize your energy doing what you want, Bronzite will not offer you the right to impose yourself on others.

Furthermore, will raise your vibration and even the vibrations of people around you. Nevertheless, anyone who will wear Bronzite will take advantage of its stabilizing and powerful vibrations.

Legendary Power of Bronzite

Legendary Power of Bronzite

The power of Bronzite actually lies in its iron fundamentals. Ancient people considered iron a present from the gods since it came from the sky as meteorites. What’s more, the Roman historian Plutarch referred to Bronzite as the “gods’ bones”.

Having passed over the heat of the atmosphere of the Earth, meteoric didn’t need smelting and can be worked cold. Thus, it was utilized millennia before iron was extracted from the Earth. As a matter of fact, first-ever iron artifacts date back 7000 years.

As well all know, iron is a crucial component in the human organisms, vital for the transportation of hemoglobin in the red blood cells as well as other cellular structures. In fact, without iron, the vitality of the body is low. What’s more, it will not maintain biochemical processes.

The stone will facilitate chronic exhaustion, improving the strength of the core dramatically. Bronzite will balance feminine and masculine energies within the psyche or body. Also, it will help you to become more assertive, especially in making decisions and standing up for yourself.

Considered as a magical protector, this stone must be utilized with extra care. It is because Bronzite may exacerbate and amplify the effects of psychic attacks, ill intent, and spells. The energy will bounce between attacked and attacker.

Also, if you add black tourmaline to Bronzite mix you will stop the energetic attacks and permanently cut the connection.

Bronzite, on the other hand, will energetically cleanse the environment, transforming negativity as well as making ring protections. Within the space, you will be able to learn the value of experiencing a dynamic being.

As a potent shamanic crystal, it will take you journeying through other realms to discover your power animal. Most importantly, it will guide you to the core of your true self.

Healing Power of Bronzite

In order to increase the assimilation of iron, crystal healers are using Bronzite. That said, it will boost the circulation of red blood cells and improve the passage of energy all throughout the body’s subtle meridians. Acts as a pain reliever, Bronzite will prevent muscle cramps and regulate over-acidity.

The healing powers of Bronzite will help in easing the symptoms of aging. It will also aid in the treatment of skin diseases and allergies.

One more thing, the stone can remove and prevent ulcers on your organs as well as dispel depression.

Transformational Power of Bronzite


The strong magnetic flow of Bronzite will offer an inner compass to help in finding your direction whether it’s spiritually or physically. If you are judging yourself or others harshly, this stone will teach you the power of forgiveness and compassion.

Moreover, if you are feeling powerless in one situation and have handed your power to someone, the stone will call back your power. This will then help you in taking the course of appropriate action.

Likewise, if you’ve been excessively willful, particularly in previous lives, the stone will also teach in attuning your will so you’re guided by your soul instead of your ego.

How to Harness the Powers of Bronzite

If you want to make a sacred and safe haven for meditation, to harness its powers, layout tumbled pieces of Bronzite to make a 6-pointed star that has a crystal at every point.

You can also carry a Bronzite in your pocket or purse so that you will have the confidence to stand up to unreasonable and demanding people.


Bronzite is a stone that can help in exploring your hidden skills as well as talents that can inspire you in taking action. This will also give you the bravery to overcome challenges and strongly support you whenever you are feeling fearful and uncertain.

Bronzite will also remove self-imposed restrictions, thus you can move on to accomplish the things that you really want. Last but not least, it is a beneficial crystal that allows you to live your life in your own ways.

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