The Healing Crystals for Exhaustion

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Exhaustion happens due to the excessive strain or through the lack of recovery from an illness. It signifies that your available energy sources are totally used up. Charge up with the best crystals for healing exhaustion.

However, if exhaustion happens without any apparent cause and within the otherwise normal state, then your energy must have already been reduced by some other factors for instance some undetected physical illness or an emotional burden.

Such exhaustion without the apparent cause does have a cause and it should be investigated without fail. You can consult an alternative practitioner if needed or consider using crystals. This will help you in overcoming exhaustion and help you bounce back faster.

Here are some of the best crystals for healing exhaustion.

Crystals For Healing Exhaustion



Bronzite with its brown and specks of black and other hues is a powerful protective and grounding stone that keeps your positivity and light. It is a stone of harmony, peace, forgiveness, courage, and self-confidence.

This crystal helps with the type of exhaustion caused by the energy-robbing stress and problems of every-day life. As a mineral-rich in magnesium and boron, Bronzite is externally active while simultaneously calming you internally. It is particularly helpful when no actual recovery seems in sight for a long time.

Bronzite can be worn as a pendant, necklace, or bracelet, having direct contact with the skin. Alternatively, you can take 5 – 7 drops of bronzite essence for 3 – 5 times a day to rejuvenate you from the inside out.

Epidote + Zoisite

crystals for healing exhaustion

The epidote crystal helps you to recover after a severe illness or an extreme effort. It is especially suitable when you are feeling totally drained and incapable of performing even the tiniest activity possible.

Like epidote, zoisite also helps in regenerating and recovering after a severe illness. The most suitable crystals for this are zoisite mineral which contains ruby.

Both stones can be worn as a necklace, pendant, or bracelet. Also, you can try combining both gem water, taking small sips of 100 – 300ml throughout the day.

Garnet Pyrope

Garnet Pyrope

Its reddish crystalline structure helps in maintaining a positive attitude during difficult times when there seems little to no hope of change but where it’s vital to continue doing what needs to be done.

Its powerful vibrational energy reserves in precisely the right amounts, thus they are longer lasting. Furthermore, this stone also helps stimulates regeneration, metabolism, and reconstruction processes within the body for physical healing and induce faster rejuvenation.

You can wear Garnet pyrope as a bracelet with direct contact to the body. Or you can also carry it with you everywhere you go, holding it whenever you feel exhaustion. You can also take 5 – 7 drops of its essence for 3 – 5 times a day or prepare 100. Also, yo can take 300ml pyrope garnet water over the course of the day.


crystals for healing exhaustion

With its rose-red to raspberry pink color, rhodochrosite offers a gentle yet powerful pulsating electrical energy of love, thus it is one of the best stones of the heart.

Rhodochrosite, with its lovely pink hue, has a gentle, yet rapid stimulating and animating effects. This will then allow you to overcome exhaustion pretty quick. Take note, however, that this pinkish crystal shouldn’t be used for too long since its energy reserves are used up pretty quickly under its influence. Ironically, providing an even greater loss of energy.

You can carry this beautiful stone with you. Or simply hold onto it whenever you feel exhausted in order to facilitate its energy-giving attributes. Wearing it as pieces of jewelry for longer periods of time can actually cause more energy loss as mentioned above.

Ocean Jasper

Ocean jasper

This beautiful crystal of the water element particularly helps when exhaustion is caused by wither a chronic illness or internal inflammation. The stone helps heal such conditions, improving the removal of toxic and waste substances which have been produced in this connection and reviving metabolism. This way, the stone can provide a new source of physical energy.

Emotionally speaking, ocean jasper with its soothing energy helps you emerge and overcome the feeling of resignation, periods of despondency, and other negative thoughts and states. Thus, it helps in bringing confidence, hope, drive, and vitality.

You simply wear ocean jasper as a pendant or necklace to benefit from its powerful energy-giving aura. Furthermore, you can just keep it in your pocket and hold onto it whenever you feel tired or exhausted in the middle of working. Alternatively, consider taking small sips of 100 – 300ml of ocean jasper water or take 5 – 7 drops of ocean jasper essence every day.

Final Thoughts

Being exhausted is your body’s way of telling you to take it easy and get enough rest. Whether you are suffering from physical or emotional exhaustion, the best crystals for healing exhaustion should be able to help.  With enough rest and the vibrational energies of these healing crystals, you should be able to feel rejuvenated in no time!

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