The Power of Nuummite

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The Power of Nuummite

Nuummite is believed to be one of the oldest minerals in the world. As a matter of fact, it has been around for 3 billion years. Aside from its long existence, the beauty of this stone is amazing. However, if you haven’t seen a Nuummite yet, it is a beautiful black crystal that has flashes of lively shimmering sprays that remind you of a firework or meteor shower. What’s more, this stone carries the power of void, that holds strong magic to be utilized with the right intention and respect. Read on to learn more about the power of Nuummite.

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The Power of Nuummite: Void

Chakra Correspondence

Nuummite harmoniously works with the chakras and help higher communication with your guardian angels and spirit guides.

If your earth star chakra is out of balance you might feel disconnected not only to the earth but to the persons around you. Actually, if this scenario happens, you may be suffering from anxiety and hallucinations from unknown origins.

On the other hand, if your soul star chakra is also out of balance you might feel confused about where you’re going in life.

Physiological Correspondence

Nuummite can help in the treatment of eyes, kidneys, and limbic brain. It will also support your reproductive, nervous, and cellular systems.

One more thing, this stone facilitates the subtle auric body and the regulation of insulin.


This stone has an earthy and powerful grinding vibration that will surely keep you right where you are, regardless of how chaotic or crazy your life gets.

With its vibration, you will receive protection from those who are pulling you down, from unresolved emotions that lurk you to raid you of the joy and happiness that you’re meant to have, from situations that will test your limitations.

Legendary Power of Nuummite

Legendary Power of Nuummite

In ancient creation mythologies, the matter is innate out of the formless, void space existing before the material world.

According to the mythical perception of Solomon, it was the spirit of Sophia who fashioned everything signifying that awareness brought the world into being. What’s more, it’s the Wisdom who knows the things of old and supposes the things to come.

Nuummite directly connects to the power of void as well as its unending possibilities for regeneration and creation. It will teach you that you should value the dark place where everything compost and arise again.

Traditionally, the stone of the sorcerer, the iridescent surface of Nuummite gives off magical vibes connecting to the metaphysical world. Nuummite will help you to travel safely through the worlds of the intuitive and universal mind to inner consciousness.

It will turn back curses and let go of the soul from psychic manipulation, karmic entanglements, and mental imprints.

Healing Power of Nuummite


Nuummite is one of the best stones that you can use in healing the etheric blueprint. It will also cut out emotional, mental, and karmic diseases that may psychosomatically manifest.

By aligning the physical and subtle bodies, Nuummite will get rid of energetic implants and cure auric weakness. In fact, crystal workers can also use it for psychic surgery on energy blockages as well as karmic debris.

The stone will amend the mental causes of insomnia and protect the soul during sleep. By regenerating the limbic system of the brain and its cellular structures, Nuummite may aid degenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s Disease.

When positioned on the back of your neck, Nuummite will clear tension headaches. Also, when put it through your pancreas, the stone can regulate the flow of insulin. But if your goal is to balance heat flow and energy in your body, place the stone on the triple burner meridian.

Nuummite will also purify the blood and improve mental activity as well as memory. It can even reduce stress anxiety and enhance speech.

Transformational Power of Nuummite

If you used your power in this life or another inappropriately, Nuummite will teach you how to utilize it correctly. This stone will cut to your core and make you again, teaching you to honor the darkness consisting of your spiritual light.

Nuummite will bring you to the point of equilibrium where darkness and light complement each other and harmonize. Also, it will remind you to pay your dues and do what is only necessary. In that way, you will be able to maintain spiritual balance.

How to Harness the Powers of Nuummite

When harnessing the powers and energies of Nuummite one way to do this is to meditate with it. Meditating with this crystal will allow you to recognize your debts from the past and cut away everything that is manipulative and outgrown.


The moment you start to work with the powers and energies of this amazing stone, you’ll realize why Nuummite encourages your spiritual development.

Within this dark crystal is a magical and mystical vibration of the Earth that you can always rely on any time you need it.

Nuummite, on the other hand, will inspire manifestation and increase good luck by improving positive synchronicities in your life.

Nevertheless, Nuummite is an interesting and a powerful crystal to have. Take note, you need to have it in your hands so that you will be able to make the most out of its power.

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