Facts About Crystal Pendulum: Meanings, Properties, and Benefits

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Using pendulums has been a popular tool for all types of healing. Spiritual leaders and healers believed that using it correctly can give accurate results. Pendulums can accessible for humans to communicate with spirits for guidance and protection. Keep on reading to learn more facts about crystal pendulum including its meanings, properties, and benefits.

Meanings and Properties of Clear Crystal

facts about crystal pendulum

Pendulums are made from different elements such as crystals, glass, and metals. For healing purposes, they prefer wooden pendulum because other materials tend to absorb energies. Most pendulums are small which is about an inch that is chained to an 8 inches long string.

In South Africa, miners used pendulums to locate minerals, gold, and gems. While in Europe, some doctors discover infectious areas in a body with the help of pendulums. Also, to identify the gender of the unborn babies.

These are only a few of many facts about crystal pendulum that you need to learn. Read on to discover more.

Reasons Why You Should Use Clear Crystal

Lots of things you can do with pendulum and its versatility is amazing. Each stone is unique and choosing what is best for you is simple. Holding the right pendulum gives you the feel of an electrical clarity.

When you surrender your thoughts and ideas to the pendulum, it can guide you even in the most challenging phase of your life. It is a great tool you need to consider when making crucial and big decisions about life, love, career, and many more. You just have to make sure that every question you ask to the pendulum is answerable by yes or no.

The things you can do with pendulums are limitless. You might be wondering how a stone can answers the different question but the process is simple. It reacts based on your intuition that sends a signal to your fingers up to the chain of the pendulum.

Before you ask some questions, you need to set what the movement of the pendulum means. For example, back and forth motions mean yes and side by side means no. You can also set no motion as undecided and need further questions.

There are several ways to use pendulums and one of these is answering yes or no questions. It is a precise method that can help you with decision-making. With the use of pendulums makes you confident to determine the best choices for you.

Clear Crystal Benefits That You Need to Know

It is no surprise how pendulum promotes healing by connecting humans to higher energies. By simply asking through yes or no question, it can help you for understanding, awareness, and guidance. You can also incorporate chakras to ease your mind, body, and spirit.

Through cleansing your mind, everything starts to get clear and precise. You are sure about your choices and decisions which let you emotionally and physically well. It is highly recommended that for these situations, choose a crystal pendulum that is best for the divination session.

For Health and Healing

Taking a chance on the pendulum for health-related issues is a good thing. Pendulums can answer questions like what food is best for you and if it contains chemicals, preservatives, additives, etc. The pendulum will let you know if you need to see a doctor for the second opinion to be better.

For Wealth

Asking the pendulum about money matters is also possible. Create questions that are answerable by yes or no regarding your financial status from your business. You can ask for guidance for future investments or do you need to say yes to potential deals.

For Relationship and Love

If you want to know what is your luck in finding true love then go ahead. Just ask things like, is the relationship going to last, am I with the right person or should I let go? The pendulum is a great tool to show hints about your love and relationship.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right answers from the pendulum does not require any complicated things. All you need to do is to ask thoroughly until you get a yes or no. Do not try to predict the answer, and/or worst, resist.

Have faith and trust the pendulum, it is the best way to gather the information you need. Be patient when asking so that it can give clear and exact answers. Relax your body, focus your mind, and just go with the flow.

If you know more facts about crystal pendulum, kindly share it with us below.

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