The Power of Stibnite

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The Power of Stibnite

Have you ever heard about the power of Stibnite and shaman? If yes, then that’s good, but if no, you’re in the right place.

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About Stibinite

Stibnite is a metaphysical tool that is beneficial for stability. In fact, this stone is known for its remarkable energies and powers that are capable of inducing transformation. The effects of Stibnite reflect on a huge scale in one’s life whether in areas of health, love, and spirituality.

Stibnite, on the other hand, is mainly found in China. However, there are also Stibnite stones in other places such as South Africa, Romania, Japan, and Brazil. When it comes to rarity, Stibnite is a quite common stone. Also, it is silver and grey in color and may get the shade of metallic grey that is fairly more on the black side. Stibnite has thin and long shards that are spreading out from the body in striated patterns.

There are many reasons why you should consider using the Stibnite. If you want to know more about its properties and powers, then keep on reading.

The Power of Stibnite: The Shaman

Chakra Correspondence

Stibnite is a strong transformation that can activate and help align all your chakras. But this stone is predominantly associated with the soma, solar plexus, sacral, and base chakras.

Physiological Correspondence

Stibnite can help in the recovery and treatments from stomach disorders, esophagus problems, and infections. Moreover, it is good for the eyes, treating cold sores, and cellular memory.


Stibnite holds lower worldly, earthy, and extraterrestrial vibration. But it is worth mentioning that the vibration of this stone will require a huge deal of your attention and focus.

However, its stimulating vibration will improve your own courage and make you courageous in terms of expressing your true feelings. As a matter of fact, the vibration of Stibnite attracts the right person to you.

Legendary Power of Stibnite

Stibnite will facilitate the separation of the subtle body from the physical. With that in mind, your personal consciousness can go traveling.

In the actual fact, ancient shamans see Stibnite as making an interface that has the multidimensional planes of being. Shamans used this stone as a portal in order to pass between the lower and upper realms where power animals and spirits dwell.

During the ancient period, this compound of antimony as well as sulfur melted at a low temperature. However, made an indissoluble, magical, and untarnishable bond for invaluable metals. In fact, you can combine it to make alloys like pewter. What’s more, the most magical power of this stone established when redeeming gold from the base matrix that seized it confined.

Stibnite, on the other hand, was the basis for Kohl. It is an eye beautifying that was more than a beauty improver. According to Dioscorides, an ancient Greek physician Stibnite was positioned in a lump of dough and then baked in the fire until it lessened to a cinder.

Milk and wine were both poured through the cinder in order to cool it. From pulverized to power, you can apply it to the eyes to protect against the sun and more importantly, prevent visual diseases.

One more thing, prophet Mohammed is apparent to have said that Stibnite can make the hair sprout and clear the vision. It will break through illusions allowing you to perceive the spiritual realism of All That Is.

Healing Power of Stibnite

Even though it is used as a medication sometimes, Stibnite or also called Antimony, shouldn’t be taken orally since it is poisonous.

As of the moment, you can still use the stone to let go of the entity’s possession, particularly by shadow or extraterrestrial energies that deplete well-being. Stibnite, a protective armor against energetic assault from other realms will form a one-way portal to block an entity that doesn’t belong in this galaxy. When it comes to a tie-cutting ceremony, Stibnite will remove the hold past partners might have taught you to say no.

This stone will release old belief patterns and cords that may have locked you into the past, dissolving firmness so that you will be able to move forward.

Transformational Power of Stibnite

If you want to attract the energies of wolf and facilitate a journey with this power animal, hold a piece of Stibnite on your soma chakra. This stone will reassure you that you’re free from any danger in every moment.

Stibnite lets you transit the shamanic worlds safely for karmic healing as well as soul retrieval. This will then dissolve the barriers that are built before and open you to love and trust. Furthermore, it will highlight the soul-learning gifts that you inherent in your experiences and activate your shamanic power.

As mentioned, Stibnite is toxic, so make sure to handle it with care and thoroughly wash your hands after use.

How to Harness the Powers of Stibnite

If you want to call your power animal and offer a protective armor when journeying out of the body, consider holding a piece of Stibnite. Take note, this is beneficial if you are traversing the astral realms.


If you want to observe the force of Stibnite, there’s just one thing that you need to do FOCUS. You need to believe the Stibnite will help you in achieving all that you’ve ever dreamed about. However, this is only possible if your brain is wired to think about your goals consistently. We hope that you have learned a lot from this article.

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