The Power of Labradorite

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The Power of Labradorite

If you are looking to develop your spiritual vision, then Labradorite is the perfect crystal for you. In fact, the clarity of visions that this stone invites are popular in New Age circles. Labradorite, on the other hand, is a dreamer’s crystal. Also, its spiritual properties and meanings center around that. Would you like to know more about the power of Labradorite? If so, then check out this article.

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The Power of Labradorite: Spiritual Vision

Chakra Correspondence

Labradorite is connected to the third eye chakra that is associated with intuition, intellect, and insight. Moreover, this chakra is connected to the mind psychic capabilities, dreams, ideas, and thoughts.

Labradorite also spread-out a predominant blue stone light that is primarily though thought to kindle your throat chakra. This chakra is the voice of the body that will allow other chakras to sustain their health and express themselves.

Further, the golden labradorite will help in opening the body’s lower chakras while performing magical practices and ceremonies.

Physiological Correspondence

Labradorite can help treat liver, brain, and eye disorders. This stone can address hormone imbalances and regulate metabolism. It can even help the spleen, stomach, gallbladder, adrenal glands, and neurotransmitters.


Depending on the type of labradorite, it holds a vibration ranging from high to extremely high. The good thing about its vibration is that it can offer you a powerful protection against negative energies or negativity.

Legendary Power of Labradorite

Legendary Power of Labradorite

Labradorite is dubbed as the crystal of remarkable spiritual power. To help you in preparing your physical body for the process of expansion, this stone will anchor the light body in position and connect to the highest energy in the universe as it opens spiritual vision.

Furthermore, standing at the vibrational intersection of matter and spirit, this protective stone will make an interface that aids metaphysical working.

Labradorite will let you monitor what exactly is going on in other energy fields without taking on a condition from that field and entering.

By blocking the projection of other people, Labradorite will get rid of mental as well as other hooks from your own aura. Also, it prevents energy leakage and vampirization by discarnate spirits.

The intuitive wisdom of Labradorite will balance rationality and analysis with perspective insight and inner knowing. The stone goes to the core of matters and will bring up bottled-up problems for resolutions. Another great thing about the Labradorite is that it will banish fear, particularly that one that is caused by subconscious memories of having suffered in previous lives since you’re psychic.

Healing Power of Labradorite


To cure migraines as well as eye ailments that take place from blocked psychic power, you need to place the stone over your third eye chakra.

At a physical level, Labradorite stone rested in the deep in the back part of the skull may help in regulating hormonal balance and metabolism. It even relieves PMS.

On the other hand, crystal workers are using this crystal to cure inflammatory conditions like gout and rheumatism. When placed over the higher heart chakra, Labradorite may lower blood pressure and offer protection against colds. It also acts as a witness in distant radionic treatment.

Transformational Power of Labradorite

Labradorite will open spiritual pathways as well as attune you to the purpose of the soul in incarnating. The stone will link you to the greater part of your soul that’s outside incarnation thus you will be able to obtain assistance from the source.

The golden-yellow Labradorite will activate the third eye chakra and allow you to access the highest level of awareness. It even facilitates all types of metaphysical working.

If you’re not properly dependent on something or someone, golden-yellow labradorite will help you in detaching and standing on your personal power.

The extremely fine resonance of spectrolite will protect your soul no matter where it will journey. Labradorite will also detach thought forms from the aura. If you have elected to transform through a tough challenging situation, this stone is useful since it will connect you to the support and guidance of your highest self.

Velvet Labradorite or Violet Hypersthene brings emotional toxicity and anger to the surface for transformation and helps you in dealing with your deepest fears.

One more thing, labradorite is a great companion for journeying the lower world.

How to Harness the Powers of Labradorite

To harness the power of this stone, hold a labradorite on your crown chakra to recalibrate and align the subtle etheric and physical bodies to energies with higher frequencies to protect you from a detrimental external influence.


Labradorite is an extremely beneficial crystal since it can help with your spiritual, physical, and emotional healing.

It is also an excellent companion that can assist in your journeys of self-discovery. This will improve your intuitions and activate your psychic abilities.

Labradorite balances and clears your aura so that you will be able to attract the best type of energies continuously. The stone will offer you with perception and clarity for what lies ahead for you.

What this stone wants you to remember is that there is a necessity to become more respectful, faithful, patient, and trusting at all times.

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