Facts About Serpentine: Meanings, Properties, and Benefits

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Serpentine stone possesses a strong energy, which is essential in stimulating the kundalini energies’ arousal. If you happen to feel that there might be blockages in whatever chakras of yours, this stone is a beneficial aid. In fact, it’ll work at any chakra, in order to clear the stagnant or blocked energy. This particular stone may also encourage you in making contact with some elemental beings, since the members of Devic realm may resonate with the energy of it. In this article, we are going to discuss further about the serpentine stone, including its amazing benefits. Read on to this article to learn more!

Serpentine Meanings and Properties

In the actual fact, serpentine is a group of green stones that you can find worldwide –everywhere from Greece to Canada to New Zealand to Korea.

In general, the serpentine has often been confused with jade, yet the chemical composition of it is, in fact, somewhat distinct.

Furthermore, this particular grouping may comprise 20 related minerals that has 2 different diverse kinds of formation, chrysotile, and antigorite.

For those who don’t know, antigorite stones are the solid one, while the chrysotile are fibrous.

The chrysotile serpentine stones are, in fact, a kind of asbestos that is very dangerous mineral, which may cause austere respiratory issues because of the inhalation of the crystals.

In the actual fact, the meaning of the name of the serpentine stone comes from Greek –serpens.

This means snake, as the way that a lot of pieces of the stone have a resemblance to that of the appearance of the skin of a snake.

Due to this fact, the chrysotile stones aren’t essential to use for metaphysical purposes, and you need to stay away from them.

Additionally, it is found in Canada, where Asbestos was the most important serpentine mines for once.

The antigorite serpentine are comparatively soft stones, and they’re prominent for their own shiny green surface.

particular coloration is because of the presence of minerals like cobalt and chromium in the magnesium silicate base of the stone.

The serpentine may range from opaque to translucent, and dissimilar opacities of the stone may have a bit variations in the magical power.

As a general rule, a translucent stone may have a stronger effect on the psychic phenomena, while an opaque stone has a much clearer effect on the material, measurable material world, yet the differentiation is somewhat minor.

Reasons to Use Serpentine

The term ‘serpentine’, as what I’ve said earlier, comes from the Greek word –serpent.

Even though this name’s almost undoubtedly chosen due to its green color, it actually reflects a lot of ideas regarding the stone qualities of the stone, which date back to the early world.

Snakes were frequently thought to be forerunners of evil in the western thought, yet this does not mean that the serpentine is one evil stone that you should avoid.

Actually, this particular stone is one of the most used stones (historically). Especially in protecting against intentional malicious behavior and bad luck –even with dark magic.

A lot of stones, which dispel negativity are prominent for their dark colors.

This is mainly because the darkness of these stones disguises the possessors from the negative energies. These float loose in the psychic milieu of the world.

In contrast, serpentine is commonly not so dark, sometimes it has a deep green shade. Yet, just as frequently, it is bright or light green in color.

There are a lot of serpentine benefits that are great for the development of a distinct inner peace. This is what makes you untouchable by any negative energies.

Rather than this stone sucking up the bad energies from all over you like a magnet, it’ll harden your own psychic shell. As well as make it impossible for that bad energy in permeating.

You’ll also develop your own personal serenity and strength, which negativity may simply bounce off of, more especially if you combine it with the April birthstone.

Serpentine Essential Benefits

The serpentine stone is actually one of the best stones in delivering a unique 1-2 punch of guarding against the negativity while pulling in positivity.

This is not the only serpentine benefits that you will get.

In fact, the mainstream of the stones do either one or the other.

For instance, obsidian may do an excellent job of protecting you against any negative energies. Yet, if you want to fill up that void with positivity, you need to bring some other stone to help you.

The opposite may apply as well. For instance, peridot stone. This will bring in positivity, yet will not do much against negativity, which may already be present.

Furthermore, the serpentine stone is one of the distinctive few, which is equally good in protecting against the negative energy while attracting positive energy. More especially if you combine it with the yellow crystals.

This just means that it is a greatly versatile stone and essential for the minimalist crystologist.

This is one of the best stones that you can use in improving your career.

Due to the positive effects on both emotions, people who matter in the field will  see you in a way more positive light. As well as develop an instinctive feeling about you –this is something that matters greatly in almost every field of career.

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