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September birthstone

If you’re planning to propose to your partner anytime soon, then you shouldn’t miss getting a Sapphire engagement ring. It’s one of the most popular engagement gemstones today due to its stunning violet-blue color. Also, in ancient times, the September birthstone represents loyalty, honesty, and purity which are the perfect aspects of a long-lasting relationship.

You can find sapphires in many countries but the most expensive is in Myanmar, Kashmir, and Sri Lanka. Sapphires with the purest violet-blue that comes with a great price are the most appealing. This September stone is also produced in places like Thailand, Cambodia, Australia, and the United States.

Today, one of the most famous sapphires is a 563-carat known as the Star of India which is located in the Museum of National History in New York. Most people prefer the blue color sapphire because of its ability to heal the mind, see the truth, and helps you focus. They believed that meditating using the stone supports ideas and inspiration to utilize your knowledge well.

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What’s The Color of the September Birthstone?

Septemebr birthstone

Although sapphire is popular for its blue variety of corundum, it comes in different colors. This gemstone is also available yellow, violet, peach, and pink-orange color which is the rarest Padparadscha. It is the most sought-after and expensive stone among all gems in the world.

In 1881, a landslide happened in the Himalayas becomes the reason how sapphires in Kashmir were exposed. A large pocket of velvet-like beautiful blue crystal then began to appear in the south part of Maharaja, Kashmir from the year 1882 to 1887. But ever since, production of Kashmir sapphire became inconsistent yet some auction houses still sell fine sapphire jewelry.

Myanmar is another sapphire-producing country specifically in the Mogok area. Burmese sapphires, as they call it, are usually found alongside ruby deposits. Aside from rich and intense blue hue sapphires, stones like jade, zircon, peridot, and other fine gems are originated in Myanmar.

Known as the “jewel box of the Indian Ocean”, Sri Lanka is another source of the September birthstone. Sapphires with blue and other fancy colors are mined from the alluvial gravel of the place for more than 2000 years. The island also produces a milky white sapphire, geuda, which can turn to a rich blue color.

September Birthstone: Sapphire Etymology, History, and Folklore

September birthstone, sapphire, came from the Latin word “saphirus” and Greek word “sapheiros” which both mean blue. Although sapphires are known to be blue, it’s a combination of a different array of colors. Sapphire is also associated with the planet Saturn and translated as “dear to planet Saturn” in other languages.

Known as the Celestial Stone, Persians associated sapphire with the divine and heaven through the Greek and Roman mythology. They believed that a giant sapphire painted the sky blue and connected to Apollo, the prophetic deity of Oracle and Delphi. People who worship the Oracle wear sapphires to attract favors and seek to open their third eye to fully understand the prophecies. 

In the Hebrew bible, sapphires are related to the Lord’s character a couple of times. The people offer the gemstones under the Lord’s feet to give praise and hope to keep them from harm, envy, and infidelity. Due to its hardness, the bluestone was used to carve the Ten Commandments.

Bishops and other Christians continued their beliefs and started to wear ecclesiastical rings set with star sapphire to signify their connection with Heaven. The three crossbeams of the star represent the Holy Trinity: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. While others called sapphire as the Stone of Destiny and symbolize hope, faith, and destiny.

Additional Info

According to the myths and legends in the history of Greek, Persians, and Christian, The Tree of Life, also known as the Kalpavriksha, is composed of different gemstones. It has rubies fruits, diamonds trunks, and sapphires roots which is the reason why they linked the bluestone as the supportive force in the universe. Also, kings wore sapphires around their necks and fingers to bring luck or as a powerful defense from harm.

An ancient story that comes from the Birman Legend tells a divine incarnation of the Golden Goddess with blue sapphire eyes named Tsun-Kyan-Kse. Another legendary tale is about the sons of King Serendip who traveled to discover the reality of the world which happened in a sapphire mine. This legend is the birth of the concept of serendipity which is the occurrence of events and developing beneficially.

The Spiritual Meaning of September Birthstone

The Spiritual Meaning of September Birthstone

Traditionally, sapphire is a representation of truth, sincerity, and nobility by royalty. The power of the bluestone is to bring harmony, peace, and faithfulness between lovers. Also, this gem brings joy, prosperity, and comfort to those who wear a piece of sapphire jewelry. 

This gemstone is has special power to protect those who are born in September. Sapphire blocks all the negative thoughts and attract positivity to have a better life. Using this as a charm can eliminate all the risk of psychic, mental, or mental attack. 

The power of sapphire strengthens the connection between a person and the higher for spiritual healing. Wearing sapphire jewelry can attract spirit guides, guardian angels, or passed loved ones. Also, this gemstone can help you to have a clear vision to be able to reach your goals and dreams.

The Health Benefits and Healing Properties of the September Birthstone

As for physical healing, sapphires can improve your overall health. This stone improves your bone density and helps you recover after undergoing a major surgical operation. This also heals burns, suppress a fever, and cures inflammation and infection. 

People who suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease can try using sapphire to stimulate pituitary and thyroid glands. The gemstone is also great for detoxifying and revitalizing the skin. Moreover, sapphire speeds up the healing process by controlling the willpower to get better.

The Durability of the September Birthstone

Sapphire Hardness

According to the Mohs Hardness Scale, corundum or sapphire is the second hardest crystal structure next to diamond. It has excellent toughness, durability, and no cleavage which has a low tendency to break when struck.

Sapphire Toughness

Ranking at number 9 at Mohs Hardness scale means that sapphires are hard minerals. Try scratching sapphire with other gemstones and you will see that it will not gain scratches, which only means that it’s harder.

Sapphire Stability

Since sapphires are prone to scratches, cracks, or any type of abrasion, polishing it will make it good as new. It also has a high resistance to chemicals so you don’t need to worry about losing its shine as time goes by.

Caring and Cleaning September Birthstone

How to Clean Sapphire

Even though sapphires are highly stable and resistant to many conditions like heat, light, and chemicals, it can still be damaged by mild acids like lemon juice. A little cleaning routine will make your stone bright at all times. However, there’s no need to use special jewelry cleaner or polisher to maintain its shine, just a warm and soapy water is enough.

To safely a sapphire stone, you can use a mild degreasing soap with warm water and gently scrub it using a soft toothbrush. After cleaning, you can dry it using a damp cloth instead of the dryer because it will leave spots on the stone. If it needs more cleaning, you can soak the gem in lukewarm water for about 10 to 15 minutes.

How to Store Sapphire

Maintaining the gloss of the September birthstone is necessary especially when you wear it regularly. Frequent use may cause grime and dirt which may look dull and old. Aside from cleaning it daily, wearing it with care will make the stone last long.

It is advisable to wear sapphire jewelry right after you are done with your makeup to remain free and safe from any harsh chemicals. Never wear them when you’re taking a bath or swimming because it may affect the color or coat of the stone due to anti-static agents or chlorine bleach. Also, take your jewelry off when you’re about to do certain tasks or manual activities that can cause the sapphire to acquire chip and scratch or worst, to shatter.

For proper storage, you should wrap the jewels in a piece of cotton cloth or acid-free paper after cleaning and drying them. Place it in a jewelry box and make sure to separate it from other stones. Lastly, store it in a cool and dry place away from direct contact to sunlight or heat. 

The Cost of September Birthstone

Choosing the best and most beautiful sapphire stones are endless, the only problem is how much you want to spend. The cost of the gemstones depends on the type of treatment, color, cut, size, and weight. Sapphires’ prices vary from synthetic, heat-treated, and those rare types.

Synthetic or low-cost natural 1.2-carat blue star sapphire usually costs $20. For heat-treated 3-carat orange sapphire, it can cost $750. And for the rarest and most expensive 3.4-carat blue sapphire, it ranges from $12,000 and more.

Sapphire Alternative: Secondary September Birthstone

Other than sapphire, September birthstone has six other stones connected to this month’s seasonal transition. This happens when other societies form different places in the world selected new stones to use as the birthstone in jewelry. Here are the six other September birthstone:

Lapis Lazuli

It is the most popular September birthstone alternative to sapphire that was once a treasure of ancient royalty. Lapis Lazuli has been used as a decoration to the ancient kings and queens’ walls, fireplace, and doors. This stone has a scared connection to the heavens and skies which promotes peace and serenity. 


Way back in the 15th century, ancient Russian, Arabic, Hebrew, and Italian recognized peridot as September birthstone. It is said that this stone brings a positive energy that opens the heart chakra and remove negativity in your life. According to legends, peridot can help to find missing items.


In Italy and Rome, sardonyx was once considered as a September birthstone. The power of this gem can increase one’s positivity, confidence, and happiness. It is a strong and protective stone that helps students in their lessons for better understanding.


This stone is another well-known September birthstone due to its connection to the moon’s energy. It serves as a talisman to protect nighttime travelers in their journey from any harm. Also, some cultures believed that moonstones bring blessings like prosperity, good health, love, friendship, passion, and more.


The Agate stone was found in the Achates River in Sicily and became the September birthstone in ancient Tibet. There is a wide variety of Agate that can be found in different parts of the world that has specific power. Some of its benefits are its ability to strengthen and stabilize a person in all aspects.


There’s a lot of different color of the stone zircon but the blue one is renowned as Hindu’s September birthstone. Blue zircon helps you balance your emotions to be able to think positively. It is compared to a wishing tree that uplifts someone to find joy and inner peace.


Generally, sapphire is a perfect birthstone and anyone who was born in September is lucky enough to receive its power. Although blue sapphires are the most common and precious among all, there are other colors to choose from. Sapphires are truly a holy, magnificent, and versatile stone that will symbolize the virtues of life.

So if you want to attract more trust, faith, and patience in your life, then you need to have a piece of sapphire jewelry. Hope this article opens up your eyes to the true beauty of sapphire stones. Share your thoughts below. Good luck!

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