The Healing Crystals for Hemorrhoids

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Hemorrhoids can be a painful and annoying condition. Not to worry though, this article offers some of the best supplementary crystals for healing hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids are the bulging, sometimes knot-like, expansions of the network of the blood vessels above the rectal muscle. This annoying condition is caused by the weak connective tissue, which has, in turn, been caused by chronic constipation and pushing hard during a bowel movement, a lifestyle which includes sitting down a lot or in connection with pregnancy.

Hemorrhoids first manifest themselves as stabbing pain, itching, or bright-red blood in stools. Later on, these can also cause cracks in the skin, as a result of the permanent inflammatory states, abscesses, and the occurrence of extremely painful thromboses in the affected veins. For such cases, it is recommended to seek immediate help from a qualified doctor.

In order to avoid letting matter going that far, hemorrhoids need to be shrunk as soon as possible. For this purpose, physical activity such as regular walks, a diet rich in fiber and if needed, treatment of the intestines in order to prevent constipation are all recommended.

As a supplementary treatment, you can also try crystal therapy. Here are some of the best crystals for healing hemorrhoids.

Crystals For Healing Hemorrhoids



Also known as the bloodstone, heliotrope is best used for hemorrhoids with inflammation. Not only that, but this crystal also prevents blood in your stool. It will also ease the searing pain whenever you have constipation.

Heliotrope is best applied internally and externally. Externally, you can simply place a tumbled heliotrope stone in your underwear or wash your rectum with gem water. Internally, you can take 3 – 7 drops of heliotrope gem essence for 3 – 5 times a day. Also you can take small sips of prepared 200 – 300ml of heliotrope gem water throughout the day.



Different forms of agate, but with the vein signature, is highly recommended for use in connection with hemorrhoids.

These can be agates with the circular and concentric rings or the so-called eye agates which resemble the cross-sections of veins. Or it can also be the Mexican Crazy Lace Agates with the red markings, so to speak, visually display the entire network of veins in the rectal area perfectly.

Agates can help with the shrinking of hemorrhoids and help prevent the acute painful excretion of stools. Agates can be fixed above the rectum for longer periods or worn in your underwear for external application. For the internal application, you can drink water in which agate crystals have been placed for 1 – 2 days.


Crystals For Healing Hemorrhoids

The purple stone of healing is known to help relieve several physical problems and issues including hemorrhoids. Amethyst particularly helps in relieving the itchiness and acute pain when you have constipation.

Amethyst can also be worn n your underwear or fixed just above the rectum for longer periods. This helps encourage the shrinking of the bulge. In addition, you can wash your rectum with the Hildegard von Bingen’s Amethyst Water to cleanse and shrink hemorrhoids.


Crystals For Healing Hemorrhoids

As the stone of gentle healing, this beautiful pink crystal with its soothing vibrational healing energies is best for hemorrhoids where minor bleeding occurs.

Since it contains manganese, rhodonite is one of the best stones for soothing inflammation and stops bleeding. Not only that, but it also helps heal the cracks and wounds as well as stimulate the shrinkage of the hemorrhoids.

Like heliotrope, rhodonite should be used both internally and externally for best results. You can simply place a tumbled rhodonite stone in your underwear or wash your rectum with prepared rhodonite gem water to cleanse and facilitate healing externally.

Then, you need to take at least 3 – 7 drops of rhodonite gem essence for 3 – 5 times a day or take small sips of prepared 200 – 300ml rhodonite gem water throughout the day to cleanse and heal the body from within.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it. You don’t have to live with the painful bulges in your rectum. With regular physical activity, proper diet, taking enough liquids, along with the supplementary crystals for healing hemorrhoids, you should be able to shrink these bulges and be more comfortable.

Take note, however, that for the more serious cases of hemorrhoids, consult a qualified doctor or health practitioner should be done. These crystals should not be a permanent alternative for OTC hemorrhoid creams and treatment.

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