The Power of Emerald

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Known as the stone of successful love, emerald can bring loyalty and offer domestic enjoyment. The vivid green color of Emerald means that you’ll always stumble on the side of patience and compassion when you’re moving your relationship forward, even though the situation seems very difficult. When you have the energies of this stone, you’ll be stirred to do everything with honesty and love. Would you like to learn more about the power of emerald? If yes, then read on.

The Power of Emerald: Successful Love

  • Chakra Correspondence

Since it is the stone for successful love, emerald is mainly associated with the heart chakra. Emerald will heal the heart and open it for the heart chakra. This will heal your heart so that you will be able to learn to love yourself and even the people surrounding you. But aside from the heart chakra, it is also beneficial for the third eye chakra.

  • Physiological Correspondence

Emerald is a crystal that can help in treating ailments related to the eyes, liver, pancreas, lymphatic system, heart, muscles, and spines.

  • Vibration

Emerald is a powerful stone that possesses earthy vibrations. In fact, its vibrations can benefit you in many ways.

Legendary Power of Emerald

In the 17th century, Shakespeare considered the power of emeralds to soothe the eyes. In 1584, Ivan the terrible said that the crystal being the rainbow’s nature was the enemy of uncleanness.

Actually, magical legends have long been connected to emerald. According to the tradition of the Hebrew, serpents that looked on this precious and rare stone went blind.

Pliny, on the other hand, comments on the use of Emerald as magnifying lenses and tells people that nothing in nature compared to the intense green of the stone. Neither nor shade nor dim nor yet the candle’s light causes them to lose their shine.

Isidore, the 7th-century bishop of Seville, said that the stone lit up the surrounding areas with a green light. Furthermore, the Incas valued the stone highly because it represents the green earth.

In 1532, when taken prisoner by Pizarro, the last king of Inca used a crown that weighs 10 ounces with 453 emeralds.

Also, in the middle ages, emerald was placed under the tongue in order to induce prophetic vision. Emerald has even associated with the Archangel Ophaniel as well as the rules of the world of the Cherubim.

Healing Power of Emerald

According to Theophrastus, an ancient Greek philosopher, emeralds were good for imparting visual clarity and eyes.

Crystal workers today are still using the stone to stimulate insight and sight and soothe the inflamed eyes. On the other hand, ancient Persians utilized it to restore the overtaxed eyesight of the craftsmen. It is also used in healing liver as well as stomach ailments.

Traditionally, Emerald calmed the spirit and prevented epilepsy. It is also believed to sweat when there is a poison around.

When you wear a piece of emerald, you will be able to recover more rapidly after an illness. It can help you in stimulating and detoxifying the liver. It also aids the excretion of the poison from your body through the lymphatic system.

Emerald can also help with paranoia, Parkinson’s disease, and depression. Its energies may also prevent infections, regulate blood pressure, and ease inflammation.

Transformational Power of Emerald

power of successful love

Aside from being the stone of successful love, emerald also symbolized rebirth and mortality. Whether you have a faceted or raw stone, it will give you a massive inspiration on the spiritual path. It will also offer you the patience to pass through tests with equanimity.

Another good thing about this stone is that it will improve relationships on all levels, ensuring a partnership in harmony.

Emerald will balance the spiritual, emotional, and mental levels transmuting negative energies into positive ones.

The stone has long been utilized to stimulate metaphysical capabilities opening broader vision that see beyond the material world’s projections.

Traditionally, Emerald’s power was harnessed to perceive the forthcoming and to make sure a fortuitous rebirth.

How to Harness the Powers of Emerald

If you want to attract successful love in your life, consider wearing a piece of emerald. But the moment you have it make sure to keep it. As a matter of fact, the emerald has been long said to guarantee a successful and happy marriage.

You can also meditate with Emerald since it is capable of promoting mind, body, and most importantly heart healings.


Emerald is holding a beautiful and potent energy that can help you in releasing all the traces of negative energies.

The green color of this article embodies the loving as well as gentle heart-based energies that are brought into your life.

The moment you get a hold of this crystal you will surely experience the nurturing and abundant energies of Emerald. We can assure you that you will not regret that you include Emerald in your crystal collection.

Without a doubt, Emerald is a crystal that will cover a wide variety of life experiences and milestones. As a matter of fact, this makes Emerald the ideal crystal for reaffirming loving relationships.

If there is anything that your crystal wants you to know, well it is to open your heart and let true and pure love fill your spirit.

Thank you for reading, hopefully, you have learned new things from today’s post.

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