The Power of Garnet

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The Power of Garnet

There are various beliefs that the power of garnet is not only beneficial in physical health but in mental health as well. The virtues of Garnet have been long believed to include fidelity. Aside from that, it is also associated with success, devotion, loyalty, self-esteem, passion faith, energy, consistency, truth, and true friendship.

Garnet is a vivid red and fiery stone of passion. As a matter of fact, it is also one of the oldest stones utilized for spiritual protection all throughout history. Its name, on the other hand, comes from the Latin word gratanum that means pomegranate.

Nevertheless, if you want to learn more about this crystal then keep on reading.

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The Power of Garnet: Fidelity

Chakra Correspondence

Garnet represents the power of sacral chakra as shown in its usage for growing passions. Also, it means that a garnet is a great tool for boosting creativity.

Moreover, garnet will reenergize the base chakra, thus you will be infused with its healing properties. One more thing, it is also associated with the heart chakra.

Physiological Correspondence

Aside from chakras, garnets also support the circulation of the heart, lungs, metabolism, pituitary gland, spine, liver, and cells. One more thing, it helps in mineral assimilation, DNA, and bio-magnetic fields.


Depending on the type, garnet possesses an earthy to high vibration. With this stone, you will be able to increase the vibrations in your body. Take note, this is extremely important in order to break apart all the stagnant energies and transmute yourself into someone you desire to become.

Legendary Power of Garnet

Legendary Power of Garnet

Though its name came from a Latin word, a garnet that weighs 4.5 kilograms or 10lbs and measuring 15cm (6-inch) was discovered in New York during the excavations near the department store of Macy.

Garnet is a crystal that takes a lot of colors and shapes. With that in mind, there is a very versatile group of crystals. Steeped in magical powers, garnet also has an old history.

According to the Talmud, Noah’s ark was illuminated by Garnets. What’s more, snakes were said to be steered by a garnet in their foreheads.

On the other hand, activists wear the garnet as an amulet as a protection against an accident. In India, red garnets were utilized as bullets because they supposedly had good killing powers.

When you dreamt of garnets you are actually considered fortunate, since it’s shown the buildup of the rich. In addition to that, garnet was also said to protect against overindulgence and guarantee a balanced life.

And since it is considered the stone of consistency, garnet was worn by Victorian widows to show their fidelity to their dead spouses. Hundreds of years later, actually these crystals were buried together with the dead.

When it comes to the language of crystals, a garnet symbolizes unchanging affection, loyalty, and can bring victory to the owners.

The crystal of Archangel Michael, Zadkiel, and Atrugiel, garnets are associated with the angelic world of thrones.

Healing Power of Garnet


In the medieval period, a garnet was known for its protection as well as curative powers. What’s more, it is utilized to calm fever, neutralize poison, and reduce depression.

Underneath the power of compassionate magic, red crystals were viewed as having anti-inflammatory properties, whereas the yellow ones as sovereign remedies against jaundice. Water that is infused with garnet also helps with digestion.

Today, crystal workers use garnets in healing heart problems and revitalizing the whole body. Garnets also stimulate the assimilation of essential nutrients and metabolic systems. The stone will also boost the energy of other stones. Keep in mind that it is beneficial for the regeneration of grids.

Transformational Power of Garnet

One of the best things about garnet is that it will help you be faithful to a partner while staying true to yourself.

During the ancient periods, a rounded red garnet was considered a carbuncle, reminding you that it draws festering emotions to the surface for transformation.

With the assistance of garnet, you will be able to convert pain, disease, and resentment into well-being. It will also allow you to determine where you may be resisting change or sabotaging yourself. It will offer you the bravery to speak out along with stamina that can help you in maintaining your transmutation. With the assistance of the garnet, you will be able to remain faithful to your purpose.

How to Harness the Powers of Garnet

When it seems you’ll never accomplish your goals, simply bring a piece of garnet. Doing so will bring hope and most importantly the power to succeed particularly in a hopeless situation.

Another great way to harness its powers is to use it on your body as a piece of jewelry. If possible, a pendant so that the garnet will hang right on top of your heart. This will then facilitate, spiritual, physical, and emotional healing.


Due to its properties that can make one achieve his/her goals, garnet is dubbed as the stone of commitment. This crystal can help you in changing your old behaviors, ideas, habits, as well as thoughts. Not only that, but garnets will help you in releasing embarrassments and strengthen self-confidence.

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