The Healing Crystals for Loss of Voice

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When your voice suddenly gets a bit husky and pretty soon you start to hear nothing when you try to speak up, then these crystals for healing loss of voice can definitely help you!

Loss of voice can be caused by various things such as:

  • Straining of the vocal cords
  • Hoarseness
  • Inflammation of the larynx
  • A cold or flu
  • Smoking
  • Disturbances in the actual nerves within the vocal cords
  • Allergies
  • Cysts, polyps, and nodules

On the emotional side of things, loss of voice can be associated with unexpected, sudden, traumatic, and/or shocking incidents. It is advised that you always seek the advice of a doctor in order to clarify the causes of loss of voice and avoid serious or even incurable results such as persistent muteness.

Self-help treatment strategies for your allergies can have a limited scope. Here are some of the best crystals for healing loss of voice. 

Crystals For Healing Loss Of Voice

Lapis Lazuli

crystals for healing loss of voice

Lapis Lazuli with its bright blue hue is one of the premier crystals used for healing the throat chakra. And thus, this crystal proved to be very useful when dealing with throat problems such as loss of voice.

In particular, lapis lazuli can treat loss of voice that is caused by hoarseness or the nerve disturbances caused by shocking experiences or problems connected with the difficulty in talking about something disagreeable or pent-up anger.

This potent crystal can help stimulate your throat chakra and brings back your voice very quickly. Not only that, but this stone can also physically raise your voice and emotionally speak your mind. This is particularly true when there seems to be a need to be heard and avoid injustice or to disclose the truth.

Therefore, lapis lazuli is best used for acute cases. It should be worn as a necklace or pendant, closely to the throat to facilitate healing.



Dubbed as the logic stone, Sodalite is mainly a crystal of the crown and third eye chakra. However, its blue hues also make it a powerful crystal for stimulating the throat chakra and healing all kinds of throat problems like the sudden loss of voice.

Sodalite is also known as the stone of truth, allowing your subconscious and conscious mind to connect with your feelings and thought and allowing you to recognize and verbalize those truths and feelings objectively.

It helps in raising your consciousness and awareness of the moment when somethings need to be said immediately and stopping further blockages or inhibition in speaking out which can cause a sudden loss of voice.

Sodalite is best used after lapis lazuli in order to prevent relapse. Just place it directly on your throat for a few minutes to facilitate healing. Or you can simply wear it as a pendant or necklace together with Lapis Lazuli.


crystals for healing loss of voice

Chalcedony is another excellent stone that can help with loss of voice that is mainly caused by inflammation or infections of the larynx or the airways.

Since it is a potent detoxifier, this stone can help in cleansing the airways, preventing blockages, and relieving inflammation and swellings. As a matter of fact, chalcedony is dubbed as the “Speaker’s Crystal”, making it one of the best stones for healing all problems with the vocal cords and larynx.

Simply place a section or slice, tumbled, or a raw chalcedony crystal on your throat. Or you can just wear it in the form or a pendant or necklace for longer periods of time.


crystals for healing loss of voice

Chrysoberyl mainly heals cases of voice loss that are caused by nerve or brain disturbances. Since this crystal contains the metallic element beryllium, chrysoberyl can help remove most kinds of nerve blockages and thus, re-activating the corresponding areas of the brain.

However, unlike the rest of the crystals in this list, chrysoberyl should never be worn at the neck and should only be placed on the forehead for 2 – 3 times for at least 15 minutes.


crystals for healing loss of voice

Larimar is another potent stone that can help with a weakened voice which rapidly loses energy and strength. Not only that, but it can also prevent any recurring loss of voice and makes it easier to communicate something that has not yet been said but needs to be.

In addition, Larimar has a much gentler and more cautious effect than the potent Lapis Lazuli. It proves to be particularly helpful with feelings of being overwhelmed by a situation in which your throat tightens up and that seems to paralyze all activity, thought, or speech.

Larimar can be worn as a form of pendant or necklace. You can also place it directly on your throat to benefit from its healing energies.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it! These are just some of the most effective crystals you can use to heal a sudden loss of voice and find it once again. Take note that these crystals mainly heal the loss of voice caused by emotional and psychological disturbances as well as supporting the healing of minor physical causes.

For more accurate diagnosis and treatment of serious causes of loss of voice, make sure to consult a qualified doctor.  

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