Facts About Apache Tears: Meanings, Properties, and Benefits

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Apache tears are only a few of the stones that have friendly vibrations. But, they should be paired with other stones or crystals that promote positive energies for better results. Apache tears have emotional healings and can bring you relief when you’re devastated. Learn more about the other apache tears benefits, meanings, and properties in this post.

Facts About Apache Tears: Meanings and Properties

Apache tears refer to the tiny round pebbles that are made using the semi-precious mineral obsidian that’s either dark or black-colored volcanic glass. R

Usually, apache tears pretty small as matter of fact, they’re just less than 2 inches. What’s more, they are imperfectly round or dented.

Apache tears originate in the United States (western), particularly in Nevada and Arizona. Their name, on the other hand, is derived from the First Nations Apache ethnic group in the US. As a matter of fact, Apache tears were named after the Apache tribe’s horrible story.

A small group of apache fighters met the American Calvary in one battle in the 1870s. But, they were merely outstripped and they didn’t win the fight. Rather than being murdered ad captured and conceding defeat, they chose to ride their stallions off the mountain’s side to their bereavements.

Based on the story, when the kids and wives of these fighters heard the story, their tears became stone the moment they touch the surface in which their loved ones fell.

Either way, these pebbles have a connection to the Apache culture’s mythology. What’s more, it can greatly help you when you’re recovering from grief.

Why You Should Use Apache Tears?

Apache is powerful when it comes to dispelling negative energies. These stones have a more spontaneous grasp. But unlike other kinds of obsidian, apache tears will let you address negativity in more positive and calmer manners. 

Due to the stone’ mythological origin, Apache tears became a deeply sympathetic stone which may help you through fights gently and graciously. Apart from dispelling negativity, apache tears will also heal the holes that tragic experiences leave behind.

These stones will also aid you in determining dangerous circumstances before they’re upon you.

People working in healing and medical professions like doctors should consider investing in these stones. As a matter of fact, apache tears will keep themselves safe physically through the upsetting experiences of working with dying and sick people.

Nevertheless, these stones will help you in keeping the barrier between your work and yourself as evidently defined as possible. As a result, you will be able to do your best when working without forgoing yourself along the way.

Essential Apache Tears Benefits

Apache Tears Benefits

If you’re struggling with distressing experiences, apache tears are one of the best stones that you can incorporate to your life.

Whether it is only a sequence of bad times that have left you fragile and worn out or it is serious trauma, these stones will hold your figurative hand while getting back on your feet.

Apache tears, on the other hand, are comforting stones that have strongly protective meanings. Further, they will defend you while you’re struggling to bring back your happy life.

However, if you have issues when it comes to conversation, you may want to take advantage of Apache tears.

Possibly you need to talk to your supervisor about a certain issue in the company which you know you are going to take the emotion for or you really need to have a serious talk with your significant other about the preceding phases in your relationship.

Even though the staple of the discussion is challenging, not necessarily negative, these stones will offer the strength that you need so that you will able to work through the confrontation or discussion with constructive and non-combative behavior.

Nevertheless, if you could keep your head during conversation or conflict, you have a valued and rare skill that other people will appreciate strongly, even though you are aware that it is mostly because you have the got the amazing powers and energies of these stones on your side. 

Final Thoughts

If you are going through a very difficult time in your life, Apache tears are the perfect stones for you. On the other hand, when the universe seems to be contrary to you, these stones will definitely tell you that even though things look bad, there’s always a reason to go on.

In addition to that, apache tears are perfect for people who feel like no one is supporting them or think that people are backstabbing them constantly. These stones will always remind you that there are persons who truly support you, all you have to do is identify where you can find them.

Apache tears are very beneficial for providing guidance through hard times. Most importantly, they will offer you the strong point to stand up to people who desire undesirable things to you.

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