The Healing Crystals for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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The carpal tunnel is situated in the wrists on the underside of your carpal bones and tendons. The flexible sinews of your fingers and the forearm nerve that controls the muscles of the ball of the thumb all run through the carpal tunnel.

The narrowing of your carpal tunnel can be caused by chronic inflammation in the wrist, damage from a sprain, or the undue strain or twisting. The forearm becomes trapped in the carpal tunnel. Consequently, this will lead to feelings of numbness or coldness in the fingers, particularly in the middle and index finger.

You will also experience problems in holding or gripping objects, especially first thing in the morning. Additionally, patients can also suffer pains in the arm at night that can reach right up to their shoulders as well as prickling and pains in the hand.

Even though shaking the hand or massaging gently can help bring relief, this won’t be enough in the long run. If the carpal tunnel syndrome occurs over an extended period, then the muscles of your thumb will considerably shrink over time.

Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs because of inflammation, especially in the cases of rheumatism. Another cause is wrist pain, for instance adopting an awkward body position while using your hand or writing. Also, it can be caused by displaced body equilibrium in connection with a spine problem.

A holistic expert diagnosis should be done. Naturally, if the cause of carpal tunnel syndrome is more of a rheumatic nature, then a course of detoxification is crucial, however, if the cause is more ergonomic in nature, then a holistic body therapy should be done.

Of course, you can also try crystal therapy in easing pains and inflammation associated with carpal tunnel syndrome.

Here are some of the best crystals for healing carpal tunnel syndrome.

Crystals For Healing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Amazonite + Green Tourmaline

This duo is the best healing crystals for sufferers of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Amazonite with its beautiful shades of turquoise green soothes the soul and calm your spirit. Meanwhile, green tourmaline with its powerful vibrational energies channels electrical energies to create wholesome energy of healing.

Both stones help with the cause of carpal tunnel syndrome which is a consequence of an inflammatory state as well as consequences of overstraining.

As a feldspar enriched with lead, Amazonite helps in most kinds of tissue shrinkage. Whereas the green tourmaline helps stimulate the regeneration of the shrunk nerve.

You can wear both crystals as bracelets directly on your wrist. Also, you can just place or fix the stones with a linen bandage on your wrist.

Emerald + Heliotrope + Chrysocolla + Turquoise

Crystals For Healing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Another powerful combination of crystals for carpal tunnel syndrome is emerald, heliotrope, turquoise, and chrysocolla. Each stone is helpful when inflammation and or rheumatism are the causes of your carpal tunnel syndrome.

In addition, all four crystals are powerful detoxifying crystals. They help in help in neutralizing and eliminating toxins from the body, while stimulating blood flow. Not only that, but they also help in relieving pain from inflammation, making it more bearable.

You can make a bracelet using these four crystals and wear them on extended periods in order to experience relief and healing from carpal tunnel syndrome. In addition, it is also possible to take a gem essence of these 4 crystals or gem water throughout the day.

Sugilite + Lavender Jade + Dumortierite + Amber

Lavender Jade

Sugilite, Lavender Jade, Dumortierite, and Amber are another great combination of healing carpal tunnel syndrome. These crystals mainly help with carpal tunnel syndrome because of bad body posture and sprains, both of which cause the symptomatic mechanical narrowing of your carpal tunnel.

In particular, dumortierite is good in this case since its rapid pain-relieving effect provides instant relief while also helps in getting rid of bad posture habits. Not only that, but it also balanced your whole body along with providing emotional calmness and ease.

Like the rest, you can wear these crystals as bracelet or just affix them onto your wrist with a bandage. Or you can drink a combined gem essence from these crystals throughout the day.

Final Thoughts

Carpal tunnel syndrome can be a painful and frustrating condition where you can’t use your hands to the fullest. However, by being mindful of the causes and taking the necessary precautions and holistic treatments, you can enjoy a pain-free wrist you can move around without limits.

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