The Healing Crystals for Bed Wetting

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In general, bed wetting during the night, especially for kids, has no physical problems or causes.

Instead, it is usually a sign of an emotional issue, with the principle underlying reasons being personal loss, fear, jealousy of other siblings or the child’s perceived insecurity that can be caused by various situations such as major changes in surroundings or family.

Additionally, another theory suggests that the natural radiation fields as well as electromagnetic pollution can also lead to the abrupt emptying of the bladder while sleeping. These causes need to be clarified and investigated if the problem persists.

Meanwhile, adult incontinence, for instance, the involuntary urination is usually caused by weakened bladder control.

This may be caused by bladder illnesses and infections, nervous disturbances, prolapsed pelvic organs, weakness of the pelvic floor muscles, or prostate enlargements. Other than physical causes that lead to bedwetting in adults are the emotional factors such as chronic fear, the feeling of losing control of your life, or a part of it or insecurity.

Professional medical interference is required to do a physical examination, but you can also benefit from the powers of healing crystals.

Here are some of the best crystals for healing bed wetting.

Crystals For Healing Bed Wetting


Crystals For Healing Bed Wetting

Amazonite, featuring deep hues of turquoise green, is a powerful healing crystal that calms the soul and soothing the spirit. Its energy is as beautiful as it is powerful as the river in which it is named, as well as the bold characteristics of the legendary women warriors, encouraging bravery while ensuring balance and harmony.

Amazonite is particularly reliable with bed wetting that is associated with grief, strong revulsion, or a sense of failure. In addition, restless kids who usually develop faster intellectually than they do in the emotional state also responds positively to amazonite crystal therapy.

Not only that, but Amazonite is also a barrier filter crystal that helps block geopathic stress and absorbs electronic radiation. It also protects you against electromagnetic pollution during the night. 

Amazonite should be placed at the bedside or under the pillow in order to benefit from its calming and soothing vibrational energies.



The chrysoprase crystal with its delightful green ray is a powerful stone that helps reduce anxiety, fear, and depression. The stone with its bright hue brings positive energy into your life, allowing you to always stay positive in life.

With such characteristic, chrysoprase can help stop bedwetting in kids, that is associated with the feeling of lack of care or jealousy. This green beauty helps a kid to rediscover its own security and help in building self-esteem and confidence.

Being a chalcedony, chrysoprase is also a powerful mineral that helps in the strengthening of the bladder. You can make a chrysoprase necklace or pendant, wearing it on long periods. Also, you can just place it directly over your bladder area and taping it in place with the sticking plaster.


Crystals For Healing Bed Wetting

Citrine is the premier stone of imagination, manifestation, and personal will. Carrying the might of the sun, citrine is so warm and comforting, making it an energizing and life-giving crystal. With its brightness, citrine can help in boosting self-confidence and helps in regaining control of your life.

Its beautiful yellow hue is beneficial in eliminating infection of the bladder and kidney. Also, it is a suitable treatment for bedwetting, especially for young adults. It is also helpful with incontinence caused by a weak pelvic floor musculature.

To use citrine for healing bed wetting, you can place it on your bedside or under your pillow. This is to keep its vibrational energies close to you as you sleep. In addition, you can just place it in the bladder area. This is to strengthen your bladder and help heal incontinence.



Heliotrope, or more commonly known as the bloodstone, is a beautiful variety of jasper. It carries the powerful energies of life and birth, courage and passion, and vitality and strength. This beautiful stone offers protective and nurturing qualities that can help boost and regulate the proper functioning of the bladder.

Not only that, but the heliotrope crystal is also useful in healing incontinence caused by a bladder infection or an infection or side effect of other related diseases.

Emotionally speaking, heliotrope can help incontinence because of serious worries, or the feeling of loss of control over your life. It helps increase your mental clarity and aid in good decision-making. Not only that, but it also helps boost your motivation while revitalizing both the mind and body.

To enjoy its wonderful benefits, you can try wearing it as a pendant or a bracelet. This allows you to stay close to its positive vibrational energies that can help battle your emotional worries, and thus, easing your bed wetting tendencies.

In addition, you can just place it on your bedside as you sleep or placing it on your bladder to stimulate the healing of the area.

Final Thoughts

There is nothing to be ashamed of bedwetting. As you now know, it is involuntary urination while you sleep because of several factors, mainly because of emotional issues. By using the best crystals for bedwetting to increase positivity and healing of emotional problems, you or your kid can easily enjoy a much drier night of sleep!

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