Facts About Blue Tourmaline: Meanings, Properties, and Benefits

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Blue tourmaline is a blue gemstone, which is greatly in-demand because of its capacity to speed up the development of channeling and psychic mediumship. It is also a powerful third eye chakra crystal and a powerful throat chakra, which assists in enhanced communication abilities. These abilities may help you in speaking with sprits in the spiritual realms. In this post, we are going to learn more facts about blue tourmaline -what it is, what are its properties, as well as its benefits.

Facts About Blue Tourmaline: Meanings & Properties

Blue tourmaline is a crystal that belongs to the crystal group –tourmaline. Actually, it is a polygonal magnesium iron boro-aluminum silicate hydroxide. It is often found in highly-temperate areas, as well as in metamorphic rocks.

The stone is also called Indicolite. Furthermore, it belongs to Elbaite Tourmaline variety, which is the most colorful of all varieties. Because of its amazing color, blue tourmaline is referred to as one of the most famous varieties of crystal by different jewelry designers and collectors.

What’s more, the stone comes in either blue or blue-black color. It also ranges from light & saturated to dark blue shade. It is commonly found in the USA, Brazil, Sri Lanka, and Nigeria, among other distinct locations.

Compared to some other varieties of tourmaline, the blue tourmaline is somewhat rare. It is often sold in amalgamation with the green tourmaline, as it is such a great combination. Further, there are different blue stones, which might also be quite green in color and some greenish-blue tourmaline gemstone are fairly attractive and are being sold as jewelry.

Reasons Why You Should Use Blue Tourmaline

There are actually a lot of reasons why you may choose to use blue tourmaline. This includes the following:

  • It’s known as the stone that assists in communicating with those on the opposite side of the veil.
  • It is a preeminent stone that may assist in the expansion of psychic skills like mediumship and channeling.
  • It’s both a third eye and throat chakra stone and is a stone that promotes the development of psychic gifts.
  • It has a lot of strengths that are all beneficial to you.

Lots of people who go on spiritual churches depend on the clairvoyant mediums, in order to assure them that there is life after death. This is such an amazing service that people who have these gifts may do for others.

If you are interested in the area of mediumship, having a blue tourmaline is very beneficial to help in developing the gifts. The benefits of blue tourmaline are wide-ranging. There is a lot of it, as a matter of fact.

Who Should Use Blue Tourmaline?

The role of blue tourmaline in the throat chakra, being a natural crystal is to bring through the psychic gifts of clairaudience or psychic hearing. This stone is beneficial in amplifying all your intuitive abilities. What’s even interesting about it is that it helps with the development of clairsentience or the gift of feeling spiritually or physically.

By way of letting you hear through the veil, you can make contact with spirits. It also helps in making contact with your guardian angels or your spirit guides. Further, if you do this, you can have spiritual growth. This stone is truly a gift that may assist you in developing your psychic gifts.

Benefits of Blue Tourmaline

Amongst the best facts about blue tourmaline that you should know are its amazing benefits. These include its benefits for health & healing, wealth, and love & relationships.

For Health & Healing

Blue tourmaline is known to assist in the treatment of conditions that affect the respiratory and digestive systems. it also helps in balancing the pituitary, thymus and thyroid glands. In terms of its healing energies, it may help in alleviating pain due to headaches and migraines.

For Wealth

Furthermore, when you meditate with this crystal, the blue tourmaline may also bring lots of blessings in life. It helps in improving your wealth and financial status. It will also kindle your power so you might be able to turn all your dreams into reality. Aside from that, it will also offer you the sustenance that you need in surpassing all your financial undertakings.

For Love & Relationships

One of the best benefits of blue tourmaline is that it offers a peaceful inner awareness. If you use it regularly, it will help you know how you may assist your partner every time he needs your help. It will also help you in knowing and fighting your fears in terms of love. One more thing about it is that it will show you the real meaning of love. With it, you’ll be able to love others more.

Final Say

Blue tourmaline is such a great crystal to have. It will unlock your mind to new ideas, dreams, and visions. It will also help in motivating you in pursuing all your dreams and aspirations with such positivity and honesty. If you want to get more of the benefits of blue tourmaline, keep it close to your body and keep it beside you all the time.

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