Libyan Desert Glass: Meanings, Properties, and Benefits

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Libyan desert glass –are a highly protective kind of crystals and are essential in strengthening the will. They are beautiful golden yellow colored gems and are renowned as potent manifestation gears. These rare stones may strongly vibrate in the solar plexus chakra. This chakra is where all the will in the body lies. They also embody in them the vibration of golden ray –a prevailing spiritual energy. The crystals are also known as the Libyan Gold Tektite and possesses a great energy, which may guard you against whatever negative psychic energy that’s deposited in various areas of the body, including the solar plexus. In this article, we will discuss some more interesting and astounding facts about the Libyan desert glass including its benefits. Read on to this article to learn more about these!

Meanings and Properties

The meaning of the term Libyan desert glass may relate to the area where the stones are found –the Libyan Desert. They’re located in just one certain area, in a particular region of the sand sea or Great Erg. It is thought that there’s a massive amount of these beautiful stones in that area, found in between a chain of dunes in the Libyan desert.

Moreover, the major area where most of the Libyan desert glass is found, is known to be an inhospitable region, which is located nearby the Egyptian-Libyan border. In various circles, these stones are called the Libyan gold tektite, yet we don’t know for a fact if it’s really a techtite. Nonetheless, whether we know how it really came to be made, it’s certainly a stone that is of the ancient origin.

Some more interesting facts about Libyan desert glass:

  • The stone has been dated by scientists, and is thought to be more than 28 million years old.
  • It’s a pure, silica-rich glass, and a lot of stones comprise sand-dune specks in them.
  • Some of the pieces of this stone are also conveyed to contain some amount of iridium.
  • Even though it’s been known by people of Sahara Desert for many years, the western scientists just discovered these stones in the 1930s.
  • Some experts say that it might have been a result of meteors.
  • There’s been some debate as to whether the stones came from outside the planet or was made by a heat of meteoric  event in this area.
  • Even though experts haven’t found any evidences that the stone isn’t of this planet’s origin, it might have been made through a massive amount of heat.

We will discuss some amazing and interesting Libyan desert glass benefits later in this article, so keep on reading!

Reasons to Use It

Within the solar plexus chakra, the stone possesses a positive and powerful reverberation, which makes them a very beneficial psychic protection stone. This particular vibration is what prevents any negative psychic energy from accumulating in this area. It also helps in stopping energy thieves from stealing your energy away, since it might create a strong blockade in preventing these kinds of negative events. In all the higher chakras, this energy is intensely spiritual.

It’s also a strong stone in the sacral chakra, which improves or increase the level of creativity and might stimulate people with clairsentience gift, in order to have a much stronger gift. They also have amazing metaphysical properties, which assist in the manifestation of prosperity and abundance. The high level of vibration on this crystal is very much effective in assisting the ongoing spiritual journeying. They’re also greatly protective of a stone and they’re amazingly essential stones to use in life at this moment of time.

Furthermore, for the light-workers who goes through this kind of transformation time, the prevailing spiritual energy of the golden ray, which is found within the Libyan desert glass is a great support for ascension. Let us now move over to the different Libyan desert glass benefits!

Libyan Desert Glass Essential Benefits

If you’re a healer, wearing this stone with you might be essential. You might use the energy it has to make sure that you don’t absorb any of the client’s negativity, concomitant with the illnesses. Moreover, the golden light that this stone produces enlivens and energizes all the chakras below the heart. this may create a much stronger life force flow of energy all over the body.

The Libyan desert glass also has healing properties, which may relate to the effectiveness of it in all the lower chakras, where the golden light is being known to be greatly effective. Even though the stone has a strong reverberation in the solar plexus chakra, its energy is powerful as well in all the chakras.

It also has powerful healing attributes, which make it an amazing stone for crystal healers to use to assist their clients. The healing energy it has is known to be essential to treat different stomach issues, including petulant bowel syndrome. These stones are also essential grounding stones, since they may take any superfluous spiritual energy down through the earth star chakra, which is essential for grounding.

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