The Power of Sunstone

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The Power of Sunstone

As the name implies, the properties and power of Sunstone are closely connected to the Sun’s energy. This crystal’s positive and bright energy will align your spirit, mind, and body. What’s more, Sunstone is associated with destiny.

Another great thing about Sunstone is that it comes with uplifting qualities that are capable of bringing creativity, passion, and excitement back into your life most especially when you have lost with such feelings.

Would you like to learn more about Sunstone? If yes, then read on.

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The Power of Sunstone: Destiny

Chakra Correspondence

Sunstone is a powerful crystal that can energize, activate, and cleanse all the chakras most especially the solar plexus, base, and sacral.

Physiological Correspondence

Sunstone promotes harmony and balance among the organs in the body. It has the ability to reduce pains associated with joints and muscles. It is also good for the cartilage, throat, autonomous nervous system, and immune system.


Another reason to use Sunstone is that it is holding earthy vibrations that can benefit you in many different ways.

Legendary Power of Sunstone

The ancient lapidaries mention some potent “stones of the sun”, however, the exact identification isn’t possible.

These days, orangey-red Aventurines and translucent, yellow-orange, iridescent volcanic Feldspars are considered Sunstone. In the actual fact, the ancient Greeks perceived Sunstone invigorating. As a magical amulet, Sunstone can attract prosperity and abundance as well as good health. In addition to that, Native Americans utilized this stone in the medicine wheels in order to contact the Great Spirit and attract the sun’s healing rays.

Sunstone, on the other hand, refracts light. Meaning to say, you can use it to find the sun especially during a cloudy day. What’s more, the Vikings are believed to have steered with this stone tied to the mast of the ship. In fact, Sunstone was also found in the graves of ancient Vikings, suggesting that the stone guided the soul beyond death to Valhalla. In addition to that, Sunstone acts as a spiritual compass.

When you place in on your sacral chakra and base chakra, Sunstone will help you in cutting the connections with past sexual partners. It will also get rid of the emotional hooks from the past that are preventing you from entering a new relationship.

Healing Power of Sunstone

Traditionally, Sunstone can lift seasonal affective disorders as well as depression. Keep a piece of this stone in your pocket and then frequently handle it. Full of Qi, Sunstone will revitalize on the psyche as well as the body. It will heal joint and muscle pain, remobilizing your whole body energetically.

It is also worth mentioning that Sunstone is imbued with a yang or male energy and matches the gentle yin or female energy of Moonstone, Sunstone’s sister stone.

You can place these two stones at your base chakra. Sunstone on the right and Moonstone on the left. Doing so will harmonize the female and male currents as the kundalini power lifts to the crown.

It can help in treating a severe sore throat and reduce pain associated with ulcers. Moreover, Sunstone will boost your metabolism by enhancing your digestion.

As a matter of fact, it is also good for stopping nightmares and night terrors.

Transformational Power of Sunstone

Transformational Power of Sunstone

If you are suffering from a lack of self-worth and have lost your enthusiasm for life you can make use of an optimistic sunstone. The good thing about this crystal is that it doesn’t let procrastination and get you back in your direction, introducing a deep consciousness of your value.

When it comes to a codependent relationship, this stone can also help you. if you’re susceptible to being manipulated by other people or constantly sacrifice yourself to the needs of someone else, Sunstone will teach you how to say no and do only what is right. As a stone of self-empowerment, Sunstone will allow your true real self shine.

How to Harness the Powers of Sunstone

One way to harness the amazing powers of this stone is to place it over your solar plexus chakra. This will then eliminate negative memories and emotional conditioning. As a result, you will be able to fulfill your destiny as a joyful child of the sun.


Powered by the sun’s radiance and fire’s strength, Sunstone will bring energy and power from within the earth.

This stone brings the wisdom of your heart in alignment with your mind’s inspiration. Sunstone, on the other hand, is known to entice power of the sun. It will cleanse the chakras from anything that may harm you. This stone will surround you with positive energies and love that you can’t help but be the main source of happiness for everybody around you.

Sunstone is a good luck stone, a protection stone, and an energizing stone in one. It will make you ready for the challenges of life. One more thing, it will strengthen your beliefs that are really worth living.

When you carry or wear a piece of Sunstone you will surely feel like you have the sun right on your shoulder. If you are planning to use Sunstone often, make sure to cleanse and clear it on a regular basis. Keep in mind that the clearing process is very important so that you will be able to make the most out of your Sunstone.

Thank you for reading, we hope that this article has helped you better understand the powers of this remarkable stone.

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