The 5 Best Crystal Combinations For Sodalite

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Sodalite is a powerful stone that is known for its deep blue color. People have known for centuries that it has many spiritual benefits. It can help to bring about clarity, balance, and understanding in your life. It can also increase your intuition and help you to make wise decisions. Finally, with its deep hue, it inspires examination, awakening, insight, and a deep connection to the universe. Many sodalite combinations can be beneficial when paired with other stones that help enhance its protective, calming energies.

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The Best Crystal Combinations for Sodalite and Their Benefits

While many crystals can be paired with sodalite, here are five of the best sodalite crystal combinations and their benefits:

Sodalite and Amethyst Combination Benefits


Sodalite, with its beautiful blue color, helps to calm your mind. It can also silence those chaotic and negative thoughts that circle in your mind keeping you distracted. In addition, its white streaks align you with your higher self. This allows you to move forward with peace and trust.


Dubbed the “Stone of Spirituality”, Amethyst also helps calm the mind and awaken your soul. It helps you to connect to the divine realm. This can open your psychic capabilities and lift you to the next level of spiritual development.

combinations of amethyst and sodalite

Combining Amethyst and Sodalite

Amethyst, with its purplish tones, helps to open your third eye and connect you with divine guidance. When combined with sodalite, this crystal combination fosters clarity and insight into your highest path.

This is because Sodalite is a powerful stone that strongly resonates with the third eye chakra. Thus, it has the attribute of clearing away hallucinations and mental debris. Therefore, they keep you open and rational which increases intuitive perception and spiritual activation.

  • When this beautiful blue crystal is paired with the purple hues of the Amethyst, you get to enhance your spiritual capabilities.
  • The stones are used in various cultures around the world to promote psychic abilities. They can double or triple your power when meditating when using both your third eye and crown chakra.
  • The Amethyst and sodalite pairing can also help you to stay in a state of pure receptivity while helping you get connected with the divine realm.

Sodalite and Clear Quartz Combination Benefits


As mentioned before, sodalite helps you to remain calm and open your third eye. In addition, this stone with its beautiful blue colors eases stress and frustration. This will allow you to have a more peaceful meditation. It can also encourage astral travel and help you remember your dreams. Finally, sodalite can also help protect you against bad dreams.

clear quartz and sodalite pairing

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is known as the “master healer” of all stones. It amplifies any energy or intention you put into it and helps to keep your vibrational energies high. This stone can also help you manifest your desires, align you with your spiritual purpose and protect your energy fields.

Combining Clear Quartz and Sodalite

The combination of sodalite and clear quartz is an amazing one. This powerful crystal pairing will help you to make the most of your spiritual practices such as astral travel or lucid dreaming.

The clear quartz helps to amplify the energy of sodalite, helping you stay grounded and in the present moment. This will give you clarity and insight into your spiritual practices and desires. In addition, it will help to keep your energy fields safe and protected.

  • If you are using sodalite crystals to help bring balance and harmony to your overacting sixth chakra, then you can further amplify its attributes with the clear quartz.
  • Using clear quartz to empower your third eye chakra, you can improve the power of the thoughts that you are projecting out to the universe. The universe will be more likely to hear your request and they shall be answered.
  • The combination of sodalite and clear quartz can enhance your spiritual growth and help to guide you on your journey to enlightenment.
  • Both crystals are also powerful protective stones. When your carry or wear both of them, you get a strong auric shield from the clear quartz. This will protect you from the negative vibrational energies of your surrounding while the blueness of sodalite keeps you calm amidst frustrating situations.

Overall, the sodalite and clear quartz pairing will help to increase your spiritual power and manifest your desires with clarity.

Sodalite and Tiger’s Eye Combination Benefits

If you want something to place on your office desk to introduce positive energies as you work, then you should try a combination of sodalite and tiger’s eye.


Sodalite is a highly effective crystal that you can display on your office desk. It is called the “Stone of the Truth”. Therefore, used to improve communication in a hectic work environment. In addition, it can help prevent misunderstandings that lead to frustration and conflict between officemates.

The calming vibrational energies of sodalite will help to improve communication and understanding for a harmonic and peaceful environment. It even has a calming effect that helps induce logical thinking. This means that any disagreements and arguments within your team can be easily resolved.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye can help in improving your mind and focus. This is particularly useful when working on a tight schedule or you need to stay productive. With this brown crystal on your desk, you can concentrate on your work better. In addition, the stone can help remove distractions that might be buzzing around so that you can focus and finish your work on time.

tiger's eye and sodalite combination

Combining Tiger’s Eye and Sodalite

When you combine sodalite and tiger’s eye, this pairing will provide clarity and focus in your office. The sodalite will help to keep the environment calm and harmonious, while the tiger’s eye can help you stay productive with your work and stay on track with deadlines. With both of these crystals, you can work more efficiently and effectively.

In addition, the sodalite and tiger’s eye combo also helps to bring a sense of self-confidence and self-assuredness which is pretty important at work. This is because the tiger’s eye gives you the courage to take risks and explore your hidden talents and capabilities. Meanwhile, the calming sodalite stimulates the throat chakra so you can better voice out your opinions and ideas on a project or strategy.

Sodalite and Citrine Combination and Benefits

Sodalite and Citrine are an excellent combination for people looking to create balance in their lives.


This stone brings a calming, grounding energy to your life. It helps to bring structure, logic, and emotional balance. It can help you make decisions based on facts instead of emotions.

citrine and sodalite pairing


This stone is a powerful manifesting tool and encourages positive thoughts. It helps to bring abundance, joy, and clarity.

Combining Citrine and Sodalite

The combination of these two stones creates an environment that encourages balance, growth, and good decision-making. This pairing can help you to manifest your goals and dreams. You will be able to see the world around you through a new, positive perspective. And, you will have the ability to make decisions that are in alignment with your highest purpose and potential.

Sodalite and Rose Quartz Combination and Benefits

Sodalite and Rose Quartz together create a powerful combination, promoting emotional balance and connection.


This stone helps to bring clarity, focus, and self-confidence. It helps clear any negative energy that may be blocking you from your goals or ambitions. The soothing energy of sodalite can help you make decisions based on facts instead of emotions.

Rose Quartz

This pink stone is the “Stone of Unconditional Love”. It helps to bring compassion and understanding into your life. Rose quartz is a powerful healing stone that promotes inner peace, learning to love yourself, and developing healthy relationships.

Combining Rose Quartz and Sodalite

When you combine sodalite with rose quartz, it helps to foster balance between your mind and heart. The combination of these two crystals can help you create a space of understanding, empathy, and unconditional love. It encourages you to be more conscious of your thoughts and how they affect your emotions. This combination is also good for communication, allowing you to express yourself more openly and clearly.

Final Thoughts

Sodalite crystal is a bold and powerful crystal that hides within its peace-inducing blue hues. It provides powerful vibrational energies that cleanse and awakens your soul as well as providing you with other beneficial attributes. With its versatility, you can use it in combination with other crystals like the ones above to further amplify your intentions. No matter which sodalite combinations you choose, make sure to take some time to meditate and connect with each crystal before using them together. This will help you to connect with the energies of each stone and amplify its power.

Hope this helped! Enjoy exploring the world of crystals

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I pair with Sodalite?

Are there any other Sodalite combinations I should try?

Yes! You can also try combining sodalite with agate, aventurine, and quartz. Each combination has its own unique benefits and effects. Be sure to take some time to meditate and connect with each crystal before using them together. This will help you to connect with the energies of each stone and amplify its power.

Can Tiger’s Eye and Sodalite go together?

Yes! Combining Tiger’s Eye and Sodalite brings you powerful energies that promote focus, clarity, and perseverance. It can help to bring balance between your logical thinking and creative imagination. This combination is great for those who need a boost of confidence and motivation in their life.

What crystals should you not put together?

It’s important to remember that crystals can interact with each other and not all combinations are beneficial. It is best to avoid putting together any crystals with similar properties as this could cause their vibrations to clash. Additionally, never put metals or other materials in your crystal collections. They can alter the energy of the stones and disrupt its healing power.

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