The Healing Crystals for Psychic Protection

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Are you looking for the best crystals for psychic protection? If yes, then you should check out this article for more details.

Feeling the need for protection arises when arguments, conflicts, negative situations, contrary influence, apparent coercion, unfortunate experiences, and the action of others have such an overwhelming effect that your energies don’t seem enough to handle it all.

Problems of personal space in large crowns, along with technological radiation or electromagnetic pollution and influences can also result in the feelings of an increased need for protection.

So, while protection may be necessary at specific times or certain moments, it is by no means a long-term solution. Rather, it is crucial to find the solution to conflicts or problems at a casual level. This involves working on personal stability, resolution of conflicts, avoiding negative external influences, and can be achieved by staying calm while expressing your point of view in an open-minded manner.

In addition, it also means obtaining knowledge of any spiritual or physical connection in order for you to have greater control over areas of conflict and no longer feel like a victim of external circumstances.

Such internal protection can only be obtained through personal individual abilities and energy. However, in some circumstances, this can be developed through instruction, and with the help of a therapist. Until then, crystal therapy can also help in protecting you against external influences. Although used as the sole remedy, crystals tend to have a rather weakening effect in the long term.

Crystal therapy is never intended to create dependence. With the said, a distinction is made between the shielding crystals which protects you against external influence, and the strengthening crystals, helping you obtain stability and develop your skills.

Here are some of the best crystals for psychic protection.

Crystals For Psychic Protection


crystals for psychic protection

Agate can encourage the development of your strengths and abilities. The agates with concentric rings or known as the Eye agate, in particular, can help improve your inner concentration and boost centering.

This results in a higher degree of stability when dealing with external influences and helps in maintaining a point of view during arguments. Thus, agates help build internal protection using your energies.



Obsidian used in the form of a polished or tumbled stone, acts as a mirror to reflect the negative technological and mental influences or pollutions of all kinds.

You simply need to place the stone close to windows and locations where the negative influence is suspected to be or felt. Point it in the direction of the source of the power, according to your feelings, or after taking actual scientific measurements.

We don’t recommend wearing obsidian on the body since it can create feelings of disquiet and inner turmoil.


crystals for psychic protection

Serpentine offers a protective effect in situations where you might feel uncomfortable in crowds and in cases of psychic attacks or verbal aggression. This potent stone can create external protection.

However, it should not be worn for too long. It’s because it can make you too compliant and ready to compromise for the sake of quiet time. Serpentine is best worn as a necklace or pendant. Also, you can hold it in your hand as a tumbled stone. Alternatively, you can place this crystal on your solar plexus, the kidneys, or throat, depending upon where the external threat is felt.



Turquoise also offers initial external protection. But it then offers inner protection as it dissipated any tendencies to give in and boosting your courage and strength to take matters into your hands. This is why it has a more comprehensive effect than serpentine.

This beautiful light blue stone is best worn as a pendant or necklace is worn on your solar plexus. But try not to wear it for too long to avoid it coming too much of a habit.

Black Tourmaline

The black tourmaline is one potent crystal of protection. It helps in making you less prone to negative external influences, whether it is psychological, emotional, or physical. With this stone, you can avoid direct resistance and simply allowing energetic and spiritual effects to flow through.

Not only that, but it also removes any obstacles in your energy pathways. One more thing, it can make internal protection by inducing a state of unassailability. Black tourmaline is also the premier stone of protection against electronic pollution and radiation.

You can wear this crystal as a pendant or necklace or carry it in your pockets. You can also keep one on your work desk or table to shield you against negative electronic energies.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz

The stone of cooperation is another potent psychic protector. The smoky quartz can transmute unlimited negative energy, making it one of the best for psychic and spiritual protection. This stone can dissolve negative energy fields that are caused by a thought such as resentment and anger before grounding them back to the earth.

Although it has a gentle essence, the smoky quartz can help shield you from detrimental forces as well as electromagnetic smog and radiation. You can simply wear smoky quartz as a pendant or necklace or keep it in your pocket at all times.

Final Thoughts

Whether you need protection against psychic attacks and manipulation or attract negative emotional energy, the above-mentioned crystals can help. Take note, however, that these crystals are not for long-term protection. Thus, solving your issues at a causal level should be your priority.

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