The Healing Crystals for Grief

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If you’re currently experiencing grief, this article can help you overcome this negative feeling by sharing some of the best crystals for healing grief.

Grief is the emotion that occurs with the loss of a loved one, broken relationships, loss of important possessions or security, unrequited love, rejection, disappointments, being ignored (especially for kids), a feeling that one has not understood something specific, or that being misunderstood.

To put it in another way, a state of grief is bound to happen when we can no longer reach, hold, or touch somebody or something that is precious to us. Tears can help bring about a fast relief, thus should never be suppressed.

However, one of the biggest ways to connecting with grief is attentive and unobtrusive listening. Someone to whom you can talk about everything that’s causing the suffering. This way, it becomes easier to identify the causes of what’s really hurting.

And even if the painful circumstances don’t change as a result, the feelings and emotions of grief should then be less overwhelming. Talking it through with someone seems to help take away some of the enormity of the emotion, thus, once more creating the space for the everyday aspects of life.

Other than those, crystals can also help support the process of overcoming grief in so many ways. For one, their vibrational energies can help tears flow freely, assisting in talking to others about grief, aid in accepting the inevitable or just allow the rediscovery of what makes one happy. In short, healing crystals can help change our state of mental health and stimulate us to regain control of our life.

Here are some of the best crystals for healing grief.

Crystals For Healing Grief


crystals for healing grief

Amethyst can help you overcome the grief that occurs with loss, especially that of loved ones. It helps n encouraging a degree of objectivity and helps you recognize the meaning or significance of events, finding comfort in this understanding.

The high vibrational energies of amethyst can also help cleanse and protect you through times of grieving. This is particularly important, especially when things may seem hopeless as this strong emotion can draw negative energy to you.

Also, dubbed as the stone of Transformation, this calming purple stone can help soothe your mind and help bring emotional comfort. If you are mourning a loss, then amethyst can help you have a much clearer head while also promoting inner peace and wisdom

Noble Opal

Noble Opal

This beautiful stone of various hues and shine can make it easier for you to come to terms with grief and help you let go of a fixation with its causes, thus making it easier to refocus on the other areas of life.

Not only that, but noble opal with its splendor can also make it possible for you to find beauty and enjoyment in life once again and to find happiness therein.


crystals for healing grief

Dumortierite helps you open up and makes t possible to talk with other people about your grief, deep fears, and sadness. With that, this crystal can help you bring relief, comfort while also helping you re-establish courage, confidence in the future, and other people, and regain a renewed, positive attitude towards life.



Jet, as one of the most protective black stones available, helps you overcome the blows of fate and passing through the deep grief you’re in. This is particularly true if your grief is because of feelings of guilt.

Other than that, it also helps in alleviating the useless, inner self-pity, blaming other people, the spurious self-justification, and the endless explaining of things. Instead, its vibrational energy pushes you to accept the inevitable and allowing you to reopen yourself to the real life.


crystals for healing grief

With its lovely pink hue and gentle vibrational energy, rhodonite can help overcome the kind of grief that seems to imprison you and won’t allow you to let go of the emotional pain. This stone can help take away the feeling of martyrdom as well as the ideas of having been treated unfairly.

Furthermore, the stone can encourage a forgiving mindset and aura. This way, rhodonite can help lift your spirits and bringing out new readiness for life, helping you out of seemingly helpless situations.

Pink Calcite

pink calcite

The tender energy of the pink calcite complements the feeling of grief and loss. It wraps the heart in a metaphysical blanket, encouraging you to treat yourself kindly and give yourself time to heal. Also, this stone helps connect you to the angelic realms in which celestial beings can help support you through this period of mourning.

Not only that, but pink calcite is also a powerful ally for releasing past suffering and emotional trauma. It helps you get emotional peace by releasing unseen grief, fear, and anger. This wat a new sense of hope can finally flow within you.

Final Thoughts

Dealing with grief can be overwhelming and painful alone. If you are struggling with sadness or can’t find acceptance in your heart, the above-mentioned crystals can help you get through the grieving process.

All of the above crystals should be used during meditation or worn as pendants, necklaces, or bracelets, helping you come to terms with your loss while filling you with loving and courageous energies to a renewed self-confidence.

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