Facts About Ammonite: Meanings, Properties, and Benefits

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Ammonite –a very potent earth healing fossil. The spiral shape that it has may symbolize the incessant evolution and change. The ammonites have engrossed with them cosmic energy overages and these assist in stimulating the life force or chi within. Further, ammonites are frequently used for the activation of kundalini and the energies of the life path. This is also frequently recommended in putting in the home, in order to attract success, prosperity, and health. This stone also draws off all the negative energies. You can think of it as a filter, drawing in the dense energies that are not necessary anymore, moving them into the spirals, as well as releasing them as loving, positive life force energies. In this article, we will discuss some more interesting facts about ammonite, including its benefits. Read on to learn more about these!

Facts About Ammonite: Meanings & Properties

Ammonite or ammonite the fossil is now inexistent. The ammonite is actually a shelled cephalopod, commonly looking as if in a spiral, coiled shape. The annihilation of the ammonites has coincided with the dinosaurs’ extinction. The ammonites inhabited the oceans of the world and now appear to be fossils in the marine rocks.

Due to the wide distribution and rapid evolution, the ammonite fossils give a beneficial tool for the indexing and dating rocks. It is thought that the first discus utilized by the ancient Greeks in the Olympics was actually a fossilized ammonite. Additionally, in India, ammonite fossils are recognized with god Vishnu and are utilized in different ceremonies. They are collected mostly in Nepal, from the River Gandaki where it actually cuts into the Jurassic sediments. The fossils are well known as the shaligram shila. The term ammonite comes from the word Ammon –an Egyptian god that took the ram form. The ammonites are the same in appearance to that of a ram’s horn.

In appearance, the ammonites may be distinguished by their shape that looks like a coil, having a wide mouth. Additionally, the chambered part of the shell is known as the phragmocone. It has a series of gradually larger chambers, known as camerae, which are subdivided by septa. Only the largest and last chamber, which is the body chamber was being occupied by the living animal at any moment. As it grew, it adds larger and newer chambers to the coil’s open end.

This fossil is often associated with the ammolite –a rare gem. Further, this is cut from the fossilized shells of the ammonites and is found just in Alberta, Canada. With a wide variety of dazzling patterns and colors. Let us now move on to the amazing ammonite valuable benefits!

Reasons Why You Should Use Ammonite

There are lots of reasons why you should use ammonite. In fact, it has a link to perfection, wisdom, and knowledge. It can also hold the vibrations of the universe and its energies. Commonly, it’s utilized by Feng Shui experts and crystal healers for them to create personal awakening. This may also show how someone can compliment their surroundings both on spiritual and physical levels.

The energies that this stone has is also essential for you to better understand the series of creation. It is also a protective stone, which may work via the root chakra. When it comes to good luck, fortune, and prosperity, ammonite may help in accomplishing a deep serious state.

Ammonite Essential Benefits

One of the best facts about ammonite is that it has so many benefits. Some of which, we will discuss in this section:

For Health & Healing

Physically, ammonite is amazing for anything, which needs clarity and structure, relieving birth trauma, which interferes with the flow of energy. The stone is also ideal being an earth healing stone. Further, it’s also beneficial for the overall longevity and well-being, labor pains, tinnitus, osteomyelitis, cell metabolism, and depression. This stabilizes the pulse and overwhelms the degenerative conditions. Also, it supports the inner ear and the cranium, limbs, and lungs.

For Wealth

On a psychological level, the ammonite may stimulate the survival instincts and the knowledge that you may get there if you persist. Moreover, this fossil may encourage you in seeking and achieving personal power in life. The stone is also exceptionally fortunate and it’s recommended that you keep one at home to bring health, happiness, vitality, and wealth. When it’s placed in your business premise, it may promote beneficial business dealings.

For Love & Relationships

The ammonite may bring about an energy circulation, making you feel even more stable, grounded, and protected in life. Furthermore, this may also do the same to whatever space that the stone is placed. The energies of this stone may also provide you with stability that is dynamic. The ammonite stone may also convert all the energies, which you receive in positivity and love.

Final Say

Based on the facts about ammonite we have above, there is no doubt, it is such a great stone, which comes with a lot of benefits. If you’re looking forward to having one, it will be a difficult journey to take. Why? Well, this stone is very rare that you cannot find it readily available in shops. You need to visit a specialized gemstone shop to get one, and these shops are often rare too.

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