The Power of Orange Kyanite

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The Power of Orange Kyanite

Orange kyanite is a great tool to use to improve all kinds of creativity, whether it be the way you work with others, in making art, or any other place where creative thinking is necessary. But aside from the power of creativity, this stone has a lot more to offer. Read on to learn more about the power of orange kyanite.

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The Power of Orange Kyanite: Creativity

Chakra Correspondence

Orange kyanite is capable of energizing and aligning all the chakras. For instance, this stone works with the sacral chakra to increase and boost your self-esteem as well as communication skills.

Also, if your earth star chakra is out of balance, there is a higher possibility that you will feel disconnected to the Earth and persons around you. This will then result in hallucinations and anxiety. Fortunately, orange kyanite is known to be beneficial in the earth star chakra.

Physiological Correspondence

Healers are using orange kyanite to help with the treatment for disorders in the throat, brain, blood, and muscular systems. It will also help in regulating motor function and blood pressure.


Orange Kyanite is a high vibrational stone. As a matter of fact, this stone will help you in increasing your vibrations.

Legendary Power of Orange Kyanite

Originated from Tanzania, orange kyanite looks like crystallized sunshine as well as fizzes with energy. This stone will potentize your manifestation capabilities and personal creative powers.

When it comes to the color, it comes from manganese whereas the gold scales are mica that radiates and refines high-frequency energies.

This vibrant variety of kyanite will ground ideas in the day-to-day world. As a matter of fact, all kyanites are great transmitters and amplifiers of energy, but the orange one will reach an extremely high vibration helping you to dig deeper into your psyche to look for and release a fundamental connection behind creative and karmic blockages.

On the other hand, orange kyanite allows you to look within to discover the roots of your pleasure as well as passion.

It will also energize your sacral chakra, the center of acceptance, and procreation of yourself as a sexual being, bringing more success to your creative endeavors of any kind. Keep in mind that if this chakra is blocked, it will result in a sense of inferiority and low self-esteem that might be hidden behind general sluggishness, jealousy, cruelty, and pomposity.

Infertility as well as incapacity to put a plan into an action signifies that hooks from others most especially from a sexual encounter might be blocking the sacral chakra. Fortunately, orange kyanite will energetically detach these and at the same time heals the site.

The stone will also infuse, open, and cleanse all the chakras with light. Orange kyanite opens the psychic channels, brings spiritual energy, and facilitates higher attunement,

It is also worth mentioning that negativity can’t stick to kyanite. It will let go karmic blockages holding you back particularly such arising from previous-life beliefs and sexual experiences.

Healing Power of Orange Kyanite

healing power of orange kyanite

To dissolve underlying diseases, you can apply orange kyanite to the organs and meridians of your belly. Some of the diseases that can be cured are intestinal dysfunction, liver problems, allergies, infertility, diabetes, impotence, PMS, and muscle cramps.  It also heals urinary infections, irritable bowel, and chronic back pain.

Orange kyanite, on the other hand, will aid in revealing the hidden causes of eating disorders and addictions, reprogramming your brain to have more functional approaches to the body.

By seeing dysfunctional patterns, you are more capable of releasing and dissolving them. With this stone, you will be able to open and clear your sexuality in healthy ways allowing you to explore and at the same time enjoy your sexuality in a creative and joyful way.

Transformational Power of Orange Kyanite

Orange Kyanite

With the help of orange kyanite, you will be able to work from higher levels of creativity since you’re in touch with the manifestation forces of the universe. You’ll need to program your body in order to operate in the day-to-day world with the maximum effect but minimum effort.

Literally, with orange kyanite, you will be able to a make a new world.

How to Harness the Powers of Orange Kyanite

To make the most out of this stone, place your orange kyanite over your sacral chakra for 5 minutes every day. By doing this, you will become a more confident, creative, and assertive person who will take pleasure not only in life but love as well.

Furthermore, with orange kyanite in hand, consider meditating to tune into the incident where your power was inhibited with wounding and sexual manipulation.


Orange kyanite is certainly more than meets the eye. As a matter of fact, it is not only an attractive stone but a powerful one as well.

Aside from making you a creative person, it will also open your body and clear its communication center. What’s more, it holds a light energy that makes your soul, heart, and mind lighter.

Orange kyanite will balance your chakra and bring tranquility toward your life. Keep in mind that this stone is great to have since it is always balanced and gentle.

Thank you for reading, hopefully, you’ve learned a lot from this article.

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