The 13 Best and Most Powerful Crystals For Love

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Love is better experienced than defined. And using crystals for love can enhance these experiences with love. Whether you want to attract love into your love, nurture a deeper intimate relationship, express self-love or heal from a broken heart and move forward, the right crystals for love will support your intention and allow love to fill and surround your daily life. So, here are some of the best and most powerful crystals for love you should try.

The 13 Crystals For Love

1. Rose Quartz

Considered as the beginner’s love stone, the rose quartz carries the feminine energy of peace and compassion. It was traditionally called the heart stone and has been used since 600 BC as a love token.

This nurturing and gentle stone is the one you need if you want unconditional love in all aspects of your life. It activates the heart chakra and encourages self-love that radiated and attract love to you.

The stone is also suitable for starting romances or for healing your past relationship pain. It also helps in healing any familial love with a broken family member and even helps you look for your soulmate.

2. Pink Topaz

If you wish to get serious about your quest in finding love, then it is time that you get yourself a pink topaz. Being a luxurious stone, the topaz is the fold standard for manifestations of thoughts and dreams.

And being rarer than the rose quartz, pink topaz gives off a high level of opulence and sophistication which are the qualities that you might be looking on your next date. Pink topaz helps you find the real deal and is quite useful in finding genuine love that will not go out with the change of the season.

3. Ruby

Dubbed as the stone of nobility, the ruby stone is perfect for those looking for a more decadent romance. Rubies are believed to bring you a sense of confidence and power when wearing them. This is probably why ruby has long adorned the queen of England on several occasions.

It activates the root chakra that initiated sensual pleasures, increasing sexual energy, and your desires. Wearing this crystal, you will feel your best self and your confidence and sexual energy don’t go unnoticed, attracting a long-term relationship and even regarded as a great wedding stone in several cultures.

Being the stone of confidence, devotion, power and integrity, this crystal is suitable if you wish to build a strong foundation with your current relationship.

4. Emerald

The stone of good fortune the bright green emerald is the stone for married couples, regardless of how long they have been married. This beautiful stone helps promote loyalty and romantic love which is essential for a long term relationship success.

The stone also has to balance energies that keep any relationship stable while encouraging both partners to be forgiving, compassionate, accept responsibilities, love unconditionally and apologize when necessary,

Other than finding balance, this crystal is also known to help you recognize what true happiness means.

5. Lapis Lazuli

The stone of communication, the bright blue crystal, lapis lazuli, has been used for centuries in different cultures all over the lord. As a matter of fact, the crystal was used to honor Venus, the Roman Goddess of Love, for more than 5,000 years.

This makes Lapis Lazuli a great crystal to experience love. Particularly, this stone is excellent in enhancing and strengthening your relationships. The crystal can help encourage confident and clear communication and active listening to prevent misunderstandings in your relationship.

Also, it stimulates empathy which is crucial in maintaining and strengthening any meaningful relationship. Furthermore, the stone brings loyalty and positivity and building commitment in all types of relationships.

6. Rhodonite

crystals for love

Dubbed as the stone of forgiveness, rhodonite with its black and pink layers serve as a constant reminder to everyone that love doesn’t come without heartache and pain. The vibrational energy of this crystal gently pushes pain away from hurting relationships by offering its wearer with forgiving energies ringing in love and cleansing out feelings of pain, anger, resentment and hurt.

A great balancer of emotions, this crystal allows you to forget the feeling so loneliness when you lack a romantic and loving relationship. Instead, it allows you to focus on what you truly want, bringing in nurturing energy and regaining your lost confidence to help you find new love.

7. Amazonite

Do you wish to maintain a strong bond with someone? Then amazonite can help you there. Being the stone that activates the heart and throat chakra, this crystal allows you to communicate effectively and openly.

This allows both partners to freely voice out their deep thoughts and release the emotional baggage that can hinder the relationship from moving forward. Wearing amazonite also brings balance to any emotional energy and aid in better communication and expression of sensitive matters.

If you are looking to repair an existing relationship, then the vibrational energies of the amazonite can help you and your partner to see both sides of the story, removing judgment ad fear while maintaining respect and love.

8. Moonstone


Each individual has both female and male energy. But the moonstone, also called the stone of fertility, is filled with protective feminine energy that balances emotions and pushes you to stay calm under stressful, heated and overwhelming situations, helping maintain a stable and strong relationship.

Also, this crystal can help with negative emotional patterns. It allows you to identify such patterns and make some changes in order to support a healthy relationship. The crystal also gives off a loving and warm vibration like the moon and opens up your heart to acceptance.

9. Green Aventurine

Although not a crystal for love, if you want to attract love into your life, then you surely can benefit from the ultimate stone of luck. The green aventurine helps boost your confidence in order to go out there and find the love of your life.

Also known as the stone of abundance, this crystal allows you to harness the energy that brings wealth, success in every part of your life, including romance and love. Also, the stone activates the heart chakra which allows you to endure the ups and lows of a new relationship and help strengthen it to maturity.

10. Rhodochrosite

Like its multiple layers of white and pink, the vibrational energies of the rhodochrosite crystal allows you to see the different layers within yourself. The stone penetrates each of your layers in a gentle and soft way, showing you that no one is perfect and we all have several issues to deal with.

We all deserve happiness and love and rhodochrosite brings this to you by allowing you to love yourself first. Being a heart chakra stone, this crystal can help you deal with suppressed emotions and feelings.

This allows you to release these negative energies and stimulate self-healing and bringing back your self-confidence. Being a love stone, this crystal also works in all kinds of relationships— marriage, friends, family, romance, business and more.

11. Turquoise

If you wish to build a relationship with a strong foundation on acceptance and collaborations, then this calming blue stone is the right one for you. With its relaxing and calming color, turquoise encourages you to stay composed and calm when things get heated.

In addition, it even allows you to stay focused on solving problems instead of worsening it and reaching a compromise. The stone also helps you voice out your thoughts effectively while respecting your partner’s opinion. This, in turn, encourages acceptance and openness which is crucial in any relationship to stand firm.

12. Amethyst

If you are feeling disconnected from everyone around you, then amethyst can help you fight those obstacles to realizing your self-worth. If you are feeling unsure about yourself, lacking the vision and purpose and help bring the much-needed clarity in your life, then amethyst can be your powerful ally.

Wearing a piece of amethyst jewelry should help activate your heart chakra and calm your mind. It brings you clarity and a clearer path towards contentment and self-healing, opening yourself to feel self-love.

13. Morganite

Dubbed as the stone of divine love, this stone with a peachy pink hue helps activate and cleanse your heart chakra. Morganite with its high vibrational energies for love helps connect you to the realm of unconditional love and lighten your emotional load that burdens your heart.

The stone also helps attract new love and support you in your journey to maintain a strong and healthy relationship with your loved one. The crystal also empowers you to be more receptive, allowing you to deal with stressful situations with more empathy and love.

You can wear morganite to feel peace invite new love, unconditional universal love or renew and rekindle old flames.

How to Use Crystals for Love

1.Make A Love Crystal Grid

Probably the best way to benefit from crystals for love it to set up a grid. The power of the love grid comes from the combination of energies created by the crystals, the sacred geometry and of course, your intention. Here’s how to make a love crystal grid:

  • Set your intention.
  • Pick the crystals for love that best align with the intention. You can try to match and mix any combination of the above crystals for love to fit your needs.
  • With intention, place every crystal in the grid formation. You can choose to use the Heart Crystal Grid or any image that represents love.
  • To elevate your intentions, place a point at the center of your grid.
  • Keep the crystal grid up for a single moon cycle or for 40 days.

2. Meditation

Another way to use the crystals for love is to use it during meditation.

  • Gather the crystals and hold them in your left hand.
  • Set your intentions.
  • Say it aloud or quietly and visualize yourself charging with its energies.
  • You can sit like this as long as you want before placing them on your meditation mat.

Other ways to use the crystals for love include:

  • Wear it as pieces of jewelry or carry it with you in your pocket or purse for everyday support.
  • Place it in your surroundings in order to change the mood in the room and support activities.
  • Place it under your pillow to benefit from the crystals’ energies while sleeping.


So there you have it!

Whether you are seeking a new spark, looking to heal your past relationship trauma or want to maintain a long-term relationship, the above crystals for love are the best ones you can use.

These love crystals help open up your heart and offer vibrational energies that open up the channels of receiving and giving your heart and experiencing the most important feeling of all— love.

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