Blue Barite: Meanings, Properties, and Benefits

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Blue barite –a stone that helps with trauma and shock, as well as boost the psychic communication. The blue barite is thought to be so magical, since it stimulates the synchronicity and coincidence, assists the memory and is well-known to have a great action to link through the beings who are in the higher dominions. This is also known to be specifically beneficial to use for trauma or shock after a particular accident and has already been utilized for this purpose for hundreds of years. The stone is also used before by women followers of the army since it’s known as a beneficial healing stone that you can utilize for hands-on curing. In this article, we will discuss some more interesting facts about blue barite including its benefits. Read on to this article to learn more!

Meanings and Properties

The blue barite is a stone that is thought to be a magical stone. It is a beneficial instrument that may assist with coincidence, memory, as well as in establishing a much stronger connection with the higher dominion. The most important metaphysical properties of the blue barite are the healing power that it has, especially in dealing with emotional grief or trauma.

The barite on the name of this stone actually has its own roots in the term barus. This is a Greek term, which means heavy literally. Put simply, blue barite is a type of barite stone, which can be found in different shades of blue –which ranges from dark shades up to pale blue shades, and even nearly colorless.

Dissimilar to the other varieties of the barite, the blue barite is comparatively rare and less frequently available. These stones are found mostly in the United States of America, while the clusters of the stone have been discovered as well in various parts of Morocco. Blue barite’s mineral composition is mostly barium sulfate that gives the stone its own bluish color and is also a mineral family, wherein the gemstones anhydrite, anglesite, and Celestine are part of.

When it comes to its appearance, the blue barite is frequently found in either tabular or prismatic crystal formations, frequently appearing as twins. Nonetheless, some blue barite deposits have been perceived to develop masses of fibrous or bladed pieces, as well.

We will discuss some interesting blue barite benefits later in this article, so keep on reading!

Reasons to Use It

The blue barite possesses different historical implications that have given birth to the legends being made all over the crystal. It’s an extensively thought conception that women in the ancient times might use the blue barite in treating armies of warriors who have fought and are wounded in the battles.

The stone might also be used, in specific, to treat any post-war stress and trauma.  This is done by way of placing the stone on the third eye chakra of the patient. This may induce a calming effect on a soldier, calming them through a great degree up until medical assist may arrive. The blue barite has gained fame because of this nearly magical prowess.

The powers of this stone may guide someone to a greatly meditative, relaxed state of happiness where traumas and troubles of life may be forgotten, for that time being, at least. In addition, this stone is also a beneficial stone that assists in mitigating fear. Worrying and fear are emotions, which may hold a person back from attaining great things in their life.

The blue barite may also serve to remind you that though these feelings might be valid, they’re greatly insignificant and do not really serve the purpose in any given way. It makes this thing happen by assisting you to release your own apprehensions. Let us now discuss the different blue barite benefits!

Blue Barite Essential Benefits


The blue barite has a variety of healing properties, which may also target the physical issues of someone. The most obvious way wherein the healing power of the blue barite may perceive is by way of observing their impact on the brain function. This stone has also a balancing effect, which may bring the 2 hemispheres of the brain in equilibrium and synchronicity to work in unison.

Through this, the stone may not only treat but prevent issues, which may stem from a weak brain function, just like brain damage and degenerative effects. People who suffer from forgetfulness, carelessness, and bad memory may benefit greatly from this stone. This is because it may sharpen the mind so they may pay close attention to the things in life that are very important.

Additionally, the blue barite may also assist with recovery from radiation effects and chemotherapy. Thus, cancer patients may find it very favorable to utilize the stone if you wish to relieve a great amount of discomfort and pain due to radiotherapy.

This stone is truly a beneficial stone!

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