Shaman Stones: Meanings, Properties, and Benefits

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Shaman stones –are crystals, which come in pairs: one male stone and one female stone. These amazingly high energy stones also assists you in balancing the male to female energies. They also have strong metaphysical attributes for the spiritual growth, and may assist you in overcoming deep-seated fear. This is essentially important when you do some out-of-the-body voyages, since they’re powerful psychic protection stones, and may prevent any negative entities from attaching themselves through you. Being beneficial stones that assists when you’re doing some shamanic journeys, the name of the stone may come from this particular aspect of the energy. In this article, we will discuss some more interesting facts about shaman stones including their benefits. Read on to learn more about these!

Meanings and Properties

Shaman stones are greatly energetic stones, which are famous for their own healing and grounding powers. The stones, so much like the Boji stones that are used in pairs of female and male stones, may represent the spiritual and intuitive growth, material success, physical healing, and personal transformation.

The shaman stones are actually of round shape and may appear in concretion forms and are composed of sandstone, which has iron oxide coating that gives them their chocolate brown or dark brown color. The stones are most commonly found in the central and western parts of North America, just like in Colorado, Arizona, Utah, as well as in Panama.

Although the shaman stones have so many other names, which include the moqui balls, Navajo cherries, mocha balls, Indian marbles, and thunderballs, the name shaman may come from the shamanic energy that provides an access to the good and evil spirits.

As we said above, the shaman stones are concretions, composed of a different minerals, which have shaped into a shape of a ball naturally, with no human involvement. They’re brown, having a natural round shape, and the size they have may range from small ones (1/2 inch) up to a bigger ones (2 inches across).

We will discuss some amazing shaman stones benefits later in this article. So if you want to learn more about these, keep on reading this article!

Reasons to Use It

The shaman stones possess some greatly prevailing properties that may help in bringing spiritual and emotional transformation in life. They might also be beneficial for you when you’re rigid emotionally and find it difficult to accept some other people’s feelings, specifically when they clash with your own feelings.

Similarly, if you find it difficult to balance your own emotions and keep them in check, the shaman stones might make your own emotions lesser volatile by way of giving you the emotional stability that you need. Aside from this, the shaman stones may also assist you in breaking free of restrictions and self-enforced chains of mental and emotional nature.

Furthermore, the shaman stones are also greatly effective in creating a balance in your male to female energies with the strong vibration that they have. When fears aren’t letting you to live your own life freely, you can use the shaman stones in overcoming some of the most deep-seated fears, just like the fear of after life or death.

In this world full of those who root for you to fail secretly, using these stones may ensure the path stays clear of any secret enemies or fake friends. If you frequently end up in various dangerous situations, utilizing these stones might give you a protection from whatever negative entity that may try to attach itself into you.

By way of placing these stones at the third eye chakra, the clairvoyance and the sixth sense are improved. This may assist you in making more beneficial and wiser choices, more especially with regards to the future. Let us now move on to the shaman stones benefits!

Shaman Stones Essential Benefits

Popular for their own healing powers, the shaman stones may assist you with a lot of physical illnesses when used properly. When you’re suffering from digestion issues, these stones can be your go-to stones as they may relieve issues, which relate to the digestive system. Due to the fact that the shaman stones may possess powers in aligning the chakras, using them may help in energizing the body and make it feel so much stronger.

This is the reason why these stones are the best tool when you’re feeling so lazy and so unproductive and you want to get all the energy back. The shaman stones are also beneficial in boosting the immunity and make it more resilient and much stronger against any internal and external attacks.

The shaman stones have also been used for so long, especially in slowing down the process of aging and in renewing cells so they may help you in looking much younger and more vibrant for many years. If you’ve been facing some growth-related issues, these stones may also be the solutions since they might heal illnesses, which relate to the thyroid gland and may stimulate the growth hormones production.

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