The Best Crystal Combinations For Sodalite

By Felicia Eisnnicher •  Updated: 11/10/20 •  5 min read

Sodalite with its deep blue crystal teaches the nature of having a relationship with the universe like looking into the star-filled sky and forgetting the darkness to grasp innumerable light points. With its deep hue, it inspires examination, awakening, insight, and deep connection to the universe.

Its tranquil and calming energy clears a chaotic mind and offers peace, making it one of the best stones to use during meditation as well as spiritual practices. Although it is powerful enough on its own, sodalite is also a team player that amplifies or work with other crystals of the same attributes. Here are some of the best crystals to combine with the sodalite gemstone.

The Best Crystal Combinations for Sodalite and Their Benefits

Sodalite and Amethyst Combination Benefits


Sodalite with its beautiful blue rays helps in calming your mind and silencing those chaotic and negative thoughts that circle your mind and keeps you distracted. As it calms your mind with its blue hues, its white streaks align you to your higher self, so you can move forward on your psychic journey.

Sodalite is a powerful stone that strongly resonates with the throat and third eye chakra. Thus, it has the attribute for clearing away hallucinations and mental debris, keeping your pathway open and rational along with intuitive perception and spiritual activation.

When this beautiful blue crystal is paired with the purple hues of the Amethyst, you get to enhance your spiritual capabilities. Dubbed as the Stone of Spirituality, the Amethyst also helps calm the mind and awaken your soul. It helps you to be connected to the divine realm, opening up your psychic capabilities and lifting you to the next level of spiritual development.

By using both stones during your meditation or spiritual activities, you get to double and even triple your psychic capabilities by powering both your third eye and crown chakra.

Sodalite and Clear Quartz Combination Benefits

Another great combo for the stimulation of your third eye chakra is the sodalite and clear quartz. Clear Quartz as the Master Healer of all stone helps in amplifying the already powerful attributes of the sodalite gemstone. If you are using the sodalite crystal to bring balance and harmony to your overacting 6th chakra, then you can further amplify its attributes with the clear quartz.

The blue stone with its beautiful blue colors eases stress and frustration so that you can have a more mindful meditation, while also encouraging astral travel as well as helping you remember your dreams. Not only that, but sodalite can also help protect you against bad dreams as well as helping you understand your dreams towards wisdom.

Now, if you use the clear quartz, not only can it double the powerful vibrational energies of the sodalite, but also work some of its own properties. Using the clear quartz to empower your third eye chakra, you can improve the power of your thoughts that are going out to the universe. In the end, the universe will hear your intents and it shall be answered.

The sodalite and clear quartz combination can enhance your spiritual growth, acting as a teacher and a guide for your journey to enlightenment. Both crystals are also a powerful protective stone. When your carry or wear both off them, you get the strong, clear auric shield of the clear quartz that protects you against the negative vibrational energies of your surrounding while the blueness of sodalite keeps you calm amidst frustrating situations.

Sodalite and Tiger’s Eye Combination Benefits

Crystal Combinations For Sodalite

If you want something to place on your office desk to induce positive energies as you work, then you can try the sodalite and tiger’s eye combination.

Sodalite is a highly effective crystal that you can display on your office desk. Since it is called the Stone of the Truth, sodalite is mainly used to improve communication in a hectic working environment and prevent misunderstandings that can lead to frustrations, mistakes, and conflict between officemates. With the calming vibrational energies of the sodalite, you and your co-worker can improve communication and understanding for a harmonic and peaceful environment. It even has a calming effect that helps induce logical thinking so that any disagreements and arguments within your team can be easily resolved.

As sodalite works in improving communication, a tiger’s eye crystal beside it can help in improving your mind and focus. This is particularly useful when working on a tight schedule or you need to stay productive. With this brown crystal on your desk, you can concentrate better on the work at hand. Not only that, but the stone can help remove distractions that might be buzzing around so that you can focus and finish your work on time.

In addition, the sodalite and tiger’s eye combo also helps in bringing a sense of self-confidence and self-assuredness which is pretty important at work. With the tiger’s eye giving you the courage to take risks and explore your hidden talents and capabilities, the calming sodalite stimulates the throat chakra so you can better voice out your opinions and ideas on a project or strategy.

Final Thoughts

Sodalite crystal is a bold and powerful crystal that hides within its peace-inducing blue hues. It provides powerful vibrational energies that cleanse and awakens your soul as well as providing you with other beneficial attributes. With its versatility, you can use it in combination with other crystals like the ones above to further amplify your intentions.

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