The Healing Crystals for Cramp

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A muscle cramp is the involuntary and sudden contraction of one or more muscles. Cramp, particularly in the calf muscles, can be quite painful. However, it typically occurs only in one leg at any time. Generally, muscle cramps are harmless, however, it is temporarily impossible to use the affected muscle thus, the use of the best crystals for healing cramps should be able to provide quick relief.

Most muscle cramps can make a sudden, sharp pain of like tiny needles poking at your skin. Also, you might see or feel a hard lump of muscle tissue beneath the skin. Cramps can result from a sudden lack of magnesium, caused by, for instance during pregnancy or night-time urination.

More rarely, it is often caused by the lack of potassium and calcium, by a large and sudden fluid loss, for instance suffering from diarrhea, by excess acid in the body, shock, and upsets in circulation, for instance, swimming in cold water.

Recommended therapies include massage for blood circulation and metabolism, hot baths, and the use of magnesium-based crystals.

Here are some of the best crystals for healing cramp.

Crystals For Healing Cramp

Serpentine + Magnesite

Crystals For Healing Cramp

Serpentine is a true stone from Mother Earth. It is a magnesium silicate mineral that occurs in a fibrous form. Thanks to its sense and heavy appearance, it is often associated with a reptile or snake. Magnesite, on the other hand, is a calcite group mineral that contains magnesium carbonate, known for its rich healing properties.

Since both crystals are rich in magnesium, serpentine and magnesite can help achieve the best results together. This duo can be placed against the calf or the affected area for relief. Also, both stones can be worn in the form of pendants, necklaces, or bracelets for direct body contact to increase your magnesium metabolism.

Not only that, but both stones also have a general alleviating effect, supporting your body’s metabolism and even blood circulation to ease cramps.



Dravite, or commonly known as the brown variety of tourmaline, is a sodium magnesium-rich crystal in the tourmaline group of silicates. It is loved for its grounding properties, like its black sibling.

Emotionally, brown tourmaline offers highly cleansing energy that helps you through tense and problematic situations. Thanks to its magnesium filled crystalline structure, dravite is also a powerful stone for easing painful muscle cramps.

You can just place a piece of dravite crystal in the affected area and experience quick relief from the searing pain. In addition, you can wear it as a necklace or anklet to benefit from its healing attributes for longer.


Crystals For Healing Cramp

This red oxide of iron is a dubbed as the blood stone, thanks to its blood-red hue when cut into slices. As a matter of fact, its name itself means “blood: from the Greek word “haima” or “ema”.

Hematite is a powerful tone that helps relieve you of muscle cramps caused by a lack of blood flow. With an affinity to blood, hematite can help increase blood flow in the body and help release the restriction and tightness in the muscles.

Whenever you feel a spasm or cramp starting, you can just place a hematite crystal on the affected muscle for a few minutes. The restorative healing vibrations of the hematite should help ease the searing pain and lessening the contraction.


Charoite with its violet ray is a beautiful stone with powerful healing attributes to the mind and spirit. Physically, however, charoite is a powerful stimulator and helps regulate muscle contraction and blood pressure.

Furthermore, this stone helps in treating the general condition of your nervous system which may cause unusual muscle contraction. By regulating the nervous system, it should be able to ease muscle contraction and help control normal muscle cramps.

You can just place a charoite crystal on the affected area and get instant relief from pain. You can also wear it as an anklet or bracelet to benefit from its healing energies throughout the day.



Chrysocolla is a vibrant turquoise crystal exuding tranquil energy which helps you experience serenity. It is used to cleanse and calm the chakra system and helps in re-energizing them. Physically, however, chrysocolla is beneficial for strengthening the muscle.

It helps in easing muscle cramps and reducing the agonizing pain and few minutes of unable to move the contracting muscles. Furthermore, chrysocolla is also a great stone in treating cramps and pain faced by women during menstruation.

It helps in relaxing the muscles of their uterus in order to soothe cramps and discomfort. You can wear chrysocolla as a bracelet or pendant for longer periods in order to benefit from its healing attributes. Or you can also place it directly on the affected area in order to experience quick relief from discomfort and the prickling sensation associated with muscle cramps.

Final Thoughts

Muscle cramps are harmless but can be unbearably painful, especially if it awakens you at night. Although it may only last a few seconds or minutes, cramps can certainly be annoying.

With that in mind, if you are prone to suffering muscle cramps throughout the day, you can just keep the above-mentioned crystals for healing cramp close to you so you can directly apply it to the area whenever a cramp hits. This way, you don’t have to grimace your way through the few, but seemingly long minutes of prickly pain.

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