The Healing Crystals for Broken Bones

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Would you like to learn more about the different crystals for healing broken bones? If yes, then you should read this article until the end.

A broken bone occurs when one of your bones is broken into several pieces or cracked. It is also called fracture and can result from accidents, a sports injury, or violent trauma. In general, broken bones are not life-threatening, however, they do require immediate medical care.

Some of the following symptoms and signs of broken bones include:

  • Heavy bleeding at the injury site
  • Bone protruding through the skin
  • Bluish color, bruising, swelling, or visible deformity
  • Numbness in the injured area
  • Intense pain that gets worse when moving the injured area

Most broken bones are treated with a brace, splint, or a cast. This keeps a broken bone from moving while it heals. During the first few days after the bones broke, the body starts to form a blood clot around the fracture in order to protect it and deliver the needed cells for healing. Then, the area of healing tissue forms around the broken bones. It helps joins the broken bones together.

New bones form in the weeks or months after a break, however, full healing usually takes longer.

In order to help your bone heal well, your will need to rest and do any exercises that your doctor recommends, take care of the splint or cast as well as eating a healthy diet which includes plenty of vitamin D and calcium. In addition, you should consider crystal therapy in order to support the healing process

Here are some of the best crystals for healing broken bones.

Crystals For Healing Broken Bones


Crystals For Healing Broken Bones

Apatite is a dual-active stone, known for its positive influence over personal power in order to achieve goals. It is a crystal composed of the mineral phosphate that makes up the bones and teeth of all vertebrate animals. This is why it is our top healing crystal for broken bones.

Apatite, regardless of the color, stimulates the healing of broken bones. IT does so effectively that it shouldn’t be used if the bone has not been set properly or it can lead to long-lasting deformations and problems.

Thus, it is crucial that you only use apatite when the X-rays have established that your broken bones are in the right position. Since Apatite heals the broken bones at a faster degree, the parts start to grow again almost twice as fast as usual.

Again, this is thought to be because of the fact that apatite is chemically a form of phosphate and calcium which is similar to the human bone composition, triggering the appropriate growth impulse.

Apatite can be placed on the affected area. Or you can take 5 – 9 drops of apatite essence, 5 times a day. Or drink 200 -300ml apatite water over the course of the day.



Made up of calcium carbonate, calcite with its beautiful black and white stripes symbolizes cleansing. Like Apatite, calcite with its mineral content further the healing of broken bones. Although it is not as effective or intense as Apatite.

Calcite stimulates calcium metabolism, which has a positive influence on bone growth. To use calcite, you can just fix a tumbled calcite crystal as close to the fracture as possible. However, if the plaster or cast is too thick and getting in the way of healing, you can just take a calcite gem essence for extra treatment.

Sugilite + Obsidian + Kunzite

Crystals For Healing Broken Bones

The trio of sugilite, obsidian, and kunzite helps in relieving pain while also healing injured nerves and tissues as well as bruising. These 3 crystals can also help encourage the healing process of the bone.

You can use each crystal individually, placing them in the affected area. Or you can wear all three as pieces of jewelry near the fracture. Doing so will allow you to take advantagefrom its vibrational energies.

Tourmaline + Rhodonite

Crystals For Healing Broken Bones

Rhodonite, known as the stone of gentle healing, is popular for its powerful vibrational energies in healing pains of the heart. However, rhodonite is a powerful crystal that also deals with intense bruising from broken bones and the pain associated with it.

Meanwhile, tourmaline is a protective stone that can be applied if an injury to the nerve is suspected with symptoms of temporary paralysis and numbness.

Both stones are a powerful combo that helps heal broken bones through the healing of other painful aftereffects.

Final Thoughts

With the right treatment, broken bones usually heal well. With proper diet, enough rest, expert medical intervention as well as healing crystal therapy, you can get back to doing all the things you did before breaking your bones.

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