The Power of Tugtupite

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The Power of Tugtupite

Tugtupite is a pink rare crystal that is holding the harmony of profound and pure love within it. The power of Tugtupite has the strength to reawaken unremembered passion and lost love. If you want to breathe a new life to your love life, then Tugtupite is the perfect stone for you.

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More About Tugtupite

Not only will this crystal help you feel more ardently about your partner but Tugtupite will also greatly help you when you are making love to your significant other. This will then let the two of you become one soul and body each time you come closer to one other. Moreover, with the assistance of Tugtupite, you can draw positive energies from one another to succeed and grow in life.

If you’re feeling that you are falling out with your partner, Tugtupite can help you to rekindle the feelings of love in the heart of your partner.

If you want to know more about Tugtupite, then keep on reading.

The Power of Tugtupite: Pure Love

Chakra Correspondence

Tugtupite will activate both the lower and higher heart chakras making it the perfect stone for new beginnings as well as pages in the book of love in your life. With the strong vibration of this stone, you will be able to activate your thymus and heart chakras. Thus, your body will allow the love energies to flow freely.

Physiological Correspondence

Aside from bringing pure love into your life, this stone will also benefit you at a physiological level. For instance, Tugtupite is good for the heart, production of hormones, and metabolism. This stone, on the other hand, is beneficial for the reproductive system and circulation.


Tugtupite has an exceptionally high vibration that can help you in developing self-love.

Legendary Power of Tugtupite

Legendary power of Tugtupite

A strong healer for the heart, Tugtupite will reach the highest vibration and bring in unconditional love. This stone will show you the value of self-love. It also teaches that Earth is where you learn to master your emotion, staying centered within it instead of controlling, repressing, and being overwhelmed by your feelings.

For millennia, Tugtupite has been known to the Greenland Inuit. Also, its name comes from tuttupit that means reindeer blood.

According to Tutu, Intuit legend, a fledgling reindeer herder went into the mountain to give birth. As her holy blood fell, believe it or not, Tugtupite was formed. In compassionate magic, this stone will resonate with blood’s life-giving properties and the powerful force blood brings in throughout the body.

According to another Intuit legend, lovers cause Tugtupite to glow sizzling red with the heat of their passion. Actually, it is a reference to the tenebrescence of Tugtupite, its color intensifies with either sunlight or heat. What’s more, the stone flames bright red under UV light. According to the Intuit, Tugtupite will awaken forgotten love and stimulate sex drive as well as the passionate enthusiasm in day-to-day life.

Literally, Tugtupite will access a new dimension of love, imparting it to the physical realm. If you are affected by the anger of other people, putting a piece of Tugtupite a hand’s width underneath your armpit (right) will protect you. By transforming the anger into forgiveness and love, this stone will send it back as pink light that lightly surrounds the environment to carry a change of attitude.

If the strong feelings of a person mug you, consider placing Tugtupite through your hearth. It will cut off emotional blackmail and persons who tug on your heartstrings inappropriately. This makes you feel secure emotionally. Also, it transforms impotence to powerful creativity.

Healing Power of Tugtupite

Tugtupite will energetically heal blood, heart, circulation, and organs that are rich in blood. This stone is also ideal for emotional healing as it regulates the hormonal and metabolic system and lifts seasonal affective disorder. The white portion of Tugtupite has can transform black in the existence of toxins and cancer.

Transformational Power of Tugtupite


Tugtupite is the stone that will teach you to be emotionally independent but interdependent, sharing mutual support and love, one. This stone generates a gentle emotional purification that will let go of grief thus unconditional love will express itself in your life. This is possible while showing you make your well-being with the power of your mind and heart.

How to Harness the Powers of Tugtupite

If you want to send peace and healing to the world most especially in areas of ethnic conflict, you can program Tugtupite.

As with many other crystals, another great way to harness the powers of this stone is to meditate with it in a quiet environment where no one can disturb you.

If you only have a small piece of Tugtupite, it is best that you keep it in your bra or breast pocket to have its powers close to your heart. Doing so will allow the stone to directly influence your heart and with much more intensity than it otherwise would have.

As a matter of fact, you can also install it in a locket or pendant then wear it all the time to keep it close to your heart.

However, you need to know that Tugtupite is not commonly utilized as a part of jewelry. But nevertheless, if you wear Tugtupite in on your person, it’s bound to help in your mental, spiritual, and physical growth.


If you are seeking compassion and deep love then you can never go wrong with Tugtupite. It is because this stone has the power to transmute the way you feel.

Tugtupite is a very potent stone and comes in handy most especially if you are in a relationship with someone.

Hopefully, you have learned a lot from this article.

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