The Best Crystal Combinations for Moldavite

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Moldavite is indeed a crystal of greatness. In fact, it is known as the holy grail crystal due to its exceptional capability to make that much-needed changes in your life. It is also the crystal that can help you with universal connection as well as spiritual transformation. Keep in mind that change will not happen overnight, but we can assure you that moldavite will get you there slowly but surely. The energies of this crystal can be overwhelming for the body system. What’s more, it isn’t exactly complimentary. If you aren’t feeling at ease while using it, you need to know the best crystal combinations for moldavite.

By combining moldavite with the right crystals, you will be able to make its energy better and most importantly, gentler.

Keep on reading to learn more about the best crystal combinations for moldavite.

The 5 Best Crystal Combinations for Moldavite and Their Benefits

Kunzite and Moldavite Combination Benefits

When it comes to the heart chakra, Kunzite will offer you the highest level of activation. This crystal is capable of improving the qualities of emotional stability as well as self-love. Moldavite, on the other hand, is considered the heavenly representative of the earth and heaven heart union. This will open a person to the inflow of light and to its expression in the world through yourself.

Kunzite will center its energies along with the energies of moldavite at the heart. In fact, this will allow you to express the full power of divine love.

Kunzite, as well as moldavite, are best worn together in the middle of your chest. One more thing, this is a good placement for the body layout where heart chakra activations are goals.

Malachite and Moldavite Combination Benefits

Crystal Combinations for Moldavite

This one of the best crystal combinations for moldavite can be great for people who want to concentrate on the work of healing the Earth.

Malachite will offer both healing and grounding and its green coloration is the same as the Earth. When the energies of malachite combined with moldavite, the flow between them is a miniature copy of the dynamic healing process.  

Holding the malachite and moldavite together while envisioning the follow of Divine Light from a source of cosmic through people into the earth, you will be able to feel the expansion of your capacity to act as a channel for planetary healing. By doing this, you will be able to feel the enlargement of your health on all levels.

Aquamarine and Moldavite Combination Benefits

One of the best crystals that will help in balancing the intense energies of moldavite is the aquamarine. Those who are using moldavite for the first may possibly obtain a jolt as it will activate the blistering elements. This is because of the composed as well as the calm effect of aquamarine. This is actually water-based and will cool down the elements of fire.

If you find your moldavite too strong and intense, the aquamarine will be able to bring down the temperature. While moldavite will activate the throat chakra, the aquamarine can facilitate communication with the universe. In addition to that, the aquamarine will help the moldavite focus on such energies. These energies, on the other hand, will help in opening and restoring the throat chakra.

Keep in mind that when your throat chakra is restored, you will be able to align the maxims like the divine truth and integrity with the higher faculties.

Snowflake Obsidian and Moldavite Combination Benefits

This list of best crystal combinations for moldavite will not be completed without mentioning snowflake obsidian, a softer variety of obsidian.

This crystal will help in getting rid of negative energies. It could be one of the moldavite crystal combinations you can try rather than utilizing it in its native form.

On the other hand, snowflake obsidian is one of the preferred combinations since the moldavite will make you more conscious while the snowflake obsidian will manage your negative energies that will originate from a low personality in a gentler or subtler manner.

Galena and Moldavite Combination Benefits


When you combined it with Galena, moldavite will help in balancing your emotions as well as thoughts so that you will be healthy and vibrant at all times.

When everything is balanced in your life and everything is working smoothly, you will feel complete, happy, and satisfied.

This crystal combination will help you in your perceptions about the realm and your retorts to external stimuli. This will keep you anchored to reality and offer you clearer ideas on what are the things that you need to do.

Galena, as well as moldavite, are development crystals that play a crucial part in your growth, renewal, and rebirth. What’s more, these crystals are both powerful that can aid you in nurturing your personal and professional relationships.

Herkimer Diamond and Moldavite Crystal Combination Benefits

Known as the stone of connectivity, Moldavite can blend the earthly as well as extra-terrestrial energies. What’s more, this crystal shares many of the balancing attributes of Herkimer diamonds. This will then help you in finding your direction in this life, achieve inner peace, and be comfortable.

This crystal combination of moldavite is very popular, particularly in dream and vision works. Not only that but combining the distinct qualities of moldavite with the amplifying powers of the Herkimer diamond, you will also amplify your visual aspect of meditation. One more thing, this combination will allow you to ascend to even greater astral height.

Final Thoughts

There is no denying the moldavite is a powerful crystal. But it will become even more powerful when combined with other crystals. So if you have moldavite and kunzite, malachite, snowflakes obsidian, galena, or aquamarine, consider pairing them.

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