The Power of Apophyllite

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In today’s post we will talk about the power of Apophyllite. If you’re interested into this topic then check out this article.

Apophyllite is a stunning translucent or white crystal with its gorgeous prismatic surface. And as beautiful as this crystal is, it also has interesting spiritual vibrations in enhancing your vision.

Its name is translated from the Greek term “apo” and “phyllon” which means “off” and “leaf” respectively, and roughly translates “to leaf apart”. It refers to the tendency of the crystal to become flaky and crumbly when raised to high temperatures because of dehydration.

The Power of Apophyllite: Vision

  • Chakra Correspondence

Apophyllite mainly resonates with the third eye and crown chakra. This will empower you to see beyond the physical things and enhancing your sensitivity to the spiritual realm. This crystal can allow you to have lucid dreaming, encourages astral traveling, offering you better communications, and understanding the messages of the divine and angelic realm.

Not only that, but apophyllite also represents the Soul star power. It is dubbed as the 8th chakra and floating above the crown chakra which is just above the head and representing the home where the soul rests. Thus, it is very useful in meditating so you can connect with your soul and induce healing.

Lastly, this clear crystal can work on your heart chakra and heart seed. Thus, it can give you the loving energy to stimulate your heart chakra. This will allow you to make wise and good decisions when it comes to matters of the heart.

  • Physiological Correspondences

In terms of its physiological correspondence, the Apophyllite regulates your respiratory functioning and is a great stone for treating asthma and other breathing problems. Not only that, but it also helps in relieving allergic symptoms and provide healing for conditions and pains that affect your feet.

With its power of vision, this stone also helps in the treatment of your eyes, soothing tired eyes and easing any vision-related issues. This clear stone is also beneficial for your skin, allowing regeneration and healing. Furthermore, it even helps in fighting fatigue and promoting deep relaxation as well as reducing stress, while also improving mental clarity and enhancing your memory.

  • Vibration

Apophyllite features a high water content, making it a superb conductor of high to very high vibrations and energies, correcting any imbalances in the body and to the mind.

Legendary Power of Apophyllite

Legendary Power of Apophyllite

Apophyllite can bring clarity and illumination to any situation. The perfect stone for self-attunement, the Apophyllite is a combination of 3 minerals that stimulate your pineal gland and opening inner vision and sight.

You can use it for improving your metaphysical abilities such as telepathy and clairvoyance. AS a matter of fact, apophyllite mirrors and pyramids make great scrying tools. When placed on your third eye, this stone can calm your mind, remove confusion, and facilitate mental clarity.

When places on your soma chakra, this crystal can stimulate a safe astral journeying while keeping the connection between the subtle and physical bodies strong. Placing it on your 3rd eye chakra or the past life chakra, this white crystal allows you to read and understand the Akashic Record which is the cosmic account of all that has happened and will happen.

This stone takes you back into the past for powerful karmic healing or into the future in order for you to assess the outcome of the decisions that you make now.

Healing Power of Apophyllite


The Apophyllite crystal works better at the subtle level, healing your soul and spirit and helping your soul come to terms of being incarnated. It also helps you pay attention to the needs of your soul and the physical body. This prevents soul-based and psychosomatic illnesses.

Not only that, but apophyllite also helps break up energy blockages, absorbing negative energies and replacing them with positive, healing light. When placed on your chest, it helps relieve asthma attacks and allergies. Thanks to its high water content, it also rehydrates your mucus membranes in the eyes and respiratory tract.

Transformational Power of Apophyllite

If you’ve been afraid to look into the deeper causes of your motivation and behavior, then mediating with the Apophyllite crystal can help bring the truth to the surface. This way you can rectify any imbalances and transmute karma in order to restore the much-needed harmony to your soul.

Harnessing the Powers of Apophyllite

If you’re on a spiritual path and want to better see and understand the messages of the angelic realm, then you need to meditate with the apophyllite crystal on your 3rd eye chakra in order to promote inner vision, total self-awareness, and guidance from the highest levels.


Apophyllite is a valued stone for its high vibrational energies and connection to the spiritual world. Whether you are using the single natural pyramid point or an apophyllite cluster, this powerful crystal will surely help you understand your vision and give you direction.

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