Facts About Adamite: Meanings, Properties, and Benefits

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Adamite –a stone that improves the heart and solar plexus chakras, lining them up together. Through this, the Will is capable of synergizing with feelings being released from the heart, exposing the desires and wants you have, while looking for ways in pursuing the said aspirations or dreams. This stone also helps the possessor in getting the fire relit inside you, yielding optimism and determination for anyone to attain their chosen destiny. This stone is commonly embedded in crumbly, rusting, brown limonite matrix, which stains the hands. Proper care must be exercised when you wash this kind of stone. In this article, we will discuss some more important and interesting facts about adamite, including its benefits. Read on to learn more about these!

Facts About Adamite: Meanings & Properties

Adamite is a zinc arsenate hydroxide mineral and appears as a botryoidal radiating which are translucent or transparent. The adamite actually belongs in the phosphate class, specifically to the arsenate subclass. The adamite may form translucent or transparent pale yellow to green through bluish green radial aggregates and lengthened crystals.

The yellow color is because of the iron compounds in the crystal, shades of green are linked with the existence of uranium or copper and purple color is due to the cobalt content. Pinkish to reddish & violet transparent crystals have been seen in Mexico. In long and short wave ultraviolet light, adamite is greatly fluorescent.

Adamite might discourage interruptions for colleagues, neighbors, as well as distracting chatter. You can also keep this stone on a ledge above the phone, in order to deject cold callers. The adamite stone is also amazing for pendulum work, in order to decide in-between options.

The stone can be found in Taiwan, Canada, British Columbia, New Zealand, China, Russia, Namibia, and Mexico. We will discuss some amazing adamite benefits later in this article, so keep on reading to learn more about these and more!

Reasons Why You Should Use Adamite

There are so many reasons why you should use adamite. As a matter of fact, it helps in supporting heart, glands, throat, and lungs. The stone is beneficial in finding joy in physical expression and is essential for people who need to reconnect with their body or want to lose weight.

Being a strong creative stone, it also helps in enhancing metaphysical gifts and communicate with beings from the other dimension. It brings the heart and mind together since it connects the solar plexus, throat, and heart chakras with the mind. This is essential in providing inner strength and clarity in dealing with emotional issues and making your spiritual will stronger.

If you feel like your crown chakra’s out of equilibrium, you may want constant sympathy for professed injustices. You may feel misunderstood and find it hard to treat others with kindness. If you use adamite on these moments, you will be able to get rid of all these negative feelings.

Adamite Benefits

Amongst the best facts about adamite that you should learn are its benefits. These include the following:

For Health & Healing

Adamite is essential in supporting the glands, throat, lungs, and heart. It is encouraging to the endocrine system, specifically the excretion of joy and love related hormones. This might aid those who might feel depressed or experience strong symptoms, which relate to the hormonal imbalance like SAD and PMS or some other cyclical imbalances related to the hormones. This stone is beneficial in looking for joy in physical expression and exercise. And thus, it is beneficial for those who need to rekindle with the body or who want to experience an increase in the level of physicality or to lose weight.

For Wealth


This stone is beneficial if you need to focus on certain tasks or face hard choices in life. This helps in consulting the inner self, as well as in directing you to where the answers lie. These answers may not be what you really wanted, but it’s for sure that one you really need. The stone will suggest innovative and surprising solutions to different problems. However, they work if you really trust the process. It also promotes the capacity in identifying new avenues for growth in both personal and business life. This is the best stone to program so it can attract new prosperity and job.

For Love & Relationships

If you’re being ruled by your own emotions, the adamite may create an emotional balance and may help you in finding a centered, calm space all over the place, which emotions might rage even without affecting the inner serenity. The adamite also assists in communicating all your needs clearly, more especially when you need some changes. This helps in enhancing the emotional interaction, in order to allow some more room for expressing your feelings. Moreover, adamite also helps in resisting emotional handling, especially by people who play on guilt or weakness.

Final Say

With adamite in hand, you might be able to bring yourself into line with the higher forces of the universe, as well as connect to subtle bodies of energy, which surround you. This may assist you in connecting to your past lives and identify their effects on your present. Of all the facts about adamite, this is the truest –this stone is beneficial in improving your life!

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