The Healing Crystals for Fever

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Today we’re going to talk about fever and the best healing crystals for fever.

Fever is a defense mechanism of the human body, in which the body temperature is raised to values above 37.5 degrees Celsius. Also, this increases the metabolic rate along with the acceleration of the breathing and pulse rate.

Accompanying symptoms include dullness, lack of appetite, headache, dizziness, and restlessness. In extreme cases, it can even cause delirium and feverish hallucinations.

The occurrence of fever serves to support the immune defense system, cleansing the body of waste products and toxic substances. Thus, as a rule, fever shouldn’t be suppressed unless it reaches 41 degrees Celsius or more and thus becomes life-threatening.

Too rapid suppression often impedes a thorough cure and can lead to a relapse and transforming an acute illness into a chronic one. With a harmless course of fever, the fever lowering remedies shouldn’t be implemented until the peak has been passed and the fever curve goes on a downward course.

To promote temperature rise, the body concentrates its energy within the main torso of the body. This way, extremities such as the feet and hands are chilly to the touch. The muscles and the skin may even remain chilly, shivering, and trembling. To lessen the fever symptoms the energy is spread over the skin and into the extremities of the body where it is dispersed and released.

The hands and feet will become warmer and the general feeling of fever is increased, and the perspiration starts in order to cool down the body. The lowering of the fever temperature can now be supported with cold compresses wrapped around the calves.

Conventionally, the recommendation is to rest, staying in bed, and drinking lots of liquids to offset the loss of liquid due to perspiration that accompanies the high temperature. This is also the stage where crystal therapy can assist in the healing process.

Here are some of the best crystals for healing fever.

Crystals For Healing Fever

Fever-Stimulating Crystals


Crystals For Healing Fever

Carnelian exudes bold energy that brings joy and warmth, making it a stimulating and empowering stone. This orange to the yellowish stone has a strong fever-stimulating effect. It does so without actually raising your temperature too much to be dangerous. You can apply this stone if there seems to be a general tendency of no increase in fever temperature.



Dubbed as the gem of kings, ruby is one of the most beautiful stones that symbolizes nobility. Its physical healing attribute has a much stronger fever-stimulating effect than the carnelian. Thus, it should e applied whenever fever stimulation is crucial for the healing process to happen.

Also, those who are highly sensitive can find this stone overstimulating. Ruby is also used in detoxifying the body while treating infections and fever. You can just wear it as a pendant or necklace with direct physical contact. For those with sensitive aura, it is recommended not to wear this stone for longer periods.


Crystals For Healing Fever

Sard is a reddish-brown crystal that somehow looks like a carnelian. This crystal is known to stimulate your fever slightly. It can be applied in a complementary role to start the healing process and if there’s already a slightly raised temperature that remains constant.

To use sard, you only need to hold it in your hand or keep it close to you to benefit from its energies.

Fever-Reducing Crystals

Rock Crystals

Rock Crystals

The rock crystal can be applied in the form of the so-called generator crystal to reduce fever and lower the dangerously high temperature as quickly as possible.

You need to stroke the space around the patient with the biggest pointed surface of the crystal using gentle motions from above and downwards over the forehead, face, neck, arms, body, and legs. If you don’t have a rock crystal generator, then you can just carry out the same exercise with a broad tumbled rock crystal.

Moss Agate + Blue Chalcedony + Ocean Jasper

Crystals For Healing Fever

This trio can help in lowering temperatures and can be applied when the fever has passed its peak. The blue chalcedony crystal can help with fast and easy temperature reduction while the ocean jasper and moss agate can help with a slower lowering of the temperature curve goes up and down.

These stones can be placed on your bedside or with physical contact in order to receive their powerful healing energies.



Chrysocolla has a lowering effect dependent on the actual course of the fever. Thus, it can be applied at any time and is particularly recommended in cases of emergency or when there is extremely high temperature.

Hold the tumbled crystal or place it on your thymus gland to receive its healing energies. Also, you can wear it as a necklace or a pendant with direct contact to the body. Alternatively, you can take 5 – 10 drops of chrysocolla essence 3 times every day.

Final Thoughts

Crystals with a fever-lowering or fever-stimulating effects like the ones mentioned below can help support in the healing of fever. Still, these crystals shouldn’t be used as the main remedy for lowering fever— with enough rest, lots of liquids, and consulting a professional practitioner be your priority when dealing with higher temperatures.

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