The Healing Crystals for Leg Ulcers

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Learn how what are leg ulcers and how you can treat this condition along with the top crystals for healing leg ulcers.

Ulcers develop on the feet and legs when the body tissue there lacks its normal supply of nutrients. As many as 85 percent of all leg ulcers are a direct result of this and the associated over-accumulation of blood in the veins.

More rarely, they can also be caused by reduced blood flow in the arteries. In both types, the tissues and cells die without the vital nutrition they need, so ulcers generally tend to occur in the lower leg. Furthermore, they are only possible to cure if the underlying true causes are identified and then treated.

Even then, they are very slow to cure, which causes considerable distress to those who suffer from the problem. As far as the general precautions go by way of prevention, the most important is the thorough removal of toxins or detoxification.

This can help improve the nutrient supply to the cells and tissues and eliminating the damaging accumulation of waste and toxic substances. Another way to help prevent leg ulcers is to adopt a healthy diet that’s rich in minerals and vitamins, with appropriate nutritional and vitamin supplements if necessary.

In addition, it is also important that you reduce your consumption of animal protein. This is because animal proteins are deposited in the human body as an important building block of the tissues. However, as the modern lifestyle is oversupplied with animal protein, too much of it is being stored in the bodies. The effects are similar to that of the pollution of our environment by toxic wastes.

This only means that the body prepares itself for a poor supply of oxygen and of other essential nutrients. So, a diet without animal protein is strongly advisable as part of the treatment for leg ulcers.

On the psychological and emotional side of things, it is crucial that you recognize all your stress, frustration, anxiety, and the overall feeling of being run down which can all contribute to blockages in circulation. As a matter of fact, this can be a vicious cycle and can exacerbate the formation of leg ulcers.

Consequently, it is important to reduce your overall levels of stress and worry, it properly and if necessary, seeks helps from a therapist.

When treating leg ulcers physically, it is crucial to clean the area regularly and thoroughly. I’s possible to do it using chamomile infusion or a 0.9 percent solution of common salt. Initially, a professional practitioner should conduct this process. Then, you can simply do it yourself. But be careful not to change it too often since the wound secretes enzymes that help in the faster healing.

So, you need to change the bandage every 2 days unless there’s a burning sensation or unwanted smell that signifies the presence of bacteria. Physical activity is also crucial in order to neutralize the underlying accumulation of waste substances and the disruption of circulation.

AS a supplementary treatment, crystals can also support healing of the wounds and boosting nutrient supply to the tissues. Here are some of the best crystals for healing leg ulcers. 

Crystals For Healing Leg Ulcers

Mookaite + Rhodonite

crystals for healing leg ulcers

Mookaite is a potent stone that helps support a better supply of nutrients to the tissue. Meanwhile, rhodonite, dubbed as the stone of gentle healing, helps the very slow healing process. If worn on the body in the form of pendants or necklaces, these crystals can also stimulate awareness of any emotional causes and help encourage psychological healing.

You can add these crystals to the cleansing fluid in the forms of gem essence, using 10 drops for 100ml of cleaning fluid. Also, you can wear it in the form of ankle bracelets. Or you can also use a very flat crystal that you can place inside the bandage close to the wound.

Lace Agate + Carnelian


Both carnelian and lace agate (with the vessel signature) can have a supportive effect on the blood vessels in the surrounding tissue and on the blood flow within them. Not only that, but these crystals also boost the supply of nutrients while limiting the toxic substances. Emotionally, these stones can help you cope with stress, frustrations, and feelings of weakness.


crystals for healing leg ulcers

Hematite, with its blood-red hue can help in healing all problems of the blood. This potent stone can improve blood flow and blood quality. Therefore, it helps both speeds up your circulation and improving supply to the legs. Additionally, hematite also boosts your willpower. This will speed up the cure and provides the needed inner strength in order to cope with it all.

Ocean Jasper

ocean jasper

Ocean jasper is a powerful detoxifier. It helps in cleansing the body and stimulating the body’s immune system and the self-healing force in order to speed up the healing process. Not only that, but it also helps boost the supply of nutrition to the tissues. This is true for the stones that contain vessels, cells, or wound signatures. Emotionally, ocean jasper can promote a sense of optimism and calmness. This will reduce stress and anxiety, which is crucial during the long healing process.

Final Thoughts

For all crystals mentioned above, you can wear them as ankle bracelets or pendants and necklaces to heal emotional causes. Alternatively, you can take them as gem water, preparing 200 – 300ml that one can consume in small sips throughout the day. Also, you can take 3 – 5 drops of prepared gem essence for 5 – 10 times a day.

Take note, that the dosage should be low to start with. However, you can increase it over the next 3 days, maintained for several weeks, and gradually reduce it once again.

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