The 14 Best and Most Powerful Crystals For Empaths

By Felicia Eisnnicher •  10 min read

Looking for the best and most powerful crystals for empaths? If yes, then this article is for you.

Being highly intuitive and sensitive, empaths absorb both the negative and positive energies from their surroundings and other people.

And this can both be a blessing and a curse, with empaths wanting to care for people, however, become emotionally drained every time.

The good news is that crystals with unique characteristics and vibration can actually help fight this. And the best and most powerful crystals for empaths can help protect your energy fields, shielding you from any negative energies and emotions while keeping you grounded.

So, whether you find noisy and crowded situations uncomfortable or quite overwhelmed with other people’s energies and emotions, here are 14 crystals that should help.

The 14 Crystals For Empaths

1. Black Tourmaline

This jet-black stone is known for its outstanding protective properties. Black tourmaline has been used for centuries as a protection talisman or amulet, thanks to its ability to absorb, transmute and cleanse negative energies. Meaning, this stone can help protect empaths against negative entities, energies, and other destructive forces.

As a matter of fact, black tourmaline is also best known for protecting an individual from electromagnetic radiation from TV, computer or smartphones. Thus, it helps in neutralizing and purifying negative energies at work and transform them into usable positive energy.

Furthermore, black tourmaline is an all-powerful grounding stone that provides a connection between your spirit and the Earth. Also, it is helpful during meditation and healing as it helps relieve anxiety and stress.

2. Hematite

Crystals For Empaths

Available in bright colors with a metallic sheen, hematite offers a black mirror-like appearance. This acts as a reflective shield, deflecting any unwanted vibrations and energies.

Being rich with earth energy, this beautiful stone is one of the strongest crystals for grounding and helping empaths from being emotionally overwhelmed. If you need to remain centered, or just want to avoid being drained by people, hematite is a perfect choice.

In addition, hematites are powerful stones that stimulate the mind while enhancing your memory and evoking deep thought. It is also believed to heal pains and blood circulation problems, regulating the blood flow in your body.

3. Fire Agate

A deep brown stone, fire agate is known to be the spiritual flame of absolute perfection. Using this stone, it creates an impenetrable shield around you and sending any unwanted negative entities and energies back to its source.

Being a strong protective and grounding crystal, fire agate also has some great calming energy. It contains powerful vibrations that flow through your spiritual energy and helping it keeping you grounded.

Not only that, but it also helps boost your psychic protection as well as your sexuality and creativity. Its powerful energy brings the feeling of security and safety and resonating within you a firing spiritual blaze that protects and grounds you every time.

4. Obsidian


A blackish or dark brown, shiny stone, obsidian is known for its truth-enhancing capabilities. This stone can help anchor erratic energies which allow more balance to your life by clearing fears and distractions in your mind.

This highly protective stone also forms a barrier or shield against any negative energy from the outside. In addition, the stone also protects you from misfortunes and giving you the strength to be fearless during challenges.

Also, it helps bring out hidden feelings to the surface so you can start the healing process. It removes all emotional trauma or shock from past relationships, allowing you to truly start over.

5. Lepidolite

Empaths are highly prone to feeling overwhelmed and anxious since they are like antennas that receive energies and feeling everywhere. Now, lepidolite can be quite useful to empaths since it absorbs the stress, fear, and anxiety while emitting calming energy that helps one to relax.

Also, lepidolite has this filtering effect that allows you to tune out any feelings, energy or impressions that are not exactly yours. Deeply associated with the row and heart chakras, it allows you to set and keep boundaries and helping the emotional body healing.

6. Amethyst

One of the most spiritual crystals available, this beautiful violet stone has extremely high vibrations that protect your energy field. It is also great for clearing your aura, allowing you to effectively harmonize on the outside influences and stay calm.

Also called the Intuitive Eye, amethyst is the stone of spirituality which can help boost your psychic ability, sharpening your empathic intuition by opening your 3rd eye chakra. It is also a natural stress reliever, bringing protection as well as spiritual growth.

Not only does it protect you from the negative energies, but amethyst can also attract positive vibrations to you. Most empaths use this crystal when meditating in order to gain a higher state of consciousness.

7. Clear Quartz

Crystals For Empaths

A colorless, yet beautiful stone, clear quartz effortlessly absorbs, stores, regulates and releases energy in its bright crystal composition. The Crystal Quartz resonates within all chakras, especially with the higher chakras including the third eye and crown chakra.

Dubbed as the master healer, clear quartz will amplify vibrations and energy from other crystals, doubling or tripling their healing properties. It features a gentle energy bringing balance, but also quite powerful that protects you against negative people.

It transmits and receives energy as well as blocking out outside negative entities. Its emotional healing properties can remove feelings of negativity but instead encourage positive thoughts and feelings.

8. Citrine

This yellowish-orange stone has been called the gold topaz for centuries. It contains natural balancing and healing energies, suitable for empaths. With its strong connection to the sun, this stone provides comfort, warmth, and positivity to its wearer.

With citrine, it is all about the personal will, controlling the flow of energy from within you. It activates and energizes the naval and solar plexus chakra which boos creativity, intelligent decisiveness and directing personal power to enhance your physical body.

Also used for protection, this stone removes unwanted energies while also attracting luck and prosperity to its wearer. Wearing citrine jewelry also gives you a boost of energy that can help with your daily activates and preventing feelings of stress and exhaustion.

9. Smokey Quartz

This light to dark brown or grey stone is called the Stone of Cooperation. For the highly sensitive individuals who typically absorb lower energies, the smokey quartz can be of great help.

This powerful crystal can transmute an unlimited amount of negative vibrations and energies from the environment and other people. Also, the stone is an effective grounding stone that activates your root chakra.

It connects you deeply with the energies of the earth and encourages you to let go of nasty feelings, emotions, and thoughts that are not serving the best of your interest.  This stone is most often displayed around in order to block and dispel negative energies.

10. Malachite

With its rich green energy, malachite not only has the power to remove and release any stagnant energy within but also allows you to be truly yourself.

As a highly sensitive individual, you are prone to taking the emotional pain of other people as if it is your own. This can unbalance your heart chakra making you feel overwhelmed. Using malachite, you can restore this balance while strengthening your sense of compassion.

In addition, malachite is excellent at enhancing your intuition and help remove emotional blockages due to stressful situations. It also absorbs any negative feelings that you might be holding inside, promoting a sense of emotional balance and calmness.

11. Fluorite

With its beautiful array of colors, fluorite reflects its ability to balance multiple chakras at once. The beautiful crystal is said to boost your intuitive and psychic abilities, all while neutralizing negative and harmful energies.

In its natural form, this crystal is an octahedron. Such structure makes fluorite suitable for grounding the energies of empaths, maintain a healthy boundary and the power to overcome dramas.

Not only that, but this stunning stone also helps balance your emotions if you are feeling a little out of sorts. Also, it is quite useful when you need some clarity by placing it between your eyebrows to activate your third eye chakra.

12. Labradorite

One of the most powerful crystals for protection against negative energies from other people labradorite effectively blocks undesirable vibrations and energies.

This stone help lift insecurities about life and allowing you to see your true purpose and worth. It also protects you against misfortunes. The crystal helps in boosting psychic abilities as well as sharpening your intuition, making it suitable for empaths.

Also, this crystal can stimulate your imagination and thought while giving you a sense of calmness to relax your overactive mind and removing stress and anxiety. For the extremely drained empaths, labradorite is the stone that will keep you soothed and energized.

13. Moonstone

Known for its milky white color with hints of marbleized gold, blue and purple, moonstone has strong ties with the moon and feminity. It is also the stone of inner strength and growth and is the stone for new beginnings.

Moonstone is effective in terms soothing and calm emotional instability and stress caused by negative energies. It also stabilizes your emotions and keeps you energized while enhancing your intuition, attracting success and good fortune in both business and love.

It opens up your sacral and heart chakra to increase psychic abilities and stimulating growth. Also, it helps in normalizing your sleep cycle. Most importantly, it will prevent anxiety during nighttime which is common for empaths.

14. Lapis Lazuli

As the stone of Truth and Friendship, Lapis Lazuli can help you trust your intuition about others which is vital for empaths who are a natural magnet for people in need of help. This blue crystal is also the stone of total awareness, teaching you how to appropriately respond to different information.

Thanks to its innate ability to repair, protect and strengthen your auric field, the Lapis Lazuli can provide you a full auric maintenance program. And if you are looking for a powerful tone that offers you complete protection while allowing you to freely speak your spiritual truths, then Lapis Lazuli is your choice.

This awesome crystal also allows you to communicate your thoughts effectively and prevent any misunderstanding with other people.

How to Use Crystals for Empaths

Here are a few ways on how you can effectively benefit from the protective and grounding properties of crystals for empaths:

  • Wear it as a jewelry or carrying it with you on your pocket or bag can make a stressful environment or social situations more bearable.
  • Meditate with the stone and place a selection of crystals around your mat to aid in healing.
  • Make an elixir
  • Place it under your pillow or near your head before sleeping


As an empath, you willingly take on emotional pain from others and negative energies from your surroundings. Thus, it only makes sense to protect yourself from being too overwhelmed with negative and emotional energies.

With the 14 crystals for empaths mentioned above, you should stay grounded and becomes less affected by such negative energies while staying connected with others intuitively.

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