The Healing Crystals for Headaches

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Headaches are in general a sign of stress, overtiredness, tension, or various kinds of illnesses. If you always suffer from headaches, try using the best crystals for healing headaches listed below.

These can originate from the muscles, nerves, blood vessels, or the brain’s membranes. If there’s no obvious external cause such as a blow to the head, then the causes are typically blood pressure, inflammation, or other changes in the composition of the body’s fluids.

Any of these may arise from one of the following or from any combination:

  • Feverish illnesses such as flu, colds, sinusitis, cerebrospinal meningitis, conjunctivitis, or encephalitis
  • Tension, especially because of eye strain (reading in bad light or working for long periods in front of a computer monitor) or bad posture (tension of the back and the back of the neck when driving)
  • Hormonal changes for instance before menstruation
  • Digestive or metabolic disturbances (feelings of an empty stomach, hunger, or low blood sugar)
  • Changes in blood pressure (high blood pressure, falling blood pressure in connection with migraine or blood circulation disturbances in the brain)
  • Hypersensitivity in connection with the changing weather (in connection with the poor air quality with lowered oxygen content or the hot autumnal winds)
  • Emotional causes (major problems or heavy things on your mind)
  • Problems with the cervical spinal column and nervous system
  • Severe diseases such as kidney problems

With the wide range of possible causes, it is only sensible to consult a doctor if your headache lasts for over 24 hours.

There are various ways to possibly cure and treat headaches such as removing earrings, necklaces, hair bands, and hair slides. Also, you can try stroking the forehead gently with your fingers, over the head and towards the back of your neck.

 Also, you should add other activities and treatments such as physical activity in the fresh air, having a foot massage, applying cold compresses to the back of the neck and/or forehead, and taking alternate hot and cold baths or shower. You can also try stimulating and calming essential oils.

Or you can also try applying crystal therapy. Any application of crystal treatment can depend on the diagnosis caused by headaches. However, the following crystals have all proved to be helpful. Here are some of the best crystals for healing headaches.

Crystals For Healing Headaches


crystals for healing headaches

This powerful purple stone is highly beneficial for tension headaches having their origin in eyestrain and from the tension in the spine or in the back of the neck.

To use amethyst, you will need a druse the size of a saucer and stroke the forehead over the top of the head to the back of the neck without making contact. Make 4 – 5 parallel strokes from the front hairline to the ear, repeating it 3 – 4 times on both sides. This should help make the headaches go away.

Rock Crystal

rock crystal

The rock crystal in the form of small Herkimer diamonds can help relieve headaches without any obvious cases as well as the kind of headaches that happens as a result of hypersensitivity to changes in weather, general diseases, and of blood pressure changes.

To use rock crystal for healing headaches, make an isosceles triangle of 3 small Herkimer diamonds pointing outwards an upwards on the forehead. The headache should reduce in intensity in just a couple of minutes. You can vary the size of the triangle as necessary.



Amber is another powerful stone that brings relief from headaches that are because of hormonal changes, by digestive and metabolic problems, or by emotional or nervous causes. With its calming vibrational energies, amber can help regulate and bring back balance to chaotic hormones or metabolic issues as well as soothing emotional disturbances.

You can wear amber as a necklace for the best results or as a pendant with direct body contact. Alternatively, you can also take 7 – 10 drops of amber essence or drink prepared amber water throughout the day.


crystals for healing headaches

This beautiful green crystal can help with headaches associated with feverish illnesses and inflammation. Emerald helps in soothing the cause of inflammation and is most commonly used for easing feverish symptoms.

For such kinds of headaches, you only need to fix or place an emerald crystal or polished stone on the forehead to facilitate healing. Also, you can simply wear it as a necklace or pendant for direct body contact.

Alternatively, you can just take 3 – 9 drops of emerald essence for 3 times a day or take small sips of prepared 200 – 300ml emerald water throughout the day.

Smoky Quartz

crystals for healing headaches

Like amethyst, smoky quartz can help in relieving tension headaches. It is most effective when worn as a necklace, preferably as smoky quartz beads. The stone can offer a permanent relieving effect on the specific causal tension, thus, should be worn for longer periods and along with amethyst for relieving pain and discomfort caused by tension headaches.

Final Thoughts

Headaches may take place because of several factors and thus need specific treatment. However, the overall cure for a headache is regular physical activity, cold compresses, soothing aromatherapy and just getting enough rest. In addition, you can try crystal therapy since it is also proven to be a powerful supplementary healing treatment for headaches.

However, for the severe headaches or headaches caused by existing diseases, consulting with a qualified medical practitioner and taking proven medications are most recommended.

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