The Power of Flint

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A kind of chalcedony, flint is a cryotocrystalline sedimentary rock that consists of quartz, silicon dioxide. When it comes to the color, it ranges from brown, tan, and beige to black and gray that can be shown as swirls and bands. Flint can help in grounding your energy fields and bringing light energies to the third dimension, assisting with Earth and physical healing. Furthermore, the energy of this stone help to align the etheric body of one person with one’s physical vehicle. Nevertheless, read on to learn more about the power of flint.

The Power of Flint: Portal Power

  • Chakra Correspondence

The frequencies of Flint will connect to all the physical chakras including the soul star, sacral, earth star, and base. The stone will support, balance, and align the energies of the chakras so that you will be able to have a stable energy. What’s more, it will bring your subtle bodies into alignment.

  • Physiological Correspondence

Flint is a stone that is said to be beneficial in the reproductive system, tissue structures, jaw, joints, and skeletons. It can also aid with warts, growths, moles, tissue structures, etheric body, and more importantly, to the physical body’s energy structure.

  • Vibration

Another great thing about this stone is that it possesses an earthy vibration. And since it is a variety of chalcedony flint is capable of dissolving and absorbing negative vibrations.

Legendary Power of Flint


Flint, a highly valued stone in the ancient world, possessed the spirit of fire which magical elements without which life wouldn’t exist.

From a whisper of breath and a small spark, the magical transformation from rocks to flames took place.

A 15th– century German magician, Cornelius Agrippa, speaks with respect fiery Sophus, the stones that made thunderbolts and fire.

Flint, on the other hand, symbolized the Earth’s power made apparent.  Knapped flint may take away life magically. Across the globe, objects made from flints were situated in ancient graves, mostly in pristine conditions, showing their purpose was ceremonial.

Flint, a resonant and acoustic crystal, was said to open the portal between the realms and offer the tools to negotiate the other realms. In fact, it is the main reason for its portal power. One more thing using it will hone your soul and ignite the flame of spiritual seeking.

Traditionally, the stone will connect to the power of animals, Green Man, Mother Earth’s heart, and the mysteries of the heart.

Flint will balance feminine and masculine in order to make a sacred inner marriage. You can also use the stone to assist with rites of passages all throughout life.

When placed on the sacral chakra, base chakra, and earth star chakra, Flint will form a shamanic anchor connecting your soul to Earth, gently holding you in incarnation as well as grounding spiritual energies.

Healing Power of Flint

Healing Power of Flint

The good thing about the flint is that it will not only cleanse your chakras but your aura as well. In the actual fact, 200 years ago, the homeopathic weakening of flints cured chronic ulcers and scrofulous troubles of the bones and joints.

In addition to that, flint will let go of pains and assist detoxification. It also ruins facilitate etheric surgery as well as cauterization. The powers of this stone heal are energetic, emotional, and psychological levels instead of physical.

Metaphorically speaking, it will cut through blockages, outgrown chakra connections that you have, and past-life connections. Furthermore, flint will reveal and transfer the underlying causes of depression. It will help you in bringing the shadow’s gift to consciousness awareness.

Flint is a potent Earth healer. Keep in mind that when you grid it in an area of geopathic stress and energetic disruption, Flint will restore stability recreating the energy-meridian matrix of the earth.

Transformational Power of Flint

As mentioned, flint will stand at the portal between the spiritual and material worlds. Actually, by grounding energetic downloads from the higher extents into physical bodies, flint will make core stability and restructure the stored information in the cells.

By cutting all the things that are no longer serve you, this stone will set you free from the past.  With the assistance of the Flint stone, you will be able to remember your soul bringing fragmentations together and even lost memories so that you will be able to journey home via the portal of your real self.

How to Harness the Powers of Flint

Harnessing Flint’s portal power is not as hard as you think. All you need to do is comb the aura one foot or more around or out from the physical body using Flint in order to get rid of the energetic disease. It is also worth mentioning that it will raise the energetic frequency.


Flint can offer you a great helping hand when it comes to aligning your feelings and highest thoughts and to manifest them to the 3rd dimension. As a result, you will be able to move forward on your spiritual path.

The stone will also help to absorb all the negative and bad energies in your life. Flint will even protect you from negative experiences and negative people.

Last but not least, flint will put your spirit, body, and mind to alignment.

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