The Healing Crystals for Period Pain

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Don’t want to suffer from period pains and cramps? This article recommends using some of the best crystals for healing period pain.

For most females, menstruation is usually accompanied by weakness, pain, charged emotional states, and other forms of discomforts. These problems can be caused by hormonal disturbances such as irregularities in the individual hormonal cycles, heavy bleeding, problems associated with the mucus membranes of the uterus, and so forth.

Of course, there are also emotional problems and reasons at play. Among these can be the general psychological rejection of the menstruation cycle and process itself.

Women have sometimes been known to refer to it all as uncomfortable, disgusting, and annoying. However, to some degree, there can also be problems with the family or partner, with feelings about overall femininity and womanliness, with sex, ideological attitudes, and religious beliefs.

Thus, repeated strong menstruation problems or the so-called period pains along with the emotional causes should be discussed with the therapist or among experienced women. As mentioned already, each case is an individual one, needing an individual solution.

So, there can be several causes, including the possible association with the lunar cycle and the consequent interaction between the menstruation cycles and the moon. Whatever the symptoms, causes, and effects can all be relieved with crystal therapy.

Here are some of the best crystals for healing period pain. 

Crystals For Healing Period Pain


 crystals for healing period pain

Moonstone is the primary stone that people can use for matters of the woman’s body. This gentle and soothing stone can help bring your menstruation cycle into line with the lunar cycle. This way, your ovulation takes place at a full moon and your menstruation starts at the new moon. Through this harmony of interior and exterior rhythms, tensions are broken down and your menstruation and period pains are greatly eased.

Emotionally, this crystal can help you accept your femininity and to live with it with positivity and enjoyment. To use moonstone, you simply need to place a tumbled stone in your bed or wear it as a pendant or necklace for several lunar cycles.



The agate crystals that contain a uterus signature can help in relieving the unusually heavy bleeding and eases discomfort. Not only that, but its vibrational energies can also provide emotional stability and strength.

Agate also supports the desire for rest and withdrawal, which helps create the necessary space for this need. To use agate in healing period pains, you simply need to place a slice or section of the crystal containing an appropriate signature directly on your body over the uterus.


 crystals for healing period pain

This potent crystal can help from the point at which menstrual discomfort first appears, all the way through to the feelings of strong pain. Such period pain can be experienced sometime before the menstruation and often become worse, before subsiding with the actual onset of the period.

The biotite-lenses crystal can help relieve such problems and cause an easier and faster commencement of menstruation. To use this crystal, you only need to place a tumbled stone directly on the area over your uterus.

Lapis Lazuli

 crystals for healing period pain

This blue crystal can extend the menstruation cycle if it regularly starts too early. On an emotional level, the lapis lazuli crystal can also help you cope with any issues or problems occurring within the family or with your partner.

By doing so, it helps in opening discussions of the problems and finds the best solution to solving the issues. This is why it is best that you wear lapis lazuli as a pendant or necklace to facilitate healing on an emotional level.



This potent crystal is popular for relieving cramps and pains and encouraging the start of any delayed bleeding. Not only that, but it also helps regulates your hormone and is suitable for both short, heavy bleeding and the extended but light bleeding.

On an emotional level, malachite can assist in any issues associated with your femininity or sexuality. It can bring out into the open your most repressed feelings and experiences with which you have not yet come to terms with. By doing so, it can help you identify the issues that are best talked over with another individual in whom you have full confidence.

In practical applications, you simply need to place a polished or tumbled stone on the area over the uterus. Alternatively, you can take 7 – 9 drops of malachite gem essence whenever necessary.



Zircon mainly deals with the strong period pains and cramps and is particularly useful when menstruation seems delayed and if expected menstruation does not occur. Emotionally, this potent crystal can help you let go and overcome personal loss or dependence.

To use this crystal, you simply need to place a zircon crystal on the area over our uterus where it will induce a strong effect. Due to its potency, applications of this crystal should not really exceed at least half an hour.

Final Thoughts

Menstruation is the most dreaded time of the month for most women as it usually means period cramps, pains, and other emotional disturbances. However, with the best crystals for healing periods pains mentioned above, you can get relief from typical symptoms and discomfort of the menstrual cycle.

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