Maori Greenstone: Meanings, Properties, and Benefits

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Maori greenstone –a beautiful soothing heart-based stone, which might help in easing depression and stress. For so many years, it’s been utilized by the Maori people in creating amulets, which they wear for protection purposes. Moreover, the stone possesses mystical energy and has been thought to be a magical crystal, which may help you in living a longer life. It is also typically given as a gift to friends and family members. The pieces of this stone are frequently passed on through family, since it is thought to help those who possess them in making contact with their ancestors, especially in the spirit world. In this article, we will discuss some more interesting facts about the Maori greenstone including its benefits. Read on to learn more about these!

Meanings and Properties

The meaning of Maori greenstone may relate to the Maori people. These people were the original native people of the country New Zealand. The common English term of this stone was actually greenstone, and this may relate to the color of the stone and might be due to the greenstone being one of the several minerals.

Moreover, the meaning of the maori greenstone may also relate to the following:

  • The stone comes originally from New Zealand. This is where it’s been used for so many years, especially by the Maori people.
  • Maori greenstone has been traditionally worn or carried as a talisman, which helps in conferring protection.
  • The stone has many other names, including tangiwai, tangawaite, or pounamu stone. These are words that come from the Maori language, and these are commonly utilized in the country, more especially the pounamu stone.

It was the Europeans who first call these stones greenstone. They were the ones who colonize the country, and who had a bit knowledge regarding the composition of the stone.

  • The color of the stone is green, in tints from lighter pale green to apple green, with some of the stone being somewhat dark green in color.
  • The stones, which are known as greenstone may be made from different minerals, and the color they have may depend on the real mineral composition in the crystals themselves.
  • A lot of pieces of this stone are fairly translucent and might have bands of white or black all over the stone.
  • The most typical minerals in the stones are Nephrite Jade, Bowenite, or a kind of green serpentine, which is found in the country.
  • The nephrite hade is much harder, hence it’s a more favored stone for making into amulets.

We will discuss some maori greenstone benefits later in this article!

Reasons to Use It

The maori greenstone possesses many metaphysical properties, which make them popular to maori people. One of the most common and primary reasons, which they are used is being an genuine symbol of friendship, appreciation, and love for another person.

Amulets that are made from maori greenstone are frequently handed to children and/or grandchildren, since keeping them in the family line is so important for them. They’re well known to be a stone, which may bring magic in the play of life and promote a much longer life. They might also be kept on the body and are also popular for their own strong action in conferring protection.

The energy of this stone is also calming, hence this might help you in dealing with whatever fear you have, which relates to any circumstances where you feel like you need them, and are also known to assist those with acrophobia. These stones may also vibrate in both the solar plexus chakra and heart chakra –that is known to help in supporting the growth of self-esteem.

Let us now more on to the maori greenstone benefits!

Maori Greenstone Essential Benefits

All kinds of greenstone, including the bowenite stone, possesses an amazing action in creating a protective barrier all over you, in order to bring protection against any kind of negativity. This may include the action in preventing any psychic attack. It also forms an impassable barrier when you keep or hold it in your hand. This is a great reason why you should wear a pendant that is made from the Maori greenstone.

Moreover, it is also believed this stone may assist you with the exploration of the past life via the contact with ancestors in the spirit world. They possess amazing reverberation in the third eye chakra and might be essential to use in the forehead or commonly in this chakra.

They are beneficial stones that you can keep under your pillow, both to assist a restful sleep by way of calming stress, as well as for the action in helping you to recollect your dreams. Further, if you’re moving into a new home and want to remove yourself emotionally from certain people and emotional energy, this stone might be of a great help!

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