Facts About Bowenite: Meanings, Properties, and Benefits

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Bowenite is one of the most common varieties of serpentine in the gem trade. Actually, this stone can be worn as a lucky charm and utilized as a talisman. When placed in your house, it can be extremely beneficial for your inactive and lazy pets. But aside from these facts, there are still other Bowenite benefits that you might not know about this stone. Read on and get to know more about the meanings, properties, and benefits of Bowenite.

Meanings and Properties of Bowenite

Bowenite (New Jade) also known as the Maori Gemstone or Tangiwaite is often misguided as Jade. It is the state crystal of Rhode Island in the United States of America.

In reality, Bowenite is closely known as an assortment of Antigorite that’s a serpentine mineral. On the other hand, Bowenite is known as a semi-precious stone for the reason that it is made of a higher grade material.

What’s more, it sports a transparent to a semi-transparent look. Often, this stone can be found in different colors like light yellow, canary yellow, gray, green, and blue. Usually, this stone can be found in the USA, New Zealand, Italy, and China.

Either way, Bowenite is considered the stone of dreams. As a matter of fact, it improves the memory of dreams as well as aids in dream-solving. It can also help you in releasing suppressed emotions thru the dream process.

Nevertheless, Bowenite is a real symbol of friendship, thankfulness, and of course, love.

Why You Use Bowenite?

Bowenite has healing energies that will protect you from your foes as well as other negative forces. This stone will also keep you secure from any harm by simply making a defensive energy ground around you.

Though it is an unusual stone, Bowenite is a great gemstone that will actually protect you on an emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental level.

On the other hand, the energies of this stone will motivate you to discharge your suppressed or hidden emotions through dreams. In addition to that, it will motivate you to trust in your own physical capabilities because Bowenite will promote psychic growth as well.

Bowenite, however, makes your connection to your forefather stronger. Aside from that, it motivates you to accept the actions of the past wholeheartedly.

Its supportive energies will offer you the independence to travel wherever you want and do the things that make you happy. 

Bowenite Benefits: What You Need to Know?

For Health and Healing

Bowenite Benefits

Often, Bowenite is utilized for crystal healings for health issues related to the head and scalp.

As a matter of fact, this stone is utilized as a hair medicine by sopping it in water overnight.

Bowenite has been also known to help with RNA/DNA and reduce cholesterol.

On the other hand, this stone alleviates the warning signs of depression and helps in addressing skin complaints. It also corrects hormonal imbalances and strengthens the heart.

When Bowenite is paired with Blue Aventurine, it’ll aid people with diabetes by controlling and at the same time stabilizing the blood sugar level.

Nevertheless, this stone promotes a safe as well as healthy pregnancy and boosts fertility.

For Wealth

Apart from treating various ailments and complaints, Bowenite, on the other hand, can also bring great things into your life. This stone will support you in endeavor or pursuit you might elaborate. 

Another good thing about this stone is that it protects your financial and business endeavors. The Bowenite will infuse you with foresight as well as mental clarity to help you with your decisions.

It will also get rid of the negativity in your surroundings. As a result, you can completely focus on the things and goals that you need to accomplish.

It will also motivate you to dream bigger and do better by surrounding you with positive emotions and energies. The stone will offer you the willpower and courage to accomplish your personal ambitions and goals.

Nevertheless, there’s no denying that this stone can bring abundance and success in your life.

For Relationship and Love

This stone is a symbol of genuine love. As a matter of fact, if you use this stone, you will be surrounded by happiness, love, and joy.

What’s more, with the help of Bowenite you’ll find complete serenity with your partner that comes from determining that you’re committed in the best type of relationship.

With this stone, you are certain that nothing will deter you since you’re in a good hand. Further, you’ll find lots of reasons to be happy every single day, knowing that you’re loved by a person whom you love greatly as well. 

Final Thoughts

Bowenite is a highly beneficial and protective stone that allows you to embrace all the changes that may happen in your life. Apart from that, this stone can also help you when you’re entering a fresh relationship, moving to another place, or starting a new project job. With the stone’s energies, you will feel happier, lighter, as well as more hopeful.

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