Facts About Clear Crystal: Meanings, Properties, and Benefits

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Have you heard about clear crystal before? If not, then this is for you. In this article we will reveal some facts about clear crystal that may surprise you.

Rock Crystal or Clear Quartz, whatever you call it, this stone is known as the Perfect Jewel. It may seem ordinary, but the power it gives to humankind is simply amazing. Spiritual leaders, healers, and even scientists believe in the unique characteristics of these crystals that fulfill an individual’s needs.

In history, ancients consider these rocks to be alive and incarnations of spirits. Civilizations like Aztecs, Egyptians, Native American and African Tribes used clear crystals in physical or spiritual healing, meditations, and chase away evil spirits. The beliefs pass up in today’s healers claiming that wearing, carrying, or using clear crystals for meditation can help anyone. 

Meanings and Properties of Clear Crystal

facts about clear crystal

Clear Crystal means supreme gifts of Mother Earth. It is said to be connected to all earth elements which can improve the connections humans and spirits. Having a balanced life with other people and nature is the true meaning of clear quartz.

Most clear and even white crystals are made like a hexagonal prism with smooth edges that can be transparent or cloudy. This perfect jewel can be a bit pricey due to its unique benefits. The ability to clear your mind from negativity to attract healing vibrations shows that clear quartz is the master of all healing crystals.

The properties of clear crystals are very important to experience its power. You need to express your intentions or negativity you want to transfer to the stone. Just make sure to cleanse it once or place it where it can receive the energy from the sun to radiate positivity.

For meditation, you can connect the clear crystals with your mantra. Repeat the mantra while meditating to clear your visions and purpose. This method can help you strengthen your intentions to the crystal.

Reasons Why You Should Use Clear Crystal

Whether it is big or small, a piece of clear crystal can heal, protect, and raise one’s spirit. It can bring peace and harmony to your life and your loved ones. You must set pure and clear intentions to the crystals to attract only good vibrations. 

Stone such clear crystals are perfect in helping a person to have a better life. Using it for meditation helps you increase your memory retention and clear out distractions. Clear crystal also has a hypnotic property that can aid people who have difficulty in sleeping. 

Clear Crystal Benefits That You Need to Know

One of the benefits of clear crystal is spiritual healing. The stone serves as beacons of light and energy for those who need a spiritual awakening. The clear quartz power helps one’s thoughts and feelings to enhance their awareness of their actions and words.

Having a strong connection between the physical and spiritual world can be achieved through the use of clear quartz. Same with animals, plants, or any living organism which binds human and Mother Earth. The stone simply means a new beginning, positive energy, and freedom from negativity. 

For Health and Healing

Known as the master healer, clear crystals are used in treating almost all kinds of health conditions. It can help eliminate toxins in the body and support immune systems. Most disorders such as vertigo, migraine, diarrhea, infections, and burns can be treated using the clear quartz.

For Wealth

Having a clear and positive mind can help you to think straight. Clear crystals can save you from stress and turn those negative feelings into positivity. In fact, it is one of the common facts about clear crystal you need to know. Focus your mind on success and you will attract wealth, abundance, and prosperity to your business or work.

For Relationship and Love

The good thing about clear crystals is that it serves as soul cleansers. Giving someone, especially your loved ones, gifts with this gem says a lot of affection. With that, it can help in spreading love which can create more joyous memories together. 

Final Thoughts

Every stone is unique and has its powers to share. It can lead you to more experience, lessons, and success. The more you use it, the more you attract positivity you need for personal growth. 

Of course, clear quartz is useless if you don’t do anything to help yourself. Every success in life requires hard work, patience, and faith. These stones serve as a motivation for you to move forward with a positive mind and heart. Don’t forget to comment down below if you know more facts about clear crystal.

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